Visit hill stations near Delhi as weekend getaways

Delhi is not only the capital of India it is also a great place to make your base if you want to tour most of the northern part of India, especially the famous tourist destinations like Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Agra. Delhi itself is a very beautiful place that you can explore as well. There are numerous stunning hill stations to visit near Delhi and you can visit these hill stations on weekend as summer weekend getaways. It would not only provide a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Delhi but would also let you explore the striking beauty of northern Indian hill stations.

Mount Abu in Rajasthan is a popular hill station near Delhi

Mount Abu in Rajasthan is a popular hill station near Delhi

The hill stations of northern India has a kind of raw natural beauty about it since these hill stations are mostly parts of the great Himalayan mountain range. Combined with the view of the majestic snowcapped mountains are the green vegetation surroundings and you have the perfect paradise for nature lovers. Rajasthan, though famous for the famed Thar Desert, is also home to the exquisite Mount Abu. Even though Mount Abu is not as tall as the Himalayan range, the cool pleasant weather and the splendid surroundings makes this hill station of Rajasthan a favorite weekend getaway from Delhi. It is easily reachable too by bus as well as hired cars.

The other popular summer weekend getaways to hill stations near Delhi include Shimla and Manali, both situated in the scenic state of Himachal Pradesh. The best thing about these hill stations of Himachal Pradesh is that apart from picturesque locales and beauty of nature, there are also adventure sports to be enjoyed. Especially trekking among all the adventure activities is the most popular in Himachal Pradesh hill stations. The other various activities include paragliding, white water rafting, angling, skiing and so on. Trekking in India is a very popular activity and is also encouraged by the tourism government to attract tourists from all over the world.

trekking route in Himachal Pradesh for getaway from Delhi

trekking route in Himachal Pradesh for getaway from Delhi

If you want to go on a trekking tour to a hill station near Delhi, you can avail the package tour options with a reputed tour operating company or you can also choose to travel alone. Regardless of the way you choose to travel, all the hill stations in India have great and different kinds of accommodation facilities and hence you need not worry about staying in any of the hill stations near Delhi.

The best hill station to visit near Delhi – Manali

India is too vast a country to be explored in a single lifetime. But you can explore most of India, if you go about it in a systematic way. India can be divided in two parts, south India and north India. While south India being peninsular can be toured easily, touring north India would require a lot of time. The best place to make your center point for touring most of north India would be Delhi. There are many places that can be easily toured from Delhi on weekends. The most famous hill stations in India, like Shimla, Manali, Mussoorie, Nainital and many more can be reached easily from Delhi.

the best hill station near Delhi is Manali

The best hill station near Delhi is Manali

Among all the hill stations that you can visit from Delhi, the best hill station near Delhi would be Manali. Not only the beauty of this hill station is mesmerizing but there are also a number of adventure sports that you can enjoy in Manali. It is not without any reason that this hill station is not only a popular tourist destination but also a very famous honeymoon destination amongst not only Indians but people from all around the globe. The beauty of Manali has a romantic appeal to it which makes it a good choice as a honeymoon location. But there is much in store for single tourists and families as well.

There are fun activities like zorbing that families can enjoy and for adventure enthusiasts there are activities like skiing, paragliding and trekking. You should definitely visit the Rohtang pass, which is the highest point in Manali. Rohtang pass is covered in snow all through the year and the panoramic view from Rohtang pass is completely breath taking. Solang valley is another must visit place when in Manali. This valley is completely stunning and you would have to see to believe its beauty. Manali can be easily reached directly from Delhi by hired car or you can travel to Shimla by bus from Delhi and journey onwards to Manali as well.

the way to Rohtang pass from Manali

The way to Rohtang pass from Manali

For staying in Manali, there are many budget private hotels, government tourist lodges and guest houses as well as star luxury resorts. The best time to visit Manali would be during the spring or the summer time since winters are very bitterly cold and the roads are often closed due to heavy snowfall. Just make sure you book your accommodation in advance if you are visiting Manali during on season.

Foot heading to the North

“Welcome to the Dev Bhoomi or at the place of God”, they said. With open arms do the people here welcome for all those visitors. Along the foothills of the Shivalik range, are these chains of hills, an area covered with the white carpet all over, is this state of Himachal Pradesh. This hill station at the north of the country is an area, which is loaded with apple orchards, snow fed rivers and many gushing lakes. You may witness here the fresh air, the apple orchards planted wide across, the green forests around, indeed a place to be visited, the pleasant nature and the never ending beauty.

Old Christ Church-Shimla

Old Christ Church-Shimla

Starting with Shimla, mostly known as a honeymoon destination is an amazing cool and attractive town that sprawls along a mountain ridge, covered are the places here with oak, pine and rhododendron forests. It’s quite famous for its colonial style buildings and historic railway, the toy train and had attraction points like the old Christ Church, Scandal Point, as well as the Viceregal Lodge, also a hub of many adventure sports at the hills. Among the other most visited cities are the Kullu and Manali. At Kullu, the pilgrimage place of Bijli Mahadev, the Roerich Art Gallery or to the Raison for witnessing the orchards.

Slopes of Manali

Slopes of Manali

At Manali, one may head towards the Rohtang, to the Gurudwara Sri Manikaran sahib but not to forget the Bhrigu lake. The beautiful, green, quite town of Dalhousie has all the housing structures with roof tops, inclined. Viewing the state through a panoramic view, with both snow-clad ranges and the others plain was splendid. One may walk here and take rides upon the ponies which are even called the khachhars (mules). Among many others is the city of Palampur, famous for its Tea Plantation or the tea gardens. Here one can pay their visit to the Newgal Park, the Neugal Khad, the Sourab Kaliya and the Ban Vihar, remember the dinning at the local ‘dhabas’. Named after the area filled with the Chapaka trees, at Chamba locate the Rang Mahal, the Bhuri Singh Museum, and the Champavati Temple for a little spirituality at the state. The breath-taking views at the Parashar Lake, or at the Janjehli for a few dangerous but fun-filled treks. Also sightseeing at the Deoli becomes a better option. Indira Tourist Park in Kufri is the place available for Yak or the pony rides, for getting an overlook at the Giri valley, tourists often move to the Fagu.
Himachal has got it all. False are the misconceptions, which say it’s just filled with snow everywhere. Hence, it has many more than just this hence a trip to the hill station of Himachal is the best option for anyone.

The start of trekking from Manali

The means of transport from Manali after crossing the Prini village takes you up from beginning to end around forty hairpin bends & you drop off at Jobra. When you visit Manali you have already achieved quite an altitude from it & you initiate trek at 9800ft. Cross the way & take the small path into the forest. The forest is chiefly Pine with an infrequent Maple tree with its new verdant green leaves -an amusing & pleasurable change in the plant life. It’s not a difficult inclination & later 20 minutes after you enter the forest, you approach to a bend with a gigantic rock which overshadows a meadow spread with tiny rocks. Do click a photo of the water break at the rock and head into the field.

The pasture has the Rani River flowing smoothly in between and on either side which contains the hills with rock faces. Some herd graze in the field which is filled with Maple & Pine trees. One may mind some old snow by the side of the river early in the season. You can cross on the field or climb up the left hill. The climb creates the path somewhat shorter. Chika the camping ground for the day is at the end of this field. The river flows right in the middle & water is no issue. Pitch your tent for the day & choose a nice ground.

Snow trekking-Himalya

The Shoe-start to Trek

The temperature at night would be approximately 8-10 degrees. After breakfast start from Chika. The purpose for the day Balu-Ka-Gera is not seen but is in the direction of the right of your camp site. Embark your head right but you are all along on the left bank of the river. The first climb is mostly through stones & boulders. The departure is never too complex. The right bank of the river is corded with dwarf Rhododendrons in the lower & middle portion of the mountain & Birch trees grow at the higher end.

You see the Dhauladhar range with its snow clad peaks when you look back. It creates an attractive scene. You would come across a water fall on to your left. Fill up your water bottles & take a break if you wish to. After the waterfall, you can go towards your right heading towards the river. Lots of boulders around & you need to go across the river. You can continue with the way & enjoy the experience of trekking.

Yoga Tourism in the Peaceful Surroundings of Manali

Restoring its rich legacy of meditation in the mountainous ranges and coupling it with health activities, Manali offers a new way to have relaxing vacations. For travelers seeking retreats along with panoramic views and peaceful ambiance, this popular tourist destination is now offering “Yoga Tourism”.

Tourist doing yoga in India

Chandertal lake, Bhrigu Lake, Dashaur lake and Ranisui lake, nestled at an elevation of around 13,000 feet, have come up as the hotspots for yoga lovers. As per Mehar Chand, organizer of Yoga programs for tourists, “We have clients from Russia, UK, rance, Germany, USA and Israel, who want to find peace of mind. A bit of hiking, camping by the lakes side and meditation in the lap of nature with abundance of natural herbs is all they are looking for.”

Yoga Tourism is gaining huge popularity among tourists; it not only brings revenue to Manali’s tourism, but also popularizes the rich culture and glorious history of the Manali. Along with learning the different techniques of mediation, yoga and herbal treatments, many youths are even teaching them to the foreign tourists. According to Hemant Bhardwaj, a yoga trainer in Manali, “Tourists often ask about the sites where ascetics of Hindu mythology meditated. Most seekers come alone and stay for a minimum of one week.”

man doing yoga on a scenic beach location

On the other hand, Diwan Chand, who organizes yoga programs for foreigners at Jalori pass, “Walking barefooted on wild grass, sitting in yoga postures without using a carpet and rubbing dew drops on eyelids are starters for yoga. We give Sanskrit mantras written in English to our clients. Many tourists who learn yoga from us are reportedly teaching the same techniques in their countries, which is a matter of pride for us.”

Manali Trekking: Yeh Jawaani Hai Seriously Deewani!

Travel, Fun and Adventure personified, I exclaimed as soon as the much-awaited “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” ended! An amazing blend of trek, romance and never-ending friendships perfectly shot in the breathtakingly beautiful locations just swept my heart away. Ranbir Kapoor, the curious travel videographer with his buddies and gorgeous Deepika Padukone have the best time of their life in a trekking expedition. Believe me, this was enough to ignite the trekking spark within me!




When the celebrities are enthusiastic enough to cover those rugged and challenging routes of nature, why not me! And living in a country like India, which is blessed with the finest of trekking destinations in the world, it feels like my dream will surely come true; the dream of trekking in majestic, mesmerizing, marvelous Manali! Fascinating? Of course it is! Though the movie brought the sleeping trekking ardent within me to back to life, many others might not have felt the same way! But, I bet one thing, the movie might not be refreshing for many, but a trekking expedition to Manali would definitely refresh your spirits.



Located at a height of 2,050 ft above the sea level in the angelic Himachal Pradesh, Manali is undoubtedly a paradise for tourists, especially the nature lovers. This pretty hill station is nestled close to the northern end of the famous Kullu Valley and from Shimla, it would take around 270 km to reach here. Trekking the Himalaya here, of course is the prime attraction catching the fancy of many. Passing through the alpine meadows, rugged terrains, lofty trails and lush green forests while trekking is a lifetime experience.


Summers are the best time to undertake any Himalaya trekking expedition. And beauty is at its best in Manali during this season. Trekkers would love to cover the routes via Manali-Hamta Pass, Kinner Kailash circuit, Deo Tibba Base Camp, Pin Parvati Pass, Bal Taal lake, Chanderkhani Pass and Barlachala. The scenic splendors of the hill station would definitely make you go head over heels for it. I am all prepared and excited for experiencing the most fantastic time of my life! What are your plans in this summer? Well. I won’t mind anyone’s last minute entry like Deepika Padukone!

Get Soaked in the Beauty of Manali

Located an altitude of 1950 m above sea level, Manali is counted among the most sought after hill stations in India. It is nearly 250 km away from Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Manali has a lot to offer to its every visitor. Snow-capped mountains, orchards with red and green apples like SolangValley and flower garden are some of the main attractions of Manali. To explore these all in person, thousands of travelers make this hill station their next holiday destination. Not only grown-ups but kids also have a ball of a time at a place like Manali.

 Beauty of Manali


The Nehru Kund, a clear water spring and The Kothi Village, providing views of deep gorge via which River Beas flows make Manali even more soothing to eyes. The city is also famous for the RahallaFalls, providing splendid views to the visitors. Many temples that hold special significance attracts devotees from all around the world. The HadimbaTemple is one such temple, built in 1533 AD for Hadimba, the wife of Bhima, who was counted among the Pandavas. Another temple is The Manu Temple, which is dedicated to the lawgiver and sage Manu. Travelers can pay a visit to this temple in old Manali. Along with The Vasishta Temple, there are many other prestigious temples located in the nearby town of Jagatsukh.

 hill stations


Manali is not counted with those India hill stations that are just about landmarks. This hill station is also a haven for adventure sports lovers. Manali provides ample of opportunities to the visitors to participate in various adventure activities like river rafting, fishing, paragliding, skiing and trekking. Moreover, foodies can also give a treat to their taste buds in Manali. There are many roadside cafes, eateries and restaurants, where visitors can relish both local cuisines along with known cuisines. From chaats, sweets to north India fare and hot momos, you can have in all in Manali.



Shopaholics can buy woolens along with local products like backed goodies, jams, souvenirs and preserves from the popular markets of this hill station. With so much to offer, it is considered as the one of the most preferred India hill stations. Many travelers like to be in the city to beat the heat in summers and have a glimpse of snow in summers.

Travel Guide to Mesmerizing Manali

Nestled in the northern region of India is the beautiful hill station, Manali. One of the popular cities in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, it is one of the leading tourist destinations in India. Fascinating hordes of tourists from all over the world, this scenic hill station has carved out a popular name in the Indian tourism industry. Besides being a topmost summer vacation choice of people in India, the hill station is a hub for visitors in winters as well.


Mesmerizing Manali


Owing to the ideal location in the routes passing through Leh in Jammu & Kashmir, Manali offers panoramic vistas of snow-capped ranges of the great Himalayas and the gorgeous Beas River. The rugged terrains of the hill station make it an excellent destination for trekking enthusiasts. For honeymooners and nature lovers, Manali is just the perfect stop by tourist destination in India.


Travel Guide Manali


Blessed with abundant of natural beauty, Manali is renowned as the “Switzerland of India”. Some of the most talked about tourist spots in this wonderful hill station of India include Rahala waterfalls, Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Tibetan monasteries, Nehru Kund, Manikaran, Vashisth Village, Manali Sanctuary, Jalori Pass, the Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery and the great Himalayan National Park. In addition to these, the city boasts of its religious significance in the state. Hadimba or Hidimba Temple, Lord Ram Temple at Vashishth, Arjun Goofa, Manu Maharaj Temple and Temples at Jagatsukh hold great importance in the Hindu religion. Either you visit the place in summers or winters; the sublime beauty of the place would give you enough to soak into it.




With so much to see and explore Manali receives a large amount of visitors every year. As such there are many accommodation facilities available catering to the varied needs and requirements of travelers. Right from the luxury hotels and resorts to 3 star and budget hotels, there is no dearth of staying facilities in this hill station of India.


Hill station of India


So, if you are planning out a refreshing tour to some of the finest hill stations of India, Manali is the best option to go for. Just get started with the planning and rest assured for experiencing the fabulous vacation of your life.