Safety Tips for Mountain Bike Riding

Passing through the picturesque locations, small villages and dirt paved routes on a bicycle, it is the dream and passion of every cycling enthusiast. Without a second thought, mountain bike riding is one of the most adventurous and thrilling sports ever. However, the point of concern here is mountain bike safety and what all you can do to improve it.

mountain bike riding

Most of us are of the view that wearing a helmet is the only safety measure that one can take to reduce the risks of accidents in mountain bike riding. But, the second most essential step that you seriously can’t afford to miss is always riding in control. It would not only help in preventing the crashes, but also ensures safety of others present on the trail. Once you lose control of your bicycle, it’s not easy to regain the control and ultimately you would meet an accident. We definitely don’t want this to happen, so here are simple yet effective safety tips that you must follow while riding bicycles on mountains.

mountain bike riding

Gear up with a safety helmet always while cycling in mountainous areas. And if there is any other kind of safety equipment available in the market, you can use them as well. However, make sure that the gears you are using are of premium quality. Riding beyond your abilities can pose a great threat to the safety of bikers. Don’t feel ashamed of walking on the trail sections for which you don’t feel confident to ride upon.

mountain bike riding

Speed thrills but kills, aptly said and in mountain bike riding it is a must to remember this. Always keep a check on your riding speed; it should be maintained at a level that allows you to balance in hidden obstacles or changing directions of tracks. Along with this, it is advisable to know the kind of trail you are riding upon. Don’t test your limits on unfamiliar trails as cycling in such routes can turn out to be dangerous.

mountain bike riding

You definitely can’t see past the corner of a trail, so slow down the speed for blind corners. Planning in a smart way on the crash will always be beneficial for you. Do give a thought to the deadly consequences of crashing while performing a particular stunt. Cycling in rugged mountain areas is a wonderful experience; make it more beautiful by following the safety tips listed above. Ride safe and enjoy yourself!

Top Cycling Routes in India: A Closer Look

India is a dream destination for many cyclists out there. Offering miles of paths along with scenic landscapes, cycle riding in the country is an enjoyable experience. Giving you a great chance to unwind the hidden charms of countryside, it is counted among the topmost adventure sports activities in India.


Cycling Routes


Though the craze for bicycle riding in India has been since ages, people still find it a pleasure activity to indulge in. Now, majority of younger generation opts for cycle riding as an excellent medium of exercising as well as traveling around the different routes and enjoying the nature at its best.




Cycling is just the perfect blend of exploring the most kept secrets of nature along with learning new cultures in India. An exciting journey through the serene mountains, small villages and crossing lakes, bicycle riding in India is just a lifetime experience. To make it easy for you, some of the best routes for cycling in India are listed below.

Manali to Leh is one of the favorites among cycling enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Offering the panoramic vistas of picturesque landscapes coupled with rapidly changing weather conditions and great altitude levels, it is a permanent classic among riders. The route is around 600km long and you would encounter the famous ranges such as Rothang La-Pir Panjal range and Lachulung La & Tagland La-Zanskar range.




Spiti Valley, which is nestled in the great Himalayan Mountains, is another all time favorite cycling route in India. On your way, you would enjoy the prayer wheels, clear blue sky, waving flags and monks. Although the path is tough and has volatile climate, it is a treat for cyclists to view the incredible scenery.




Ladakh is rightly called as the paradise for visitors. Either you are an amateur cyclist or a hard core cycling enthusiast, riding through the Panagong Lake circuit would be a promising experience in the lap of nature. Around 300 km of mud paved roads beside the edges of the lake offer angelic views to the cyclists.




Excited? You surely must be. Well, all you need to do is just get along with your mountain bicycles and required equipment, make a group of two or three friends and go ahead on the way of fulfilling your long awaited dream of cycling on the best Indian routes. Have fun and enjoy!

Basics of Mountain Bike Riding

Mountain biking is a craze among many people and if you are also bitten by this bug, get ready to taste the real fun and adventure now! However at this time, you should know the basics of mountain biking; what all clothes and equipment are essential to begin with. Here we have penned down the list of all those gears you need to start your mountain biking with.


Bike Riding


To start with, a well-maintained mountain bike is a must to be a part of this adventurous sport. But as a novice, you probably must not be aware of the kinds of mountain bikes available in the market. Basically, mountain bikes are divided into hard tail  rigid and full suspension, you can go for the one that suits you perfectly. It’s not complete here; start with the research for right wheel size. Go for a bicycle only after matching the basic measurements like inseam and height and yes a test drive please.



Undoubtedly mountain biking is an exhilarating sport, but it won’t take a minute for to turn out into a dangerous one. Helmets are a must while riding and do carry one that is specifically designed for mountain biking. It will protect the head of bikers with its right fitting brain bucket and lessen the chances of accidents.

Mount Biking

Clothing is another vital aspect that needs to be given due consideration while riding bicycle in mountains. Though you can wear any old t-shirt and shorts, but bike specific apparel would make you more comfortable while riding. In fact, you would focus more on the significant issues such as single track  Bike jersey and bike shorts offer great comfort while riding through long distances.




Spare tube and pump are must to be carried in mountain biking. There might be situations when the tire of bicycle deflates and you won’t find any repair shop in the mountainous regions. As such a spare tube & floor pump will save you from the unfortunate situation.




Water, water and water! Don’t forget to carry a bottle of water along with you while mountain biking. Make sure your water bottle fits into the cage designed specifically for it. You can also take along a hydration pack for carrying the liquid or other essentials.




By now you would have realized what all you require beforehand for mountain biking. So, what are you waiting for? Just get started with your plans but be safe.