Experience the Unspoiled Beauty of Bhutan

A paradise for visitors, the sublime natural beauty of Bhutan makes every visitor spellbound. Nestled on the Himalayas’ eastern end in South Asia, the state is officially known to be the Kingdom of Bhutan. Perched on the lap of great Himalayas, it is surrounded by Nepal in the west, Indian state Arunachal Pradesh lies to its east and Tibet to its north.

 Beauty of Bhutan


What captivates visitors to this spectacular place is the vibrant mix of overwhelming tradition, colorful culture, world-class architecture and the most sought after tranquility. Whether you are visiting the place for the first time or you have been there before, the fond memories of its gorgeous snow-clad peaks, picturesque landscapes, amazing biodiversity and different natural as well as man-made tourist attractions will always bring you back to Bhutan.


Unspoiled Beauty of Bhutan


Bhutan is just the perfect destination for travelers who love to explore new places and exotic natural locations. One of the most enchanting and frequently visited tourist destinations in the state is Paro. Home to the oldest temples, palaces and monasteries of the state, it beautifully reflects the Bhuatanese lifestyle. Another topmost tourist attraction in the state is the Thimpu Valley, which is perched at an altitude of 2,300 meters. It is the modern capital of the state and is renowned for its large influx of the Buddhist monks during summers. Presenting the cavalcade of numerous fortresses, museums, monasteries and temple complexes, Thimpu Valley is a must-visit spot in Bhutan.


visit spot in Bhutan


A tour to Bhutan sounds incomplete without paying a visit to the famous Bumthang Valley that is nestled at 2,600 meters elevation. Popularly known as the spiritual heartland of the state, the valley is home to some of the most ancient Buddhist temples. For nature lovers, Phuentsholing is a place worth visiting. This angelic small town with various secluded spots offers peaceful time to visitors. Amo Chuu, Chukha Hydrothermal Project, the Crocodile Breeding Center, Karbandi Monastery are among the hot spots of Phuentsholing.

 Bumthang Valley


Owing to the wealth of such mesmerizing tourist spots. Bhutan has tremendously grown in the tourism sector. Besides sightseeing, the place also offers excellent recreational opportunities such as trekking, hiking and bird watching. The place definitely has something for every visitor out there. So, just plan out a trip to this alluring place and enjoy the real beauty of nature!





Mountain Bike Tours in India: Adventure, Thrill and Fun!

Passing through the rugged terrains of beautiful mountains of India on a motor bike would definitely be a dream of many of us. The feeling of that thrill and freedom is just incomparable to anything.

Mountain biking across the Himalayan ranges packed with snow-clad mountain peaks, alluring green valleys and the long queues of sky-touching deodar trees has immense potential of bringing out that adventure freak inside anyone.

Bike Tours in India

The Himalayan regions of India offer a vibrant mix of different small foothill villages, diverse traditions, overwhelming customs along with the folklore of localities. It is definitely a rewarding experience to discover these places all by your own. The rapidly changing colors of picture perfect landscapes with rising altitudes on your motor bike is something that you don’t get to see every day.

India is blessed with abundant of mountainous regions providing great opportunities to the motor bike enthusiasts. Himachal Pradesh, Jammu&Kashmir, Sikkim, Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh are some of the most popular destinations for motor bike riding tours in India.

Mount Biking

These places present the most beautiful scenes along with the treasure-troves of adventurous routes; many of them have been discovered while a lot of them are waiting to get explored by the bikers.

One of the best parts of motor biking tours is that you get an excellent opportunity of experiencing the local cultures and tastes of India. You can just halt at the villages and towns on your way and get an insight into their lifestyles.  With motor bikes for touring, you would not only know the local culture of different places, but get to experience the majestic beauty of Himalayan milieu as well.


However, when planning a mountain bike tour it is advisable to receive all the clearances beforehand.  As a large number of mountain peaks form border with the neighboring countries, there are risks of jeopardizing the security. And yes, bikes for mountain riding are something that you should give due consideration on as these are the real partners in your expedition and of course, your style statement too!

Read a lot and really excited now to take up a thrilling and adventurous motor biking tour in India? So, get set and go! Choose your bikes for the trip and have fun folks!