the view of Kangcendzonga during sunrise from Tiger Hills in Darjeeling

Darjeeling – the cheapest most beautiful hill station in India

India is a country with diversified and myriad varieties of traditions, languages and cultures. This country nestles within it everything from nature’s wonders like high Mountain peaks to vast oceans, to all kinds of weathers and climates like from the coldest to the hottest as well as from driest to the wettest. It is hence no wonder that India attracts numerous different kinds of tourists from all over the world. There is another reason for India being attractive to tourists and that is India offers many cheap holiday destinations. These destinations are in no way any less in either natural beauty or in hospitality but are extremely cheap nevertheless.

Like everything else is varied in India, you can also choose to travel expensively or cheaply in India as well. By choosing the cheap tourist destinations, you can save money and visit more places of this beautiful country. The cheap destination you choose would depend on where you would like to visit. For instance the cheapest of all hill stations in India is possibly Darjeeling. It is the most beautiful hill station in India that is amazingly cheap as well. Located in the state of West Bengal, Darjeeling was once known as the queen of hill stations. The first glimpse of this stunning hill station would make you fall in love with this quaint town in the laps of hill.

the view of Kangcendzonga during sunrise from Tiger Hills in Darjeeling

the view of Kangcendzonga during sunrise from Tiger Hills in Darjeeling

You can just abide your time in this lovely charming little hill station enjoying the changing hues of the mountains with the changing light of the day. One of the most popular attractions of Darjeeling is however, watching the sunrise from Tiger Hill and this is one sight you should definitely not miss. The amazingly picturesque view of the Kangcendzonga when the golden sun rays fall on it is not only memorable but it is breath taking to say the least. The snow covered peak looks like a made of gold and is exquisitely beautiful. Another thing that you must try when in Darjeeling is the toy train.

the beautiful tourist garden in Batasia loop in Darjeeling

the beautiful tourist garden in Batasia loop in Darjeeling

The toy train ride from Darjeeling would take you to Ghum, the highest altitude station in all of India. The toy train would take you through Batasia Loop where there is a beautiful garden for tourists. Visit the colorful Ghum Monastery and after touring through this exotic hill station, spend some quiet time with yourself and in the company of nature in the malls of Darjeeling.

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Top Trekking Places in India

Home to the mighty and powerful Himalayan mountain system, India is renowned for having some of the finest trekking routes all across the world. The Indian hills are green, charming, mystical and packed with old world charm. From easy hiking routes to rugged and challenging treks, the country has something for everyone. All you need is  the spark within you along with a good pair of walking shoes. Here is our pick of some of the best trekking India spots:

Jammu and Kashmir

Breathtakingly beautiful view of Jammu and Kasmir

Ladakh and Zanskar in Jammu and Kashmir are the two most sought after trekking destinations in India. Offering some of the most wonderful vistas to the nature lovers, the place is a true haven for travelers all across the globe. Trekking routes in J&K include trails of the two highest mountain ranges, the Karakoram and the Himalayan ranges. While covering the tough routes, you can enjoy the stunning view of lakes, alpine fortes and scenic landscapes.


Splendid view of Uttarakhand mountains

Besides the heart-pounding natural beauty, Uttarakhand is also a paradise for adventure junkies in India as well as abroad. Ranging from easy, moderate to difficult treks, there are all sorts of trekking routes as per the grades of adventurers. Some of the popular trekking routes include Dodi Tal trek, Har Ki Dun trek, Nanda Devi trek, Valley of flowers trek and Kalindikhal trek.


Scenic view of Sikkim mountains

Sikkim is definitely one of the most popular trekking India spots and is bestowed with myriad of trails. You can spot Mount Everest while trekking the Sikkim routes. The beautiful view of sunrise over the Kanchenjunga is simply awe-inspiring. Trekking expeditions to many routes here are available to choose from.

Himachal Pradesh

Amazing view of a place in Himachal Pradesh

Another popular destination for trekking expedition in India is Himachal Pradesh. Blessed with surreal natural beauty and bounty of adventure opportunities, the place is a hot-spot for nature lovers and adventure junkies. Different grades of trekking trails are available including simple, moderate and tough. June to October is the best time for undertaking trekking expedition in Himachal.




Know Your Options for the Best Camping Places in India

Campers simply love exploring the hidden areas, the known or the most kept secrets of a region. And camping in India is a roller coaster ride for all those crazy enthusiasts out there who just love exploring the myriad hues of the country. Moreover, it is the most apt way for them to know the diversity of a region along with the local cultures and traditions. Here is our pick of some of the popular camping destinations in our own country India.

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

 Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh


Spiti Valley in the Keylong district of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most famed camping spots among visitors as well as trekkers. Summer camp in this awesome valley would definitely be a lifetime experience. Along with Himalayas trekking, camping in the pristine Spiti Valley is a great idea! The best time for camping here is between May to June.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

 Rishikesh, Uttarakhand


Nestled in the lap of mighty Himalayas, Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is another most sought after camping spot in India to give you the adrenaline rush you have been looking for! Undoubtedly, the place is one of the influential religious destinations in the country, but river rafting along with camping in the most picture perfect vistas of nature is yet another highlight of Rishikesh.

Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

 Mussoorie, Uttarakhand


Yet another jewel from the crown of panoramic Uttarakhand and yes a paradise for campers is Mussoorie. This pretty hill station is an easy escape from the scorching heat of summers. Camping in the lush greenery of Mussoorie would let you experience the magic of marvelous mountains! Also, Himalayas trekking enthusiasts have multiple opportunities to grab here. Though the hill station is always packed with travelers, but March to June is the best time to camp here.

Pushkar, Rajasthan

 Pushkar, Rajasthan


Home to many sacred lakes, Ghats and beautiful temples, Pushkar is one of the most famed pilgrimage destinations of India. The one of its kind Brahma Temple is situated here only. And camping is one of the ideal ways to explore this exotic location.

Anjuna, Goa

 Anjuna, Goa


Goa with its stunning beaches and heart-pounding natural beauty is just the perfect getaway option for tourists. You would find myriad of options for camping in the state; Anjuna is one such outstanding place where you can camp with your friends, family or that special one!

Whether Goa, Pushkar or Mussoorie, camping in any part of India is something that you would cherish all your life! So, what are you waiting for! Let the majestic Indian beauty cast a spell over you in these vacations!

Best Skydiving Places in India

Want to see the world from the bird’s view? Skydiving is the sport for you. One of the most visually stimulating aero sports, Skydiving is gaining popularity with every day passes by. It is basically a diversion from simple parachuting, as you have to jump from an aircraft flying at a higher altitude. After that? You just have to fly free and enjoy the stunning views of this world from above. Once you come down to specific altitude, pull your parachute to land safely on the ground. Sounds thrilling! Isn’t it? If you want, you can perform certain aerial manoeuvres while flying high above the world. For this, you need to get trained in certain set of steps and learn safety measures to fully enjoy your ride. As compared to other aero sports, Skydiving is quite costly in India but is totally worth it. Here is a list of the best skydiving places in India, where you can have the best flying experience.

 Skydiving Places in India


Mysore, Karnataka

It is located a few hours away from Bengaluru near the base of Chamundi Hills. Mysore has witnessed some of the great skydives in the recent past. The city host many skydiving camps for adventure lovers. These camps are organized by The Drop Xone, Kakini Enterprises and also provide you the options of accelerated freefalls, tandem jumps and static jumps to choose from.



Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

This place lies around 200 km east of Bhopal in the heart of India. This town in Sagar district is a home to an air strip, which hosts many skydiving camps. Also, the first skydiving camp of India, conduced by Thrillsextreme, was hosted in Dhana only. Here, you can also find ChimesAviationAcademy offering static jumps and tandem jumps this year.

 Dhana-Madhya Pradesh


Deesa, Gujarat

The first Indian sporting body that looked skydiving as adventure sport was The Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG). Hence, Gujarat became the first Indian station to have a certified drop-zone. Deesa had hosted many skydiving tours and camps that are run by Indian Parachuting Federation in 2012. They have now come up with great plans for this year.




You can have the best skydiving experience in Pondicherry. In the month of July, 2012, the good folk at Kakini Enterprises offered many static jumps and tandem jumps in 2 weeks camps.



AambyValley, Maharashtra

A couple of hours away from Mumbai, AamyValley offers skydiving packages throughout the year. Currently, they offer 10,000 ft tandem jumps to the adventure lovers.

Top 5 Tourist Places in India

India is counted among the most exotic places of the world. It’s certainly more than what meets the eye with people from different culture, religions speaking numerous languages. With numerous gorgeous places, this subcontinent has something for its every visitor. Moreover, India is one such country whose products have been coveted by the people from all around the world.


Top 5 Tourist Place


India is a home to the modern western number system (numbers 0-9). Many world’s first universities share its roots in the land of this country. Shopaholics can shop for everything from spices, rugs to dishware and textiles in India. This country is blessed with many amazing places, which make travelers to visit India at least once in their lifetimes. From beautiful hill stations to historic monuments, you can find it all in a colorful country like India. It’s impossible to take a glimpse of all the picturesque locations of the country in one trip. We are here with the top 5 tourist places that you must pen down in your “places to visit in India” list.




Taj Mahal

Shines like a sun, twinkle like a star, Taj Mahal is soothing to eyes. Counted among the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal has impressive structures that make visitor admire its beauty. It is counted among the world-famous tourist attractions in India.




Mumbai to India is like New York to the United States of America. A city that never sleeps, Mumbai is a commercial hub and a home to Hindi and Marathi Film Industry. With great beaches and famous landmarks, a visit to Mumbai becomes a must!




The Golden Temple or Harmandir Sahib is one of the most talked about tourist attractions in India. Millions of people visit this sacred temple in Amritsar to seek the blessings of Waheguru.





Jaipur, the pink city of India, is a best place to witness the traces of Maharajas from medieval period in India. The great City Palace, Hawa Mahal and Amber Fort located in the city let the visitor feels the royalty of Jaipur. Travelers can also opt for shopping and go for camel rides in this city.




Goa, the smallest state of India, is a hub of youngsters. With plenty of pubs, resorts along with beaches, travelers like to spend their weekend in this joyous city of the country. Beach parties are a hit in Goa.


These tourist attractions in India would let you have a ball of a time with your family and friends.