the view of Kangcendzonga during sunrise from Tiger Hills in Darjeeling

Darjeeling – the cheapest most beautiful hill station in India

India is a country with diversified and myriad varieties of traditions, languages and cultures. This country nestles within it everything from nature’s wonders like high Mountain peaks to vast oceans, to all kinds of weathers and climates like from the coldest to the hottest as well as from driest to the wettest. It is hence no wonder that India attracts numerous different kinds of tourists from all over the world. There is another reason for India being attractive to tourists and that is India offers many cheap holiday destinations. These destinations are in no way any less in either natural beauty or in hospitality but are extremely cheap nevertheless.

Like everything else is varied in India, you can also choose to travel expensively or cheaply in India as well. By choosing the cheap tourist destinations, you can save money and visit more places of this beautiful country. The cheap destination you choose would depend on where you would like to visit. For instance the cheapest of all hill stations in India is possibly Darjeeling. It is the most beautiful hill station in India that is amazingly cheap as well. Located in the state of West Bengal, Darjeeling was once known as the queen of hill stations. The first glimpse of this stunning hill station would make you fall in love with this quaint town in the laps of hill.

the view of Kangcendzonga during sunrise from Tiger Hills in Darjeeling

the view of Kangcendzonga during sunrise from Tiger Hills in Darjeeling

You can just abide your time in this lovely charming little hill station enjoying the changing hues of the mountains with the changing light of the day. One of the most popular attractions of Darjeeling is however, watching the sunrise from Tiger Hill and this is one sight you should definitely not miss. The amazingly picturesque view of the Kangcendzonga when the golden sun rays fall on it is not only memorable but it is breath taking to say the least. The snow covered peak looks like a made of gold and is exquisitely beautiful. Another thing that you must try when in Darjeeling is the toy train.

the beautiful tourist garden in Batasia loop in Darjeeling

the beautiful tourist garden in Batasia loop in Darjeeling

The toy train ride from Darjeeling would take you to Ghum, the highest altitude station in all of India. The toy train would take you through Batasia Loop where there is a beautiful garden for tourists. Visit the colorful Ghum Monastery and after touring through this exotic hill station, spend some quiet time with yourself and in the company of nature in the malls of Darjeeling.

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The Upper Regions of Himachal Reaches the Grip of Cold

The upper regions of Himachal Pradesh experienced cold wave conditions with the fresh snowfall.  The icy winds brought down the mercury in the regions of Shimla and many other hill stations. The high altitude regions of the state recorded biting cold conditions with the mercury levels almost dipping to zero level, stated the MeT department.

shimla-hill station

Apart from Shimla, Kalpa in the Kinnaur also reeled a temperature of 0.6 degree, on the other hand, Keylong in Lahaul and Spiti district experienced a low of 0.3 degree Celsius, further stated the MeT department. Also, the popular tourist destination of Manali recorded the temperature of 3.6 degrees that was followed by Bhuntar, which recorded a temperature of 7 degree Celsius.

Yoga Tourism in the Peaceful Surroundings of Manali

Restoring its rich legacy of meditation in the mountainous ranges and coupling it with health activities, Manali offers a new way to have relaxing vacations. For travelers seeking retreats along with panoramic views and peaceful ambiance, this popular tourist destination is now offering “Yoga Tourism”.

Tourist doing yoga in India

Chandertal lake, Bhrigu Lake, Dashaur lake and Ranisui lake, nestled at an elevation of around 13,000 feet, have come up as the hotspots for yoga lovers. As per Mehar Chand, organizer of Yoga programs for tourists, “We have clients from Russia, UK, rance, Germany, USA and Israel, who want to find peace of mind. A bit of hiking, camping by the lakes side and meditation in the lap of nature with abundance of natural herbs is all they are looking for.”

Yoga Tourism is gaining huge popularity among tourists; it not only brings revenue to Manali’s tourism, but also popularizes the rich culture and glorious history of the Manali. Along with learning the different techniques of mediation, yoga and herbal treatments, many youths are even teaching them to the foreign tourists. According to Hemant Bhardwaj, a yoga trainer in Manali, “Tourists often ask about the sites where ascetics of Hindu mythology meditated. Most seekers come alone and stay for a minimum of one week.”

man doing yoga on a scenic beach location

On the other hand, Diwan Chand, who organizes yoga programs for foreigners at Jalori pass, “Walking barefooted on wild grass, sitting in yoga postures without using a carpet and rubbing dew drops on eyelids are starters for yoga. We give Sanskrit mantras written in English to our clients. Many tourists who learn yoga from us are reportedly teaching the same techniques in their countries, which is a matter of pride for us.”

Light Rains Drop Himachal’s Temperature

With light showers of rain, temperature in various hill stations of Himachal Pradesh has fallen down, said a Met Official on Monday. He further stated that while Manali and Shimla experienced light rain, other hill resorts including Dharamsala, Kangra, Kasauli and Palampur witnessed thundershowers on Sunday evening.

Scenic view of Shimla before rains

Places like Narkanda and Kufri witnessed moderate rains as compared to Shimla, which experienced a light spell of rain. The temperature of Manali dropped by 8.2 degrees Celsius on Monday and recorded 5.2 mm of rain. The night temperature of the town was recorded to be 11 degrees Celsius Sunday. On the other hand, the town of Kangra, lying at a distance of around 225 km from Shimla, received 21.2 mm of rain that was highest in the state. Keylong and Sundernagar witnessed 1 mm and 7.8 mm rain respectively.

travelers enjoying rain in Shimla

The state capital Shimla that received 4.6 mm rain had a temperature drop of 10.6 degrees Celsius, which was a fall from 15 degree Celsius of Monday. According to Met reports, tourist destinations such as Chitkul and Rohtang Pass also witnessed light snow making the weather more pleasant.