Trekking in Kashmir:the paradise of India

This trek needs no special introduction. Amongst all the treks written about our blog, the Kashmir Great Lakes is overpoweringly the most striking one. It is just a tragedy that it is unidentified to most people.

The trek initiates at Sonamarg, a 3 hour drive from Srinagar. If you decide to stay at Srinagar, begin early to arrive at Sonamarg by noon. The trek can be speeded out more consistently if you make Sonamarg as your foundation. This offers you more trekking time on day 1.

Day 1: Sonamarg (7,800ft) to Nichnai (11,500ft) by means of Shekdur

3 hour climb followed by 1 hour descent & at last a gentle ascent to Nichnai (6 hours, 9kms)

The trek initiates 3 kms out of Sonamarg, on the Srinagar road. Precisely at the 3 km mark, mark a lone Dhaba on the right. The area also sells packaged water, biscuits etc & is your last position to pick up short eats. The next outline of dwelling culture is only at Naranag at the end of the trek.

Splendid view of Uttarakhand mountains


Kashmir great lakes trek start:

A jeep path drifts to the right off the major road at the shop. The path goes down to the level of the Sindh River flowing in between the mud path and the main road. The trekking begins all along the track but rapidly diverts elevated up. The trail bends left and enters a green meadow 10 minutes into the trek. The meadow openly overlooks the Sonamarg town.

In half an hour you are at the pinnacle of the meadow where Maple & Pine trees begin.  At the tree line, the trail quickly descends to a minute brook and then climbs again. What follows after that is a beautiful dark forest of Maple trees. On foot on the green bed of grass amid the Maples is a unique experience to Kashmir in India.

For the next hour & a half, the trail winds up via the Maple trees. Attach to the follow heading uphill as the ones departing down head to some of the close by villages. The trees give technique to clearings in between. Revolve around and observe the view of the Sonamarg valley which gets better & fuller as you increase height. The Maple forest split ends at the top of the edge & the other side a meadow quietly slopes down.

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