Himachal Police Involves Locals for Finding Two Missing Trekkers

With no trace of the two missing French trekkers, Marcel Gorges and Francois, the Himachal Police is now considering to make the locals a part of this search operation. With hopes now fading with each new day, the locals are involved in this search operation. The police is considering to involve particularly the residents from Gaddi (shepherd) community in this search rescue.

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The two French backpackers came for trekking in India along with a group of friend. On August 22, they had gone for trekking in the Trinud area, while the others returned; both of them have been missing from that day. The Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP), Kangra, Mohit Chawla stated, “We are considering involving locals in the search operation as they are more familiar with the hills and routes for trekking in India.”

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He further informed that a team of policemen and local trekkers has been searching them for past 10 days, but it could not find any clue. Chawla also organized a meeting with the French Consulate, who is at present in Dharamsala in order to supervise the rescue team and also told him about the involvement of locals in the search operation. However, the weather conditions in the state are not stable and this is hampering the search operation.

French Trekkers Go Missing Even After 11 Days

Despite of all the efforts, the rescue teams have failed in finding out traces of the two French trekkers who have been missing from Triund near Dharamshala during their trekking expedition since past 11 days. Besides sending the rescue and ground search teams, Kangra administration has even launched an air rescue operation, but due to the hostile weather conditions the search is getting hampered. Now, they have come up with a plan of rewarding money to the people who can help them in finding out hints about the trekkers.

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Owing to the challenging terrain and hostile weather condition, the survival chances become less with the each passing day. As the area is experiencing bad weather conditions from past three days, the air search as well as ground search operations could not be conducted in an effective way.

Two French nationals, Francois Xavier Camille (20) and Marcel Gorges (21) went missing from the Trinud trek area, which is the place from where both of them had left for trekking heading to the Dhauladhar ranges while their other colleagues had returned. The trekkers were a part of a field service inter-cultural learning team comprising of 32 members and had been on a visit to the school located at Naddi village close to McLeodganj. The trek commenced on August 19 and was supposed to return on August 21, but two of them went missing since the same day.

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As no tracing effort has been successful, reward money would be announced to anyone giving information about the missing French trekkers. Also, the French Embassy officials will meet the Kangra police officials at Dharamshala on Monday. As per Kangra ASP Mohit Chawala, three different routes have been identified in for finding them out and two teams; one team comprising of 12 members including police officials and another team of 10 trekkers hired by the French Embassy, are patrolling for the French trekkers. He further said that the bad weather conditions on Saturday kept the two Army choppers grounded whereas the air search was conducted on Sunday till noon as the weather conditions became unfavorable after that.