Paragliding: an adventurous sport

Paragliding is an adventurous sport. It is a recreational activity of flying paraglide.  A Paraglide has no primary firm structure, it is a light weight, free-flying Aircraft which is foot- launched. The pilot sits in a seat near its wing which is connected to multiple baffled cells. The wing has lines on it to maintain its shape; the pressure of air helps it to fly in required direction. Though engines are not used in Para gliders, you can cover few hundreds of kilometer in 1-2 hours. It depends on the pressure of air. The skills of the pilot are important factor in covering n\umber of kilometers. The Para gliders are different than other air sports because it a portable equipment which can be folded into a Ruskbag, you can easily carry the bag in bus or trains with yourself.  It simplifies the travelling as you can carry it to your suitable spot and after landing can again travel by any modes of transport.

Paragliding is related to other activities like Hand Gliding, Powered Gliding and speed flying. Hand gliding is similar to Paragliding just they are found in more proximity. Powered gliding is a form of paragliding where there is a small engine attached to it and you can fly with greater speed. Speed gliding have different kinds of wings which give you speed.

The most interesting part is that there are people who do not take it just as a sport, for them there are competitions held all over the world. You are given a spot where the participant is supposed to reach, whoever reaches first is the winner. There are international competitions held which are quite interesting. If you love thrill you can also learn professional paragliding in schools teaching Air sports. There are different camps as well on which you can participate and learn to fly paraglide. If you are just a tourist you can enjoy the ride once and experience the thrilling experience. There are special groups which take tourist on such rides. They provide you with all the equipments and pilot as well, you can just sit back and enjoy the view from the sky.



 These activities are carried out generally in all the important parts of the country and mainly tourist spots. Hill stations like Mahableshwar, Manali, and Shimla ha such activities and cities like Mumbai also gives you an opportunity to experience the thrill of air sports.

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