The top five trek destinations in India

India is a country with a great many number of options for tourist places. There are deserts, forests, hill stations as well as beaches that you can choose from. Each different place has its own special beauty that is mesmerizing and captivating. Apart form this awe striking beauty, these places also offer options of excellent adventure sport activities. Depending on what attracts you and what kind of a vacation you would like to spend, choose a tourist destination. For instance if you would like to enjoy trekking tours India given below are a list of 5 tourist places in India that have great trekking trails.

1)      The very first tourist destination that is great for trekking tours is Ladakh. Located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh as a tourist destination is gaining popularity rapidly. The raw beauty combined with the challenging trekking trails leading from this desert valley, makes Ladakh the chosen trek destination for tourist from all over the globe as well as from India.

although difficult, thousands take up trekking to Amarnath every year

although difficult, thousands take up trekking to Amarnath every year

2)      The second most popular trek location in India is the trekking trail to Amarnath. This is a very challenging trek which is taken up every year by many people for religious purposes. It is believed that Amarnath is a holy shrine of Lord Shiva. The trail is extremely dangerous but nevertheless there is no dearth of tourists taking on the challenge every year.

3)      The third most visited trekking trail in India is the trek to Kangcendzonga from Sikkim. This too is a very challenging trekking route that is taken up by professionals only. Sikkim allows only group treks due to the delicate condition of the environment and hence you would do well to travel with a tour operator.

trekking in Manali is a great experience

trekking in Manali is a great experience

4)      The fourth trekking tour that you can take in India is in Manali. This beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh state of India is a great place for trekking if you are not a professional yet would like to try trekking. The cold weather along with the crisp fresh air would make for a great experience.

5)      The fifth great trekking destination is in a different part of India than the other four. All the above four are trekking routes in and around the Himalayan mountain range. The fifth one is in Pune, Maharashtra. There are quite a few trekking routes like Lohgarh in and around the Western Ghats as well.


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