Rishikesh – the best place for white water rafting in India

India has so many adventure sports on offer that you would not need to travel to anywhere else to enjoy a certain kind of adventure sport. There is bungee jumping, white water rafting, skiing, trekking, parasailing, paragliding, snorkeling and deep sea diving to name a few of the adventure sport activity offered in India. Adventure tourism in India is not only popular amongst tourists from all over India but tourists from all over the world visit the country to experience and enjoy these activities.

rafting in Rishikesh is an exotic experience

rafting in Rishikesh is an exotic experience

India, being a vast country, the different kinds of adventure activities is offered in different places. Hence choose a place depending on the kind of adventure activity you would like to try. For instance the best place to go for white water river rafting is Rishikesh. Located in the state of Uttarakhand, in the northern part of India, Rishikesh River rafting is so popular that each year numerous tourists from all around the globe and from India as well come to this place for enjoying this adventure activity sport.

The best time for enjoying this adventure activity is the winters since monsoon season makes the rivers extremely dangerous and the summers can be extremely hot. Thus the winter sees the river banks of Rishikesh filled with camps of tourists waiting to enjoy this adventure sport that offers high amount of adrenaline rush. You can choose to visit alone and join a local river rafting camp or you can also choose to travel with a reputed tour and travel company of India offering a rafting camp tour to Rishikesh.

Rishikesh river rafting camps on the banks of the river

Rishikesh river rafting camps on the banks of the river

There are advantages as well as disadvantages to both the options. If you choose to travel alone you can plan your own itinerary as per your liking and change it anytime during the tour as well. But if you choose to travel with a tour company you would not have to worry about transport or accommodation or any other such issues as everything would be taken care of. Depending on your requirements, you should make your choice. Nevertheless, either way you would be able to enjoy this exotic adventure sport completely.

When traveling to Rishikesh for river rafting camp, you can also visit Hardwar which is very near to this lovely town. There are also stunning hill stations like Dehradun, Mussoorie, Chopta and Auli in Uttarakhand that you can visit as well depending on the time you have.

Feel the rush of adrenaline with white water rafting in Rishikesh

When planning for a vacation, India is one country that would offer you with so many options that you would be spoilt for a choice. This amazing country has everything that a tourist can desire, from majestic mountains to vast oceans, from huge expanse of desert to lush green forests, from natural scenic places to historical man made architectures and then there are also adventure activities on offer. To promote tourism in India, the government has different kinds of adventure activities and sports for tourists to experience enjoy and have fun with.

The kinds of adventure sports and activities the various states of India has on offer includes, trekking, skiing, parasailing, paragliding, snorkeling, skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, deep sea diving and white water rafting, to name just a few. Depending on the place you visit you would be able to enjoy one or more adventure sports or activities. For instance, Himachal Pradesh is the best place for enjoying trekking while Goa would be the place to go if you want to enjoy the various kinds of water sports. Similarly for rafting in the white waters, the best place in India is Rishikesh in the state of Uttarakhand.

white water rafting in Rishikesh is a lot of fun

white water rafting in Rishikesh is a lot of fun

Rishikesh, apart from being a very popular rafting destination is also one of the best holiday destinations of India. There are quite a few beautiful temples that you can visit and the view of the surrounding mountains is breath taking. Hardwar, a very popular pilgrimage location for people of India, is very near to Rishikesh and you can also visit this beautiful city while on a rafting camp to Rishikesh. The best time to visit Rishikesh for water rafting is during the winters since during the monsoons the rivers in Rishikesh become dangerous and during the summers it is too hot.

white water rafting camps in Rishikesh

white water rafting camps in Rishikesh

The winter is the on season for rafting and you would see numerous tourists from all over the globe as well as India crowding Rishikesh for taking part in this enjoyable adventure activity. You can try this adventure sport that would give you adrenaline rush under professional guidance, even if you are an amateur. But for doing it on you own you would need to be an expert. You can choose to go on a rafting trip to Rishikesh on your own or you can also opt for a white water rafting package deal with a reputed tour and travel company.

Darjeeling Crisis Slows the Tourism Business in Sikkim

The political turmoil happening in the northern part of West Bengal has adversely affected Sikkim’s tourism business in the coming festive season. Although the turmoil is in its declining phase, the loss in tourism has already taken place and it can’t be reversed now.

scenic view of mountain in Sikkim

According to PD Rai, the only Loksabha MP from Sikkim, “The situation definitely deserves a serious consideration as our state has witnessed very high number of booking cancellations.” On the other hand T Roy, the Secretary of Eastern Himalayan Tour and Travel Operators Association, Darjeeling has already witnessed more than 80% cancellations as a consequence of political turmoil in August first week, which is the peak festive booking season. “Near 70% of travelers, arriving this region, prefer tagging up Sikkim and Darjeeling. So, any cancellation at any side causes huge business loss for both the sides,” explained R Basu, veteran tour operator and tourism advisor to Government of Sikkim.

Festival in Sikkim

While discussing about the slump in Sikkim festive tourism business, S Sanyal, Director of a major tour operating house commented, “UK or USA have issued refreshed travel alert advising all their citizens to avoid traveling in Darjeeling region. These are also creating serious impact for the entire region including Sikkim.”

Believing the estimation made by the tourism arena, Sikkim alone contributes approximately 40% of the yearly travel business volume of about Rs 400 Crore of this region. From its 7000 sq km geographic area 82% is under forest cover, 14% under round the year snow cover and 3% under Glaciers, thereby making it a sought after destination among tourists.

Beautiful view of Ralong monastery in Sikkim

The state Chief Minister Pawan Chamling said, “Sikkim’s high dependency on tourism revenue makes us keen on utilizing this potential without jeopardizing our rich biodiversity and sensitive ecology.” Under his ministry, a tourism mission targeting 40 lakh international tourists and 10 lakh domestic tourists per year by 2015 has already been formed.

Easy Treks in India: An Overview

Trekking on the rugged yet adventurous trails of mighty Himalayas is undoubtedly one of the most pleasurable activities for adventure freaks out there. Along with indulging in an exhilarating adventure activity, it is one of the best ways to take a sneak peak into the lifestyles of the locals residing there. India offers some of the best trekking routes to the passionate enthusiasts. However, the country also has a lot of simple and easy to cover treks in its store! In case you are not among those regular adventure lovers, but would love to trek the Himalayas, here we have enlisted some of the easy treks in India.

Chopta Chandrashila Trek


Renowned as one of the best trekking routes of the pristine Garhwal Himalayas, Chopta Chandrashila Trek can be covered at any time of the year. The awe-inspiring view of the snow-clad Himalayas from the Chandrashila point on this trekking route is just fabulous. While undertaking this trek, be prepared for encountering snowfall and experiencing the best moments of your life.

Sham Valley Trek

Glacier trek

Owing to its lower altitude, Sham Valley Trek is also called as a Baby Trek. Offering angelic views of various spiritual monasteries, picturesque landscapes and scenic Apricot Valley, it is definitely one of the best trekking camps in India. It’s an easy trek as you would have to over around 4500 meters only. And the alluring views en-route are just awesome!

Valley of Flowers Trek


Encasing the most diverse flora species, Valley of flowers is undoubtedly among the dream destinations of many! Go for this simple trek and explore what all it has in store for you. Adventure, fun and stunning nature views are guaranteed in the spectacular foothills of Himalayas. You can go for this trekking trip from June to the mid of September.

Dzongri Trek

Trekking India

Perched at an elevation of 4020 meters from the sea level, Dzongri Trek is another easy trek in India. The trekking trail runs through lush green forests of oak, birch, bamboo and rhododendron. The spectacular vistas of Mt. Pandim and Kanchenjunga offered by this trekking route are simply breathtaking.  Being one of the simple and adventurous trekking camps in India, Dzongri Trek is the popular choice of many trekkers.

Skydiving: Adventure Scaling New Heights in India

Skydiving is yet another impressive sport for the much-needed dose of adrenaline rush among the adventure enthusiasts out there! An ultimate blend of parachuting and diving, this adventure sport is without any doubt scaling new heights in India. The name skydiving itself is enough to give butterflies in your stomach. Right from the initial preparations to the final freefall, you would feel the adventure and excitement throughout the activity.



Basically there are three kinds of skydiving jumps – static line jump, tandem jump and accelerated free fall. In a static line jump, the skydiver jumps out of the plane and the main parachute inflates automatically without his/her efforts. On the other hand, a tandem instructor who is connected to the student skydiver via a harness guides him/her for a tandem jump. The instructor guides them throughout the activity – how to skydive, pilot the canopy as well as landing. In an accelerated free fall jump, the instructor holds the student jumper until he/she deploys the parachute. Once the jumper deploys the parachute, the instructor flies away and manages his/her own canopies.



With the growing craze of skydiving in India, many people today opt for this exhilarating adventure sport. And India with fabulous destinations is a prime spot to skydive throughout the world. To name a few, Dhana, Deesa, Mysore, Pondicherry, Aamby Valley in India are some of the leading spots for feeling the adrenaline rush of soaring high in the sky. Though the adventure sport is gaining a huge appreciation among adventure junkies out there, some myths still make their way. Many people are of the view that skydiving is meant for young people only, but this is not true! People can go for skydiving at any age depending on their desire to learn.



So, are you ready to try your hands on this extreme adventure activity and face an exciting challenge of diving down the plane? If yes, stay assured for experiencing the superb time of your life and getting a great opportunity to enjoy the marvelous bird eye view of beautiful India. Once you did it, you definitely won’t be able to resist the craving for doing it another time!

The Best Adventurous Honeymoon Destinations in India

Just got married and looking ahead for some great honeymoon destinations in India? If yes, then rest assured for having the best of your time as the country would amaze you with its hidden wealth of fantastic honeymoon destinations. But if you and your partner are among the adventure seeking couples, be delighted as the county has a lot in store for you people! Among the huge pool of exotic yet adventurous spots, here are the best three that caught my fancy!

Rishikesh – Where Spirituality and Adventure Come Together


Strategically located at the foothills of the great Himalayas, Rishikesh is counted among the most sacred places in India. Besides being a prominent pilgrimage center for Indians as well as foreigners, this holy town is widely known for offering an array of exciting adventure opportunities. Adventure seeking honeymooners can go for the popular river rafting and trekking. Triveni Ghat and Laxman Jhula are among the major attractions in Rishikesh.

Coorg – Nature at its Best


Coorg or the “Scotland of India” is undoubtedly one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations in India. An ideal romantic getaway, this hill station in Karnataka is a leading choice of newlyweds seeking tranquility. Walking through the lush tea and coffee plantations, beautiful orange orchards and scenic valley is just the best way to enjoy natural beauty with your beloved!

Auli – Fall in Love all Over Again amidst Surreal Natural Beauty


Uttarakhand simply is a haven for tourists, especially honeymooners. And Auli with its scintillating natural vistas and alluring ski resorts is the one stop destination for couples willing to spice up their special time in an unusual way! It is believed that Sankaracharya once visited this hill station giving it a sacred significance. Snow-capped mountains, snowy valleys, attractive coniferous forests and oak fringed slopes just make it the perfect honeymoon destination in India. And don’t miss to indulge in skiing in this awe-inspiring hill station.

Whether you undertake rafting, trekking, hiking or exploring natural vistas, adventure is all about excitement, fun, thrill and quality time. Plan out something different for your partner just like a honeymoon in an adventurous Indian destination!

Hiking Tips for an Ultimate Experience

India is bestowed with abundance of natural beauty that can make anyone go head over heels for it! From the mighty mountains in the northern part to the pristine beaches and rivers in the south, every nook and corner of the country offers a lot to its real admirers. For nature lovers, hiking has been one of the most popular and best ways to appreciate the unspoiled beauty of nature!

 Hiking Tips for an Ultimate


The excitement to undergo hiking is just incomparable to anything, but before you begin with your excursion make sure you have done all the preparations beforehand. Sooner or later, this would help you in your trekking hiking tour. Making it easy for all the hiking enthusiasts, we have come up with some useful suggestions, scroll down to know more!

Wear Boots that Fit Properly



For a comfortable hiking experience, it is essential to use the best quality boots specially designed for trekking hiking tours. This aspect of hiking is something that you cannot afford to overlook. The pair of shoes you choose must be high in performance, have a sticker shock and fit appropriately on your feet.

Get the Right Kind of Socks


Trekking hiking tours

A wide variety of socks are available in the market, however for hiking you should wear a pair of lightweight socks, which is snug but not too small in size. Wet socks are a strict no for hiking. And yes, do pack an extra pair of socks.

Layering Clothes will Help

 Hiking torresdelpaine Reichard


As hiking would take you to different places and so do the different temperatures. Therefore, it is advisable to layer your clothes, as it would help in you dealing with different weather conditions. Use gloves and caps for covering the body, but avoid wearing cotton made clothes as they would get wet easily and keep the body wet as well.

Don’t Overlook Dehydration

 Trekking and hiking expeditions


Dehydration is a common issue among trekking and hiking expeditions. But to overcome this situation is necessary for a successful experience. Don’t forget to carry a bottle of water with you while undergoing your excursion. So, next time when you are all set to go on hiking, do consider these simple yet effective tips.

Khandala: Where Nature is at its Best

Located between Mumbai and Pune is the angelic hill station Khandala. This splendorous hill station is nestled in the Western Ghats in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The place is located close to Lonavala and Kajrta with a short distance of 3 km and 7 km respectively. This pretty hill station of India is renowned for its surreal natural beauty as well as salubrious climate. It attracts hordes of tourists with its scenic landscapes, impressive valleys, mesmerizing lakes and alluring cascades. This serene hilly terrain has come up as one of the most sought after tourist destinations from the fast paced city life of Mumbai.




Although the past of Khandala is uncertain, the hill station is known to have witnessed the raise as well as decline of the mighty powers like Marathas, the Peshawas and the English here. And yes, the exquisite mansions in the place serve as an excellent testimonial to the strong colonial era. Summing it up all, Khandala is just awesome!




With interesting tourist spots lined up to captivate visitors, Khandala definitely scores to be one of the leading hill stations in India. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Khandala include the Tiger’s Leap, Duke’s Nose, Amrutanjan Point, Bhushi Lake, Karla and Bhaja Cave. Offering incredible vistas of nature, the place creates an imposing ambience on its tourists. Walking through the serene valleys brings to you the most gorgeous views of this hill station. Rock climbing enthusiasts can indulge in the activity at the Karla hills and the Duke’s Nose peak.


captivate visitors-Khandala


The bewitching beauty of Khandala accounts for the special interests of Bollywood filmmakers in the hill station. Another very interesting thing about the place is its famous traditional Indian sweet, chikki that is made using jaggery and groundnuts. Don’t forget to taste this ready-to-eat sweet of Khandala during your Khandala tour this time.

 Khandala tour


As far as accommodation is concerned in Khandala, there is a choice of luxurious as well as budget hotels in the place. You can go for the one that best suits your tastes and preferences. Enthralling the visitors with its never-ending charm, Khandala surely is one of the tranquil choices of holidaymakers.

Fascinating South India: Top 4 Must-Visit Places

South India is certainly the treasure trove of India. What sets it apart from other parts of the country is its rich yet distinct culture. In fact, every state in this region has set a benchmark in retaining its own unique identity. The perfect amalgamation of fine temple architecture, great historical ruins, scenic canals, lovely hills and gorgeous beaches will provide you the alluring trip to interesting south India. Here we have penned down the top 4 must-visit spots in the southern region of India.


South India-Visit Places



Located in Karnataka, Hampi is a renowned historical destination in the South India. This now laid back remote village once used to be the capital of Vijayanagar, known to be one of the greatest empires in the Indian history. The fascinating ruins intermingled with big boulders stretch almost 25 km over the landscape and include over 500 monuments. It would be a treat visiting this southern historic gem of India.




The pristine setting of beautiful Varkala beach will just take your breath away. The vast stretches of water and cliffs over the prominent Arabian Sea are simply a fantastic view. One of the best travel places in India, Varkala beach attracts hordes of locals as well as visitors. Late March and early April are the best time to visit the place.




The alluring city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu is undoubtedly home to the beautiful temples of south India. The famous Meenakshi Temple is here only. Beautifully presenting the South Indian culture, this city is more than 4,000 years old. A must-visit for tourists and pilgrims, this ever-captivating south Indian city surely deserves to be among the top travel places in India.





A gorgeous hill station set amidst the unspoiled beauty of nature is Ooty. It was founded in the 19th century as the summer headquarters of the Chennai government. This lovely hill station boasts of sublime natural beauty in abundance. The 22-hectare Government Botanical Gardens, Ooty Lake, Dodabetta peak and the exciting toy train from Metupalaiyam are the major attractions here.




So, next time when you plan out a trip to South India, don’t forget to include these destinations in your checklist. South India has a lot to offer, all you need to do is just take out the time to explore it!








Unleash All Your Worries as Nepal Awaits You

Beautifully nestled between the great Himalayan wall and lush green jungles of the Indian plains is Nepal. It is the land of snow-capped peaks, yaks, yetis, Sherpas, monasteries and mantras. Home to the highest mountain peak in the world Mount Everest, the country is one of the distinguished tourist destinations of the world.




This scenic mountain nation grabs the attention of travelers from all corners of the world. Known for its mountain adventures, the place is a delight for trek enthusiasts and tourists. Trekkers from far away places are drawn to the most iconic hiking of magnificent Himalayas. The rugged trails to the mighty Everest along with the angelic mountain scenery would take you to a completely new world. In addition to trekking, Nepal is a one-stop destination for adventure activities as well. Climbing, canyoning, kayaking, mountain biking and paragliding are some of the adrenaline rush giving mountain sports in the country.


Nepal Awaits

Tourists who wish to see Nepal at a gentle pace can get immersed in the natural beauty and spirituality of this country. Strolling in the temple-lined city squares of Patan, Kathmandu and Bhakatpur would be a lifetime experience. The incredible wealth of centuries old stupas and temples sprawling all across the beautiful Kathmandu valley is simply outstanding. Besides this, the wildlife in Nepal is very rare and exclusive. Whether you are on a mountain bike tour, rafting tour or a bus tour, the astonishingly stunning flora and fauna of the country would leave you spellbound.


Kathmandu and Bhakatpur


With such a great wealth of natural beauty and culture, Nepal truly deserves to be one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. Owing to the large influx of tourists, there are many accommodation options in the country catering to the varied preferences and budget needs of visitors. From 5 star luxury hotels & resorts, 3 star to budget hotels, there are enough of staying options in the country to pick from. So, plan out a tour to this mesmerizing country, book your tickets online and get ready to experience the best time of your life! A vacation in Nepal is lifetime experience indeed!