Have a great trekking tour to Ladakh

The name Ladakh, for people who are interested in travel and tourism, exudes a sense of beauty and charm like none other. The reason would be clear to you at once when you see the pictures of landscapes of this place in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, in India. Even the pictures would be able to portray the amazing beauty of Ladakh and hence you can imagine what it would look like in reality. The raw, untouched beauty combined with the crisp fresh air and the stunning view of the surrounding snow capped mountains; make Ladakh a coveted holiday destination for tourists from all over the world, including India.

the stuning beauty of Ladakh

the stuning beauty of Ladakh

Apart from being immensely beautiful, Ladakh trekking tour is also extremely popular as well. The reason is the presence of the many challenging trekking routes and trails that not only offer excellent views of the Himalayan Mountain range but also spectacular enjoyable trekking experience. Jammu and Kashmir is the state that is known as heaven on earth and when you lay your eyes on Ladakh for the first time, you would know why. This amazingly beautiful place is also known as the land of high passes and although it was not a very popular tourist destination even a few years ago, it is one of the most famous tourist locations of India at present.

Ladakh at present is the most popular tourist place in India but regardless of whether you want to visit this stunningly picturesque mountain desert valley for a trekking tour or just for enjoying the exotic locales, you have to consider the climatic conditions. This fabulous desert valley is located at a high altitude and hence you can have breathing problems while trekking in Ladakh. It is thus important that you consider your health factors and also consult a doctor to ensure that you are in a healthy condition to travel to Ladakh. The weather of this place also varies from cold to bitterly cold. Take this into account too, when planning your trip.

the raw and breath taking locales of Ladakh

the raw and breath taking locales of Ladakh

Ladakh can be easily reached from Delhi or Manali or Srinagar by road. Many adventurous tourists also choose to go on a bike tour to this mountain desert valley. There are also flights from Delhi to Leh and from Leh you can travel onwards by hired cars or also buses. There are also options of good accommodation available in both Leh and Ladakh.

The popular Markha Valley Trek while trekking in Ladakh

The Markha River, which is found in Ladakh, is a tributary of the Zanskar River. The valley of the Markha River is one of the most popular trekking routes in Ladakh, which is accessible from multiple locations like Ganda La pass which is close to Spituk or the Gongmaru La pass which lies near Hemis.

Once you reach the top of the Markha valley you can see the Kang Yatze, which is the 21.000 ft/ 6.400 m high mountain in Ladakh. The Markha River trek also makes the trekker pass through the southern part of the Stok Kangri Mountains which has an elevation of 10,182ft/ 6,153 m from the sea level.

Trekking Ladakh

The Tache Gompa is one of the most visited Buddhist monasteries that fall in the path of the Markha valley trek.

If one is keen upon trekking in Ladakh and on the rugged hills of this ever beautiful landscape, the Markha valley trek takes five to a maximum of eight days depending on where you originate and end your trek. The best season for doing this trek is between the middle of June till end of October, when the weather is permissible for Himalayan trekking and Himalayan adventure sports activities.

Our experiences say that the shortest way for accomplishing the Markha valley trek is to start the trek from the famous Chilling Village in Ladakh and end it at the Shang Sumdo village.

The Markha Valley trek is relatively straight forward trek for all enthusiasts those who prefer adventure sports in India. Once moving through this trekking route one can visit a plethora of villages on their way and even the odd Tea-House tents, but as a word of caution it best not to camp outside before one cross the Gongmaru La, as nights over here in the open are no doubt extremely picturesque but they are also very cold even during the summer months.

Trekking Ladakh2

As the Markha valley runs parallel to the majestic Himalayan range, this trek encounters a barren landscape and the places which falls along the  trekking path is popularly reported as part of “Little Tibet”, where the landscapes are not only dramatic, but are also extremely enticing in their forms.

As Markha valley is located in very close proximity to Tibet, all trekkers passing through this region gets a feel of the Tibetan culture in the lifestyle of the localities those who inhabits this region.

Markha valley is well acclaimed for heavy snowfall during the freezing winter months, and so this part of the Ladakh territory mostly remains isolated for the most part of the year, save between the few days of the summer seasons in Ladakh.

While deciding on the Markha valley trek if one buys the trekking provisions from the Tibetan Refugee Camps one can make an economy on their purchases and can also find a local trekking guide which costs anywhere in-between $20- $40 per day.

Ladakh; Trek en-route

Trekking in Ladakh is a dream for most of the trekkers and trekking is among the most dangerous Adventure sports in India.  Ladakh is one place which is regarded as a paradise by those who look for spaces to achieve the thrill & enthusiasm of adventure & exploration. Apart from experiencing trekking in Ladakh one can also get involved in other adventure activities or actions such as mountain water rafting, mountaineering & biking, safaris, etc. Also elegantly named as the ‘Land of Passes’, the area forms the outstanding region of the state of Jammu & Kashmir.


Ladakh is located an altitude arraying between 2750 – 7672 meters, above the normal sea level. The position and place is sacred with an astonishing topography that consists of hilly landscape, lush green grasslands, rocky cliffs, & high altitude peaks. Ladakh renders a figure of trekking tours for travellers and excited trekkers & is one of chief the reasons that adventure extremes from across the sphere head to Ladakh.

There are an overabundance of trek trails & selections obtainable here for trekkers. Many sites conduct treks in the area of Ladakh all year round.

Trekking in this place is all about experiencing the true appearance of nature in the most appealing manner and way. The treks render a little for everyone. These treks are also suggested for family trekking holiday or even for commercial and corporate outings. Many sites possess the excellence & expertise in planning & organising an enticing event on these easy trek routes in Leh & Ladakh for a variety of corporates.

The start point of this trek is situated near the Lamayuru monastery & is regarded as one of the most fascinating treks placed in the Ladakh area. The trek is made with a digit of mountain ranges such as Karakoram, Zanskar, & the ranges which form element of the Great Himalayas.

Famous Frozen River Trek in Zanskar valley, LadakhTrek at Ladakh

The panoramic sight rendered by this trek is the chief cause for an amazing footfall. The Ripchar Valley Trek is spotted with the presence of a huge number of smaller pastures, villages, etc. During the period of July and August, the area becomes a valley of flowers & gives an ocular treat for the bird watchers.

The irrigated crop rising fields of the Zanskar & Karakoram Range offers an overwhelming sight as well as astonishing joy to the trekkers. This trek commences in the area of Chilling which is world well-known for the production of copper. What one experiences throughout trekking at this area is truly extraordinary & worth witnessing!!

Exciting Treks in Ladakh

The irresistible fascination for Ladakh tour seems like growing in me! In fact, there would be many out there who are allured by this amazing destination of India. For all those adventure spirits, what does a tour to Leh Ladkah means, I can completely understand! With so much to see and explore, this natural treasure trove of India is sought after by many nature lovers and adventure junkies.

Ladakh is home to many amazing treks and covering these rugged and challenging trails is definitely a phenomenal experience. And in this second post of Leh Ladakh diaries, here I am with some of the popular trekking routes:

Jhunglam Trek

Jhunglam Trek, one of the challenging treks in the Ladakh region

Are you brave enough to challenge your limits? If yes then Jhunglam trek would definitely satiate the adventurer within you. It is known to be among the difficult trekking routes in the Ladakh region. August to October is the peak season for trekking this route that stars from the vibrant Hemis monastery.

Kang Lat Se Trek

Kang Lat Se Trek in Ladakh is among the popular trekking routes in the region

The trekking route from the Kang Lat Se to the Annapurna trek would lead you to explore the virgin beauty of the stunning hidden valley. The trekking route would provide you with the panoramic vistas of the Nar and Phu villages with the scintillating Himalayan backdrop.

Spituk Stok

Spituk Stok in Ladakh

If you are seeking for some relatively easily traversable treks in Ladakh, a trekking trip to the Spituk-Stok would be the perfect choice. Ideal for trekkers of all ages, this trekking route stretches from Leh to spituk by a jeep thereafter foot-trudge to Kandla through Zingchen and Larsta.

Lamayuru Zanskar Trek

Adventurers resting between Darcha to Lamayuri trek in Ladakh

For all those lion-hearted, Lamayuru Zanskar Trek is one of the must-visit trekking spots in Ladakh. This trekking route originates from the Western Himalayas and serves as a link between Darcha in Lahaul and Padum in Zanskar and Lamayuru in Ladakh. The route is punctuated with many colorful monasteries along with vibrant flora and fauna. Battling nature and taming the wildlife while passing through the Lamayuru Zanskar Trek is definitely once in a lifetime experience.


Points to Ponder when Planning for a tour of Ladakh

Closely situated within the Trans-Himalayan region, Ladakh is one of the topmost destinations for nature lovers and adventure spirits. For years, travelers from all across the globe have been fascinated to this stunning landscape for exploring what all it has in store for them. Besides its natural treasures, Ladakh is also reckoned for being home to many Tibetan Buddhists.

Trekkers covering routes in Ladakh

Trekking in Ladakh would leave you with vivid and phenomenal experiences. But for a successful trekking expedition, it’s always better to plan beforehand. If you have been to any such high altitude mountain earlier, you definitely must be aware of the weather conditions. But for novice trekkers, you need to plan your trip in a good way and here’s how you can do it:

  • It is advisable to stay at Leh for the first two days of your Ladakh trekking expedition in order to get familiar with the high altitude conditions. As there are high chances for you to get Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), make sure that you are in the best of your physical state while undertaking a trekking expedition.

Trekkers having rest in between their route

  • As Leh is a low atmospheric region, take 24-36 hours of rest when you reach there. Increase your altitude gradually and take rests at various points of the expedition. For people with heart issues like blood pressure and asthma, it is strictly recommended not to go for Ladakh trekking tours.
  • Drinking lots of water is advisable in order to avoid dehydration, however make sure you don’t overdo it. Dehydration is not always necessary to cause AMS.

Trekker moving ahead in Zanskar , Ladakh

  • Carry warm clothes with you and keep your head covered. And yes, it is necessary that the warm clothes you are wearing are not just warm, but comfortable as well. Keeping safety in mind, control your excitement level and don’t start exploring new routes without any experienced trekker.
  • Higher the altitudes you reach, lower is the level of oxygen. This can led to shortness of breath, dizziness, headache and nausea, immediately descend down in case you are at a high level. You can carry medicines for such sickness after consulting a professional medical expert.