Have a great trekking tour to Ladakh

The name Ladakh, for people who are interested in travel and tourism, exudes a sense of beauty and charm like none other. The reason would be clear to you at once when you see the pictures of landscapes of this place in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, in India. Even the pictures would be able to portray the amazing beauty of Ladakh and hence you can imagine what it would look like in reality. The raw, untouched beauty combined with the crisp fresh air and the stunning view of the surrounding snow capped mountains; make Ladakh a coveted holiday destination for tourists from all over the world, including India.

the stuning beauty of Ladakh

the stuning beauty of Ladakh

Apart from being immensely beautiful, Ladakh trekking tour is also extremely popular as well. The reason is the presence of the many challenging trekking routes and trails that not only offer excellent views of the Himalayan Mountain range but also spectacular enjoyable trekking experience. Jammu and Kashmir is the state that is known as heaven on earth and when you lay your eyes on Ladakh for the first time, you would know why. This amazingly beautiful place is also known as the land of high passes and although it was not a very popular tourist destination even a few years ago, it is one of the most famous tourist locations of India at present.

Ladakh at present is the most popular tourist place in India but regardless of whether you want to visit this stunningly picturesque mountain desert valley for a trekking tour or just for enjoying the exotic locales, you have to consider the climatic conditions. This fabulous desert valley is located at a high altitude and hence you can have breathing problems while trekking in Ladakh. It is thus important that you consider your health factors and also consult a doctor to ensure that you are in a healthy condition to travel to Ladakh. The weather of this place also varies from cold to bitterly cold. Take this into account too, when planning your trip.

the raw and breath taking locales of Ladakh

the raw and breath taking locales of Ladakh

Ladakh can be easily reached from Delhi or Manali or Srinagar by road. Many adventurous tourists also choose to go on a bike tour to this mountain desert valley. There are also flights from Delhi to Leh and from Leh you can travel onwards by hired cars or also buses. There are also options of good accommodation available in both Leh and Ladakh.

Trekking tips

We all love to go trekking and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. Trekking is popular sport among adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Simple Trekking can be done by anyone, if you know the do’s and don’ts of trekking. Today I am going to give you some trekking simple trekking tips that you got to follow while going for treks. Hence some useful trekking tips are:

• Make sure that you carry a first aid box with you while going on treks.
• Carry a stick if your climb is going to get steep.

Trekking in the woods

Trekking in the woods

• Wear good, durable trekking shoes so that you are comfortable while trekking.
• Always go on treks with those people who are experienced trekkers.
• Do not lag behind, but don’t rush too. Trek at your own pace but make sure that you stay with the group.
• Do not go trekking with those who drink and smoke. It is quite natural that they will bring alcohol and cigars to the trek.
• Wear comfortable clothes. Wear lose baggy pants with lots of pockets, it will cover all your essentials and lose pants will help in free movement of legs.
• Make sure that you pack some protein bars and biscuits while going for treks.
• Be alert all the time and look around for harmful insects and plants with thorns.
• Make sure that you drink a lot of water and eat well while trekking.
• Make sure that you study about the place before going for the trek.
• Always carry a route map with you and a torch.
• Carry lightweight backpacks, the heavier your backpack is the sooner you will get tired.
• Take frequent breaks while trekking.

Take breaks while trekking

Take breaks while trekking

• Wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
• Wear an anti-perspirant instead of a deodorant.
• Take a multipurpose knife with you while trekking, it will be useful to cut things as well as defend yourself.
• Make sure that you are fit for the trek before going for it. Work out daily and make sure that you can walk long distances.
• Do not wear flat-soled shoes; they are not ideal for trekking. Go for the one with good ankle support.
• Check the weather before going to the trek. Make sure that you go for treks on normal days.
• Avoid using mobile phones and cameras while trekking, as they are a major distraction.

Hence, these are some of the tips that one should follow while going for treks. Have a safe and happy trek.

Trek to the Everest Base Camp: A Journey of Lifetime

Mount Everest towering at an altitude of 8,848 meters above the sea level is the highest mountain in the world. Since time immemorial, it has been fascinating many legendary people including Tenzing Norgay, George Mallory and Sir Edmund Hillary who have carved out a niche for them in the history. However, with the due course of time, a trek to the basecamp Everest has come up as one of the achievable goals for the adventure junkies from different walks of life.  




The ultimate blend of surreal natural beauty, impressive culture, warm hospitality of the friendly Nepalese plus a satiating personal sense of achievement is what makes the basecamp Everest trek one of the most happening treks! Picture perfect locations are sure to come your way in abundance, but apart from this the unique experience of getting familiar with the captivating Sherpa culture by visiting the museums and monasteries is simply outstanding. 


Everest trek one of the most happening treks


The ideal time to undertake the trekking expedition is between March to May and from September to December. As you would be trekking high altitude, it is advisable to be in the best of your physical and mental state. Though nothing can entirely prepare you to beat the rugged trails and extreme hills, you should never overlook the fitness factor. Indulging in cardiovascular training sessions many times in a week can however improvise your efficiency of trekking the high altitude Everest basecamp trek. Swimming, cycling, walking and hill climbing are some of the effective activities you can go for.


High altitude treks



After physical fitness, it is the packing that needs to be given due consideration. As you would be covering high altitude treks, make sure the packing is light probably around 10 to 15 kg.  A down jacket, fleece jacket and thermal underwear ought to be carried, as the Himalayas get extremely cold beyond 3000m throughout the year. In addition to this, make sure that you have two to three pairs of T-shirts, long pants, a warm jumper plus a light fleece.

Ready to cover the challenging and toughest route? You surely must be! But make sure you are all set to undertake this lifetime expedition in the best possible way!

Your Mini Guide to the Classic Everest Base Camp Trek

Challenges, wilderness, scenic locations and friendliness of the locals; Everest region has a charm of its own, a charm that draws thousands of tourists and adventurers to this iconic destination on the earth. Trekking the classic routes of Everest surely would be the dream of many adventure loving people. Though the routes will be arduous, rugged and difficult, the joy and satisfaction of covering one of the toughest trekking routes worldwide is simply incomparable to anything else.


North Base Camp and South Base Camp are the two base camps, each on the opposite sides of marvelous Mount Everest. The south side Everest Basecamp is counted among the most popular trekking routes in the great Himalayas. Tourists can fly from Kathmandu to Lukla for beginning the early morning trek to this ultimate base camp. Though trekking to this area is done all round the year, beginning of March to the mid of May and beginning of September to the mid of November is the best time to undertake the trekking expedition. Winters are too cold to cover the higher altitude treks and as summers are often wet you won’t be able to view those angelic peaks, it is better to head this trekking route in the most favorable time.


As you would be trekking the Everest Basecamp, one of the most challenging trekking routes, it is essential to be prepared well in advance. Warm clothing, hiking boots are certainly the necessary items that the trekkers should take along, but there are many other items that they should be well-equipped with. It would definitely enhance the comfort and quality of the trekking trip. Make sure you carry along the water disinfection drops that are easily available in Kathmandu for about 10 to 30 rupees. Your clothing should be of superior quality and equipment must be functional and lightweight.


So, when are you planning to begin this classic trekking expedition and add the best chapter to your adventure life? Everest base camp trek is a lifetime experience; make sure you return home with memories to cherish forever. With this, wishing you all a safe, happy and thrilling trekking expedition!







Top 4 Treks in the Himalayas

Asia is the abode of the highest, largest and most inhabited mountain ranges, Himalayas. This entire mountain system is home to the highest mountain ranges all across the world. The craggy beauty along with the unique spiritual culture of people living in the silhouette of the gigantic Himalayas is simply incredible. And for trekking enthusiasts, this mighty mountain system has a lot in store. Here is our exclusive pick of top 4 treks in the Himalayas.

Everest Base Camp Trek 

Everest Base Camp Trek


For trekking in the Himalayas, Everest Base Camp Trek surely strikes into the mind of trek passionate people. Renowned as one of the most challenging treks, it is situated in Khumbu, Nepal. The lofty mountain peaks and beautiful glaciers while trekking to Everest are just the ideal setting for heading on to the peak.




Nestled in the mid-western region of Nepal, Dolpo is one of the most popular trek destinations in the world. Passing through the parched high plateaus, the lush green valleys, raw beauty of land and picturesque landscapes is a true delight for trekkers. The best season for heading on to Dolpo trek is between March to May and September to October.

Manaslu Circuit 

Manaslu Circuit-trekking in the Himalayas


Renowned for offering the most classic and challenging mountain trekking in the Himalayas, the Manaslu Circuit is the eighth tallest mountain worldwide. It stands high at an altitude of 8163m above the sea level passing the Larkya La pass. For an audacious trek, Manaslu Circuit is just one of the ““Clandestine Land” that adventurers look for!

Tsum Valley of Nepal 

Tsum Valley of Nepal


The serene and solely sacred Tsum valley is beautifully located in the Northern Gorkha district of Nepal. Perched high at 1905 m from the sea level, this breathtaking valley in Nepal is the dream destination of many trekkers out there. Carrying along the history of Himalayan cultures, styles, arts, traditions and civilizations, this famous trek elates you to some other world – a world that you have never imagined existed on the Earth! Offering the most alluring natural vistas, the Tsum Valley of Nepal truly deserves to be one of the best Himalayas trekking destinations. And the most appropriate season for trekking here is between March to May & October to December.