The top five trek destinations in India

India is a country with a great many number of options for tourist places. There are deserts, forests, hill stations as well as beaches that you can choose from. Each different place has its own special beauty that is mesmerizing and captivating. Apart form this awe striking beauty, these places also offer options of excellent adventure sport activities. Depending on what attracts you and what kind of a vacation you would like to spend, choose a tourist destination. For instance if you would like to enjoy trekking tours India given below are a list of 5 tourist places in India that have great trekking trails.

1)      The very first tourist destination that is great for trekking tours is Ladakh. Located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh as a tourist destination is gaining popularity rapidly. The raw beauty combined with the challenging trekking trails leading from this desert valley, makes Ladakh the chosen trek destination for tourist from all over the globe as well as from India.

although difficult, thousands take up trekking to Amarnath every year

although difficult, thousands take up trekking to Amarnath every year

2)      The second most popular trek location in India is the trekking trail to Amarnath. This is a very challenging trek which is taken up every year by many people for religious purposes. It is believed that Amarnath is a holy shrine of Lord Shiva. The trail is extremely dangerous but nevertheless there is no dearth of tourists taking on the challenge every year.

3)      The third most visited trekking trail in India is the trek to Kangcendzonga from Sikkim. This too is a very challenging trekking route that is taken up by professionals only. Sikkim allows only group treks due to the delicate condition of the environment and hence you would do well to travel with a tour operator.

trekking in Manali is a great experience

trekking in Manali is a great experience

4)      The fourth trekking tour that you can take in India is in Manali. This beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh state of India is a great place for trekking if you are not a professional yet would like to try trekking. The cold weather along with the crisp fresh air would make for a great experience.

5)      The fifth great trekking destination is in a different part of India than the other four. All the above four are trekking routes in and around the Himalayan mountain range. The fifth one is in Pune, Maharashtra. There are quite a few trekking routes like Lohgarh in and around the Western Ghats as well.


Challenge yourself with bungy jumping

India is a country that is not only vast but has varied weather in the different parts. Due to the presence of the Himalayan mountain range in the northern part of the country, the northern part has many hill stations with cold weather like Shimla, Manali, Kashmir and so on. The middle of the country, like Nagpur, Kanpur and so on, on the other hand usually experiences extreme weathers that are bitterly cold in winters and extremely hot in summers. While the coastal regions, like Chennai, Goa, Mumbai enjoys a pleasant similar weather all through the year.

This varied weather along with the varied scenic locales, make India the ideal tourist destination throughout the world. Since most of the country experiences warm and humid weather during the summers, it is a popular time of the year for people to getaway to some summer holiday destinations that would offer some relief from the hot humid climate. And what better place to travel during the summers than the northern Himalayan hill stations that has a cool pleasant weather all through the year.

Kashmir is a very beautiful hill station for summer getaway

Kashmir is a very beautiful hill station for summer getaway

There are quite a few states with many stunningly beautiful hill stations in the northern part of India like Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh, to name a few. These states with picturesque hill stations are not only worth a visit for the cool weather but also for the various adventure sports on offer. The one adventure activity that is usually common to all the hill stations is trekking. But some hill stations also offer adventure activities like paragliding, skiing and white water rafting as well.

There are also a few hill stations offering the seemingly very dangerous bungy jumping. You can try this sport that is well know for the adrenaline rush accompanying it, is offered in Shimla, Manali and many other hill stations in India. This sport is however not for the faint hearted and is usually pursued by youngsters. A rope is tied to your feet and you jump of a cliff to hang upside down from the rope by your feet. It sounds risky surely but if you try this activity with professionals around, you would be completely safe.

bungy jumping is a popular adventure sport in India

bungy jumping is a popular adventure sport in India

Hence next time you plan for your summer holiday getaway, make sure you find a hill station that offer this exhilaratingly amazing adventure sport activity and try it at least once to challenge yourself.

Adventure sports enjoyed at Rishikesh

The Sanskrit word Rishikesh originates from the name of the Hindu God Vishnu which means literally “The Lord of Senses”. According to the Indian Hindu mythological saga, Rishikesh got its name when Lord Vishnu appeared to the Vedic saint ‘Raibhya Rishi’ due to the result of the saint’s austerities (Tapasya) as Lord risikesh in His mortal Divine form on earth.

Adventure sports enjoyed in the Rishikesh Township in Northern India

Presently modern Rishikesh Township not only does fall on the way to several top hill stations in India, but it is also a major commercial and communication hub which lie in the northern states of Uttarakhand. As this township is located in the foothills of the Himalayan range, Rishikesh is also popularly known as the ‘The Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas’.

Among other names that this city is endowed with Rishikesh is also known nicknamed as “The worlds Capital of Yoga’ as there is a plethora of yoga centers all around the township which attracts tourists from all over the world. It is believed according to the Hindu scriptures that a dip in the Holy Ganga River that runs beside this sprawling tourist inhabited township emancipates people of their sins, as it is also believed that meditating in this city does bring an early salvation or ‘Moksha’ to the desiring souls.

White water river rafting is a popular water sports activity, which is admired by rafters who visit this city. The rafting season in Rishikesh starts from the early days of the month of March and continues till the very end of the month of September before the onset of the winter season in the Himalayan foothill countryside.

Apart from the Rishikesh River rafting packages those that are offered by several adventure tourism establishments, Rishikesh is also a hot spot for hiking and backpacking adventure tours which is liked by trekking enthusiasts both from India and abroad.

In the recent years bungee jumping has also been introduced in places near Rishikesh, which has of late become a special attraction for adventure tourists for visiting this tourist studded holy township.

Bungee Jumping at Rishikesh

Bungee Jumping at Rishikesh

It is a very notable fact that the song titled “The Happy Hrishikesh Song” which was recorded by the famous band ‘Beetles’ in 1968 sung by the legendary singer John Lennon was composed along with 48 other songs which was done when “The Beetles” visited the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in Rishikesh.

As only a few rivers in the world are as mystique and considered holy as the River Ganges, rafting on this water of wisdom is certainly a lifetime experience, which has always addicted the rafters to come back to this city with a quest for more.

The popular Markha Valley Trek while trekking in Ladakh

The Markha River, which is found in Ladakh, is a tributary of the Zanskar River. The valley of the Markha River is one of the most popular trekking routes in Ladakh, which is accessible from multiple locations like Ganda La pass which is close to Spituk or the Gongmaru La pass which lies near Hemis.

Once you reach the top of the Markha valley you can see the Kang Yatze, which is the 21.000 ft/ 6.400 m high mountain in Ladakh. The Markha River trek also makes the trekker pass through the southern part of the Stok Kangri Mountains which has an elevation of 10,182ft/ 6,153 m from the sea level.

Trekking Ladakh

The Tache Gompa is one of the most visited Buddhist monasteries that fall in the path of the Markha valley trek.

If one is keen upon trekking in Ladakh and on the rugged hills of this ever beautiful landscape, the Markha valley trek takes five to a maximum of eight days depending on where you originate and end your trek. The best season for doing this trek is between the middle of June till end of October, when the weather is permissible for Himalayan trekking and Himalayan adventure sports activities.

Our experiences say that the shortest way for accomplishing the Markha valley trek is to start the trek from the famous Chilling Village in Ladakh and end it at the Shang Sumdo village.

The Markha Valley trek is relatively straight forward trek for all enthusiasts those who prefer adventure sports in India. Once moving through this trekking route one can visit a plethora of villages on their way and even the odd Tea-House tents, but as a word of caution it best not to camp outside before one cross the Gongmaru La, as nights over here in the open are no doubt extremely picturesque but they are also very cold even during the summer months.

Trekking Ladakh2

As the Markha valley runs parallel to the majestic Himalayan range, this trek encounters a barren landscape and the places which falls along the  trekking path is popularly reported as part of “Little Tibet”, where the landscapes are not only dramatic, but are also extremely enticing in their forms.

As Markha valley is located in very close proximity to Tibet, all trekkers passing through this region gets a feel of the Tibetan culture in the lifestyle of the localities those who inhabits this region.

Markha valley is well acclaimed for heavy snowfall during the freezing winter months, and so this part of the Ladakh territory mostly remains isolated for the most part of the year, save between the few days of the summer seasons in Ladakh.

While deciding on the Markha valley trek if one buys the trekking provisions from the Tibetan Refugee Camps one can make an economy on their purchases and can also find a local trekking guide which costs anywhere in-between $20- $40 per day.

Harishchandragad trek; a super experience

A hill fort in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, Harishchandragad, is one of the most demanding in the Western ghats. It is located in the Malshej area of the ghats at a distance of roughly 90 kms from Kalyan, this hill fort can be approached from several neighbouring ways. One such road by means of Nalichi Vaat (passage via a gorge) is a path that lies to the severe right of the mountain & the most complicated route to the top. Famous among climbers & knowledgeable trekkers, Nalichi Vaat engages a near 80 degree climb linking steep rock patches testing one’s residing power & will to the boundary. The track starts on a stream bed packed with large man-sized rocks & eventually leads to the foot of the gorge.


The climb from here is steep uphill & the departing doesn’t only get tough it keeps on getting tougher. Instead of carved-out niches & chiselled slits in the rock, definite sections are very challenging & it is prudent to carry a climbing gear. Although one can make a stop in the progress of at the base village & choose to initial early at the dawn, the uphill climb is very tiring & takes away the most excellent part of the day’s light creating it fundamentally a two-day trek. The overnight camp can be created in the shape of pitched-tents on the grassy shelter or plains in the ancient caves situated all over the fort.

Scenic view of Sikkim mountains

Trek in India


The main appeal of this hill fort endures the Konkan Kada (Konkan cliff), an approximately 4500 ft concave drop. It is a vertical extension, like a cobra’s hood, giving a panoramic sight of the neighbouring & a charming sunset. An additional away on the mountain is the Taramti peak, the 3rd highest peak in Maharashtra, offering an overwhelming sight of the adjoining mountain ranges & an ideal location to bask in the golden canopy of the rising sun. The cave of Kedareshwar & the temple of Harishchandreshwar are some of the other different places of tourist attention & interest.



Not for the faint & weak or the feeble hearted, the path initiates out on a grassy plain & winds through a dried stream bed eventually taking to a narrow channel named Nali(gorge). The climb through the Nali is sheer & terrifically tiring with loose rock face & getting hold of altitude continually totalling to one’s concern.

Dudhsagar Begins the Tourist Season with More than 350 Foreigners

Dudhsagar valley has started with its tourist season of this year. On Sunday, more than 350 international tourists, majority of which included Russians experienced the thrills and adventures of trekking across the famous valley. However, this is the delayed start of tourism season at the popular waterfall.

Way to Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa

According to jeep operators, the tourism season has delayed almost a week, it was scheduled to begin on October 14 that delayed because of the post-monsoon showers, which left the valley in an un-navigable state. Even through the mud roads inside the Collem woods were slippery and the streams continued to have strong currents. October 20 witnessed 35 out of the 98 jeeps booked with the wildlife division of forest department thereby making it approximately 70 trips taking tourists to the falls.

The jeep operator further elaborated that owing to the water flow during the monsoons; the pebbles get loose and get set with the movement of jeeps. However, inside the jungle area, the tour operators build a temporary bridge for their tourists to cross the stream. However, the bridge was not there on Sunday and tourists had to pass over the wooden logs tied with ropes throughout the stream for trekking.  The local Collem Panchayat even distributed life jackets who took a dip in the lake beneath the waterfall.


Kullu Police Demands Satellite Phones, GPS for the Safety of Trekkers

In the wake of safety of trekkers, the Kullu police department has asked the state government to provide them with satellite phones and global positioning system (GPS). This would help the police during search operations for the missing trekkers in the hills of Kullu.

RS Jamwal, the additional superintendent of police stated, “We have sent a proposal of seven satellite phones and 24 global positioning systems (GPS) to the state government for the safety of trekkers in the district.” He further added by saying that, “Due to tough geographical conditions in the interiors, landline as well as mobile phones often does not work due to poor network. In the situation, satellite phone would prove an advantage to locate the location of trekkers.”

Trekkers using satellite phones

Jamwal further commented, “Lack of communication network and no other way to find the exact position of the missing trekkers has proved a biggest hindrance in carrying out effective search and rescue operations. Keeping this in mind, we have submitted a proposal to the state government to procure satellite phones and satellite-linked GPS.”

He was of the view that with the help of satellite phones and GPS, they can find the clues of missing trekkers who come to explore travel and tourism in India. As per Jamwal, the use of satellite phones was not allowed in Himachal Pradesh, but keeping in view the safety issues of trekkers it has been decided to fix a certain range of frequency of the satellite phones. He stated, “It will be used during emergency by the trekkers and no international call would be allowed. These phones would be allotted to the group on rent and only after depositing security.”

Trekkers making way to the final destinations

However, the use of satellite phones of commercial as well as personal use restricted in the country. Legally, only the defense forces and security agencies can use it in India. According to the data collected by Hindustan Times, since 1991, 20 international visitors have been missing during trekking expeditions at Naggar, Manikaran and Parvati areas. The serene Kullu valley contributes a lot to the tourism in India.

AMASA Demands Due Recognition to the Arunachal Everesters

The Arunachal Mountaineering and Adventure Sports Association (AMASA) expressing concern over the Arunachal’s Everesters calls for due recognition to them by the state government. Tsering Wange, the President of AMASA commented in a statement that the pity condition of Everesters was because of the lack of awareness on the great potential of adventure sports and mountaineering in the state.

Stunning trekking destination

Wange compared the recognition of the Arunachal Everesters with those of the other states and rued that the state govt. was yet to honor them and other sport personalities with land allotment, cash incentives and government jobs. He further stated, “The Assam government had honored the Everesters of Assam with 20 lakh each, while other states had also given cash and other incentives,” while informing that that state govt. has awarded the summiteers just with a certificate, a gold medal and a blanket.

Adventurer trying hard to conquer the mounatin

Adding more, Wange stated, “Our Everesters have been felicitated by the President, Prime Minister, Union Defence Minister, Union Tourism Minister, Union Sports Minister, Chief of Indian Army, Chief Ministers of Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur and Sikkim.” The AMASA President continued by saying that the growth of adventure tourism and adventure sports in Arunachal Pradesh depended on the proper recognition to the sportsperson, awareness campaigns on adventure tourism and opening up of trekking expeditions to the unexplored peaks.

Mountaineering is a popular adventure sport among Indians

He also added, “There is also an urgent need to formulate mountaineering policy on the lines of Nepal government to boost the local economy, opening up of international border trade with Bhutan, China and Myanmar, and speedy execution of the two-lane BRO road between Bhalukpong and Tawang.”

Know the Best Travel Destinations in India

It won’t be injustice if I say India is a true haven for travelers from different parts of the world. Offering plethora of sights and sounds to the tourists, it is always ready to amaze you. The more you explore, the more you get astonished. Bestowed with bounty of natural beauty and spectacular hot spots, it is a real potpourri for holidaymakers. Though the country boasts of its huge wealth of travel destinations, here are some of the popular ones that caught my fancy. Scroll down to read more!

Himachal Pradesh


The pristine natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh is just irresistible. You would simply fall in love with this state of India. Blessed with picturesque landscapes, Hindu temples and spectacular spots, the destination is a paradise for vacationers. Home to many hill resorts, the place fascinates numerous visitors all round the year. Apart from being a true delight for nature lovers, Himachal Pradesh is a haven for adventure enthusiasts as well. You can either indulge in a trekking expedition or enjoy camping and hiking.



Kerala is aptly called as the God’s Own Country. With bounty of angelic natural beauty, this South Indian state is a divine land for travelers. From the mesmerizing backwaters, pretty waterfalls, alluring beaches to gorgeous hill stations, Kerala will take you to an entirely different land, which you would have never imagined existed.



Renowned as the Land of Gods, Uttarakhand is one of the spectacular destinations in the northern region of India. Home to many stunning hill stations of India, this state captivates a large number of tourists all round the year. As the place has many famous pilgrimage sites, it is a leading travel destination among Hindu pilgrims. Besides being a haven for devotes and nature lovers, Uttarakhand is a true delight for adventure junkies as well. The state offers hiking, rafting and trekking expedition opportunities to  the travelers.


goa beach

Counted among the most popular travel destinations in India, Goa is a favorite of vacationers. With the unique Portuguese styled architecture, gorgeous beaches, dazzling nightlife and delectable Goan cuisines, this tiny state of India embraces visitors coming to its fold. And yes, the beach markets of Goa are the hot spots of this destination.