Have a great trekking experience in Sikkim

One of the most beautiful location of India is the north east. If nature in its primitive form attracts you, the state Sikkim in the north east of India would surely fascinate you. Sikkim is one of that states which has a rare calm natural beauty about it that is unparallel to any part of India. This beautiful state is most famous for its view of the Himalayan mountain range, especially the Kangcendzonga which is a treat for the eyes. Regardless of whether you travel to the more visited capital of Sikkim, Gangtok or the less visited east Sikkim, the beauty is awe inspiring through and through.

zigzag road to zuluk from thambi view point east Sikkim

zigzag road to zuluk from thambi view point east Sikkim

If you want to choose options for holidays India that would not only explore the beauty of a new place but would also rejuvenate you as well as satisfy your mind and soul, Sikkim should be on top of your list. Apart from the extraordinarily beautiful locales, Sikkim is also famous for one adventure sport and that is trekking. Trek trails to Kangcendzonga is very challenging as well as very popular with trekking professionals from all over India as well as from all over the globe. There are easy trekking trains too that can be taken up by the amateur trekkers who want to gain experience before trying to take on the might Kangcendzonga peak.

Kangcendzonga is the third largest peak of the Himalayan mountain range and hence it would require professional expertise to complete the trekking to this peak. But having just a professional certificate for trekking is not enough you would also need a special permit for trekking in Sikkim. The reason is that the ecosystem of most of the mountainous areas of Sikkim is fragile. Trekking alone is also not permitted in this state either and hence you would need to be a part of an organized trekking group to trek in Sikkim. If Kangcendzonga is your chosen destination then the best place to make your base would be Namchi, the district head quarters of Sikkim.

stunning trekking trails in Sikkim

stunning trekking trails in Sikkim

The accommodation is Sikkim is varied and widely available too and hence regardless of the purpose of your trip to Sikkim you would not have any trouble finding a proper hotel. There are private hotels, luxury resorts as well as tourist lodges by the state government. Based on your budget and other requirements find an accommodation and just book in advance if you are traveling during the peak seasons.

Have a rejuvenating trekking trip to Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the most serene and beautiful states of India. Located in the north eastern part, the view of the Himalayan range from Sikkim is absolutely breath taking, which explains the reason for this state being a paradise for trekking in India. The weather and natural beauty of Sikkim is such that you would be mesmerized and enjoy trekking without feeling any kinds of tiredness. And the best thing about this beautiful north eastern state of India, located at the foot of the eastern Himalayas is that you can visit anytime of the year. It is equally beautiful during the spring as it is in the winters.

the view of sunset on Kangcendzonga in Sikkim

the view of sunset on Kangcendzonga in Sikkim

There are many trails for trekking in Sikkim but the most popular and the most challenging one is the trek to Kangcendzonga, the third highest peak in the Himalayan mountain range. People from all over the world and India too prefer Sikkim trekking for the challenges provided by the trails, especially Kancendzonga, in the crisp, pleasant weather and the stunning beauty of the surrounding regions. You would just need to get a view of the Kancendzonga once to fall in love with its exotic beauty. But trekking to Kancendzonga requires professional training since this is one extremely difficult trek. If you are new to trekking, take the less challenging but equally beautiful trekking trails of Sikkim.

Trekking in Sikkim is carried out in a well organized way since the ecosystem of most of the mountain terrains of this state is quite fragile. You would not only need a special permit for trekking in this beautiful state but it is not permitted to trek alone here. Namchi is Sikkim’s district head quarters and offers not only a beautiful view of the majestic exquisite Kancendzonga but is also the best base for starting your trek. There are ample numbers of hotels, private resorts and government tourist lodges in Namchi as well as other places in Sikkim and hence you would not have any trouble finding a proper accommodation.

the challenging trek to Kangcendzonga in Sikkim

the challenging trek to Kangcendzonga in Sikkim

There are many tour packages in India that offers special trekking tours to various destinations of India, including Sikkim. All the permits, accommodation and transport too would be arranged by the tour company, if you find a reputed and good tour operating company. You would not have to worry about a thing but just enjoy your trekking tour to this paradise of trekkers called Sikkim.

Sikkim: A True Paradise for Trekking Enthusiasts!

In the northern region of India lies an undisclosed land nestled in the lap of Himalayas-Sikkim! Bestowed with sublime natural beauty and rejuvenating climate, Sikkim is among the most-sought after destinations among travelers from all corners of the world. Besides being a hot-spot for nature lovers, the state is one of the favorite spots for trekkers, India. As you pass through the gorges and valleys, the magnetic beauty of the marvelous mountains unfolds before your eyes. The sense of crisp and fresh air lingering in the surroundings of Sikkim while trekking is just fabulous.

alluring view of Sikkim Himalayas

The place is endowed with many trekking routes and trek to Kangcendzonga is known to be the most challenging of all, but provides an excellent opportunity to explore the amazing vistas of nature in its best form. Namchi, also the district headquarters of the state offers brilliant views of majestic Kangchendzonga Mountain and is the perfect base for short treks. Another easy yet short trek in Sikkim is the Barsai Rhododendron Sanctuary, which is also home to hemlock, silver fir, rhododendron and magnolia. The trekking trail from Dzongri to Goecha La will offer you with the most spectacular vistas of nature along with the reflection of Kanchendzonga in the stunning glacial lakes.

trekker taking rest at Sikkim's trails

Each trekking route in Sikkim will unveil different natural wonders bestowed upon this magical land. Trekking enthusiasts can plan their trip in the months of March to May and September to December. Trekking amidst the splendid mountains, gorgeous orchids and colorful birds and butterflies will surely make you go head over heels for this beautiful jewel of north east India. These trekking routes pass through the captivating gompas, interesting alpine forests and colorful hamlets, giving numerous opportunities to explore the sights and sounds of the region. So, next time when you ponder over spots for trekking, India, do give a though to the spectacular Sikkim!

Darjeeling Crisis Slows the Tourism Business in Sikkim

The political turmoil happening in the northern part of West Bengal has adversely affected Sikkim’s tourism business in the coming festive season. Although the turmoil is in its declining phase, the loss in tourism has already taken place and it can’t be reversed now.

scenic view of mountain in Sikkim

According to PD Rai, the only Loksabha MP from Sikkim, “The situation definitely deserves a serious consideration as our state has witnessed very high number of booking cancellations.” On the other hand T Roy, the Secretary of Eastern Himalayan Tour and Travel Operators Association, Darjeeling has already witnessed more than 80% cancellations as a consequence of political turmoil in August first week, which is the peak festive booking season. “Near 70% of travelers, arriving this region, prefer tagging up Sikkim and Darjeeling. So, any cancellation at any side causes huge business loss for both the sides,” explained R Basu, veteran tour operator and tourism advisor to Government of Sikkim.

Festival in Sikkim

While discussing about the slump in Sikkim festive tourism business, S Sanyal, Director of a major tour operating house commented, “UK or USA have issued refreshed travel alert advising all their citizens to avoid traveling in Darjeeling region. These are also creating serious impact for the entire region including Sikkim.”

Believing the estimation made by the tourism arena, Sikkim alone contributes approximately 40% of the yearly travel business volume of about Rs 400 Crore of this region. From its 7000 sq km geographic area 82% is under forest cover, 14% under round the year snow cover and 3% under Glaciers, thereby making it a sought after destination among tourists.

Beautiful view of Ralong monastery in Sikkim

The state Chief Minister Pawan Chamling said, “Sikkim’s high dependency on tourism revenue makes us keen on utilizing this potential without jeopardizing our rich biodiversity and sensitive ecology.” Under his ministry, a tourism mission targeting 40 lakh international tourists and 10 lakh domestic tourists per year by 2015 has already been formed.

What Scintillating Sikkim has in Store for You?

Popular as the last Shangri-La of the mighty Himalayas, Sikkim is undoubtedly a paradise for vacationers all across the globe. Surrounded by Nepal, China and Bhutan, this treasure trove of North India highly boasts of its fantastic geographical location. Along with its heart-pounding natural beauty, Sikkim is perfect for travelers seeking a soulful & inspirational holiday destination in India. Though there is a lot in store for you in the state, but here we have listed the best 4 things that you can indulge in during your awesome trip to Sikkim this vacation.

Pay a Visit to the Breathtaking Chhangu Lake

 Chhangu Lake


Nature lovers, be delighted as Chhangu Lake is there to welcome you with its awe-inspiring beauty. This 1 km long and 15 m deep elliptical lake is the one stop spot for vacationers. In addition to enjoying the panoramic vistas of the lake, tourists would also love to be a part of adventure rides on the attractive yaks.

Shutterbugs Get Ready to Capture the Beautiful Yuksom Trek

 high above the clouds - north sikkim


Trekking enthusiasts would surely love this part of Sikkim. Offering picture perfect locations, Yuksom Trek is the spot to relax during your expedition to the higher altitudes. Almost all the high altitude treks start from this trek. Admire the pristine beauty of this trek during your Sikkim tour.

Feel the Spirituality at Rumtek Monastery

 Rumtek Monastery


Sikkim without a second thought strikes a picture of a place where you can unleash all your worries. One such spiritually significant destination in the state is the renowned Rumtek Monastery, the largest monastery sprawling across a large area. For imparting the teachings of Tibetan Buddhist culture, the monastery runs a school for the local children. And its marvelous architecture is something that you would fall for!

Feel the Adrenaline Rush by Trekking in Sikkim

 Trekking in Sikkim


Known to be a paradise for trekkers, Sikkim is counted among the topmost destinations for trekking in Himalayas. The state offers some of the finest trekking routes to the adventurers, featuring stunning mountains, local culture and rugged trails. The perfect blend of natural beauty and divinity, trekking in Himalayas of Sikkim is a lifetime experience and missing it would mean missing the essential element of your vacation!