Have fun on a bike tour to Ladakh

The country India is home to some of the most beautiful tourist places in the world. Whatever attracts you as a touring destination, India has it all. From the majestic snow covered Himalayan mountain range in the north to the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean in the south and everything in between, India is a paradise for tourists. It is thus, no wonder that people of India love traveling and India also receives huge number of foreign tourists from all around the globe. India is one country where tourists of all kinds with varied tastes can be guaranteed satisfaction.

For touring in India you can choose to travel on your own or you can also avail holiday packages in India. There are many reputed tour and travel companies in India that offer excellent holiday packages to different beautiful locations throughout India. Not only trips to the stunning locale, you can also opt for adventure tour packages with such reputed travel and tour companies of India. India being such a vast country offers a myriad variety of adventure sport activities throughout the country. Depending on what kind of adventure sport you enjoy, you can choose a particular place to visit.

bike tour to Ladakh can be fun and exciting

bike tour to Ladakh can be fun and exciting

For instance, bike tour in India is also very popular amongst the youngsters of the country as well as amongst tourists from out of the country as well. The best and the most popular location for bike tours in India is Ladakh, although you can opt for bike tours to almost any part of India. The amazingly picturesque locales, the cold crisp air, the pleasant weather and the challenging roads offer an excellent opportunity for bike touring in Ladakh, making it the most famous bike tour location. The best route for bike tour to Ladakh would be from Delhi to Kashmir to Ladakh.

Ladakh roads can be challenging for both cars and bikes

Ladakh roads can be challenging for both cars and bikes

While on a bike tour, regardless of which place you travel to, make sure you have proper safety gears in place. It is not easy to ride a bike in the roads of India and places like Ladakh have extremely challenging bike trails. Hence embark on a bike tour only after checking that your bike is in good condition and you have all the proper safety gears with you. Bike tours are best enjoyed with good company and hence the most fun way for a vacation getaway with friends is by getting on with a bike tour.

Have a wonderful trip to the exquisitely scenic Ladakh

The country India is a treasure trove for tourists looking to see new and beautiful natural wonders as well as historical monuments. India is also rich in cultural heritage and offers a myriad variety of fascinating experiences. India does not disappoint tourists looking for some adventure while on a tour either. There are adventure sports in India galore, from water sports to bungee jumping to challenging trekking trails, India has it all. All you would need to do is just decide on what interests you and you would surely find a place in India to satisfy your interests. For instance if you are into trekking, Ladakh would seem like a paradise to you.

a snowy winter in Ladakh

a snowy winter in Ladakh

Trekking in Ladakh is so popular due to the presence of extensive challenging trails amongst amazingly stunning views. The fresh and crisp air would caress your senses while the breath taking beauty would mesmerize you. The snow covered Himalayan mountain range seem to be even closer from Ladakh and hence it can be cold to bitterly cold and hence this beautiful locale would be an ideal summer holidays getaway. Located in the state that is considered to be heaven on earth, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is also known as the land of high passes. This stunning location has recently become popular as a tourist destination but nevertheless presently it is one of the most exquisite tourist destinations of India.

For a trekking tour to Ladakh, you would need to consider the climatic conditions and accordingly your health condition as well due to the high altitude and the bitter cold, there can be breathlessness and hence it would be better to go on a trekking tour to Ladakh only if are an experienced and professional trekker. This scenic mountain area can be reached easily through Leh, by bus from Manali or Srinagar. There are also flights availbel from Leh to many locations, including Delhi. Many adventure minded tourists also choose to go on a bike trip to Leh and onwards to Ladakh from Delhi or Srinagar.

stunning Tso Moriri Lake in Ladakh

stunning Tso Moriri Lake in Ladakh

The tourism in Ladakh is encouraged at present by the Indian government and hence you would not have any problems regarding proper accommodation or transport in Ladakh. Although due to the strategic location of this beautiful tourist spot, there is heavy military presence all through the year. But as tourists, you need not worry about anything instead you can just enjoy the lovely locales.

Points to Ponder Before Ladakh Travel

Are you someone who loves to explore new places and specially the most kept secrets of India? If your answer is yes, then Ladakh surely must be among your checklist. Had you been to the same kind of mountain range, you must be aware of the extreme climatic conditions you can face there. But for those who haven’t traced such kind of rugged paths before, it is advisable to plan out the trip really well. 

 Ladakh Travel


Ladakh without a second thought is one of the leading choices of adventure enthusiasts seeking an excellent trek in India. However, when planning your trip don’t rush for anything. At high altitudes there are more chances of getting acute mountain sickness (AMS). So, it is recommended to consider all the even and odds before you decide going to this irresistible destination.

 Ladakh best in Monsoon


First and foremost, physical fitness is one of the most essential factors while you think of visiting Ladakh. People suffering with heart ailments, blood pressure problems or asthma; we would recommend you to restrain from undertaking Ladakh travel. Once you reach Leh, you should take a rest of at least 24 to 36 hours, as it is a low atmospheric region. It is better to increase the altitude of your travel gradually and don’t forget taking breaks at different places.


visiting Ladakh



Higher the levels of your travel, lower would be the oxygen levels and this might cause problems of short breath and nausea among the travelers. You can either take a medicine for such conditions or go with the time tested natural solution of garlic soup or other soups having garlic as one their ingredients. Do not go ahead on the route if you feel the warning symptoms like dizziness, nausea, fatigue and headaches; in fact descend to the lower altitudes. And yes, don’t even think of drinking alcohol and smoking on high-level altitudes, as these are the most common causes of AMS.

 Ponder Ladakh


People often think that dehydration is one of the causes of AMS at high altitudes, however this is not the case. Drink water as per your body needs. In addition to this, make sure that your head is covered and clothes you are wearing are warm & comfortable. Lastly, don’t sleep in the daytime. Avoid as much as you can. With these simple tips, we hope you enjoy your Ladakh trek in India.

Mini Guide to Ladakh Travel Tips

Thrilling adventure and some really wonderful time awaits you in the beautiful land of Ladakh. Nestled in proximity to the trans-Himalayan region, the place offers loads of natural treasure trove worth exploring. It is popularly dubbed as the Little Tibet as it shares the boundaries with Tibet and serves as a host to the large population of Tibetan Buddhists. But before your visit to this stunningly beautiful landscape, it is vital to be geared up with the right travel tips. And here we have penned down some useful tips before going to Ladakh.

Respect the Local Culture

 Respect the Local Culture-Ladakh


Whenever on your travel trips make sure you show high levels of respect to the local culture there. Whether you are hiking or trekking in Ladakh, always treat the local people with great respect. Also dress in the right way, do cover yourself and seek permissions before clicking photographs.

Say No to Plastic Bags



It’s not only the responsibility of locals in keeping the environment clean, but the tourists should also be aware of it and must not litter plastic here and there. Use of plastics in Ladakh is officially banned; therefore it is advisable to avoid using them.

Communication Facilities:



Although most of the local markets in Ladakh have STD booths, they get closed by 10:00 p.m. However, you would find the global direct calling telephone facility as well as telegraph facility in Kargil. The peak seasons for visiting Ladakh are from the months of May to August and during this time the J&K tourism sets up the mobile wireless stations in the remote areas also. And yes, your prepaid sim cards won’t work here.

Carry Appropriate Documents

 Ladakh Travel


Don’t forget to carry all your travel documents, licenses, permits, identity cards, etc. Ladakh has various passes such as Zojila Pass, Changla Pass, Fatula Pass and Khardungla Pass that have high military presence. Hence, ensure that you carry along the copies of all the essential documents and keep them safely in your bags as you never know when and where you would need them.

It is certainly never enough when you are on with exploring or trekking in Ladakh. So, equip yourself in the right way for this bewitching land and have some of the most fruitful vacations worth cherishing for lifetime.

Ladakh Trekking: A Guide on Clothing & Equipment

Ladakh is the fascination for tourists, nature lovers, trek enthusiasts and spiritually inclined people. Blessed with the heart-pounding natural beauty and much of solitude & tranquility, this exotic northernmost region of India is a dream destination of many. Located in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, it is one of the best trekking destinations in the country.



Trekking in Ladakh is a lifetime experience, but before you head on to your expedition, make sure all the arrangements are in place. Ensure that the clothing you bring along allows the warmth of daylight and chill of nights. During your trek Ladakh at lower altitudes, it is advisable to wear lightweight trousers. Wearing trekking trousers along with simple T-shirts would do the job.

Ladakh at lower altitudes

Undoubtedly trekking needs a lot of passion. But it is not all that you would need when weather conditions are unfavorable. For this make yourself well-equipped with all the gears that are required for fighting with the adverse weather conditions. Don’t forget to carry a sleeping bag for high altitudes as well as the nights for avoiding the cold. You can also carry the tharmentst or an inflatable sleeping pad. Plus, use a good quality and large enough waistband for keeping all your essentials and jacket.


trek Ladakh tour

As trek Ladakh tour takes lot of energy of the trekkers, it is essential to have a good pair of boots. Specialized boots are available for trekking; these should be light in weight for providing you maximum comfort while climbing the tough routes. And yes, don’t forget to carry along the trekking socks with you. At least four pairs should be carried while going on a trek tour. During the late nights, slip your feet into the camp shoes for keeping them warm in cold. For a cool evening, a down jacket would serve the purpose. As you never know about the weather changes, it is advisable to carry a rain jacket as well.


atmosphere during your Ladakh trek


With these simple yet vital clothing and equipment tips, you can beat the weather and challenging atmosphere during your Ladakh trek. Follow them and thoroughly enjoy your trekking expedition.

Ladakh: A One-Stop Destination for Trekkers

Ladakh is blessed with the most colorful vistas of nature indeed! Snow-capped mountains, spectacular lakes, beautiful rivers and colorful Gompas; Ladakh is a paradise for tourists and especially the trekkers out there. The scenic views of little houses and rugged trails are simply magnetic. And when it comes to adventure sports, Ladakh is definitely the unabated champion in India. Located in Jammu and Kashmir, the region is home to some of the great mountain terrains of the country.




The thrill and excitement as you trek through the rugged and lofty mountain terrains of Ladakh is a lifetime experience. Adventure freaks and trekkers have a great passion for Ladakh trekking. Greater Himalayan range, Ladakh range, Karakoram and Zanskar range are among the most popular trekking spots in the place. Trek routes such as Spituk to Markha valley, Likir to Temisgam, Trans Zanskar trek , Nubra valley trek, Lamayuru Gompa to Chilling, Padum Lamayuru trek, Pahalgam- Panikar- Kargil trek, Stok Kangri Trek, , Rupshu Valley Trek are among the most popular trekking routes in Ladakh and have always fascinated the interests of trekkers.


Ladakh trekking


Dalai Lama tour is yet another popular spot among the Ladakh trekking enthusiasts. Being one of the exciting trekking destinations in the region, it garbs the attention of tourists from all corners of the world. A great blend of beauty and religion, the Dalai Lama tour would make your free from the different frustrations of your life in a religious way!


 Ladakh trekking


Trekking in Ladakh is not just a journey that you would complete and go back, but it is once in a lifetime experience in the heart of the unspoiled beauty of nature. The place is cut from the rest of the world for almost half of the year and can be reached by following one of the strangest trade routes of the world. June to September is the best time for trekking in Ladakh. And with the availability of trekking packages to Ladakh, realizing the dream is not at all impossible now! Well, you surely must be charged enough to go for the adventurous activity, so fasten your belts and get ready to taste the real excitement in this vacation!

Popular Ladakh Adventure Tours

Is adventure in your nerves and you love to explore the most kept secrets of India? If yes, then Ladakh is just the perfect adventure destination for you. Now is the time to take a closer look at the distinct adventure and trekking tours offered in the place. Renowned for its steep trekking routes, great mountain ranges and the spiritual Buddhist monasteries & local communities, the place is a dream destination for visitors from different parts of the world. Here is our pick of some of the most preferred Ladakh adventure tours that you can enjoy in the place.


Ladakh Adventure Tours


Jeep Safari Tour

One of the most popular adventure tours in Ladakh is the jeep safari tour that would let you explore the alluring icy fields of the area. However as a part of this tour you need to do a bit of trekking around the Zanskar, Suru Valley and many more. This adventure tour would also take you to the famous monastery, Karsha. The best time to go on a jeep safari tour in Ladakh is during the months of July to October.



Camel Safari Tour

A pleasure for tourists, Camel Safari tour in Ladakh is among the most sought after adventure tours in the region. In addition to taking you through the panoramic views of deserts, it will transport you along the lovely freezing land as well. July to September is the peak time for camel safari tour in Ladakh. Bringing to you the best of amusement spots of this land, it is a leading choice of tourists.


Camel Safari Tour


Mountain Biking Tour

Are you a biking ardent? Mountain biking adventure tour in Ladakh is the perfect opportunity to explore the best routes of trekking in India. Passing through the gorgeous natural landscapes of this land is a dream of many biking enthusiasts out there. Baralacha La, Lachalangla, Rohtang and Tanglangla are among the well-known passes that you would visit during mountain biking tour in Ladakh.


 Mountain Biking Tour


Thrill, adventure and fun are guaranteed in these Ladakh adventure tours. Regardless of the tour you opt for, rest assured for enjoying the picturesque views and amazing interaction with the local culture and people of Ladakh, a leading destination for trekking in India.