The Manali to Keylong Trek over the Rohtang Pass

The trek to Keylong from Manali over the Rohtang Pass is one of the most famous trekking places around Manali.

This trek which is done at an altitude of 13050 feet over the famous Rohtang Pass takes the trekkers to a completely different Socio- economic dimension and cultural realm. The Manali to Keylong trek is a 5 days journey which is mostly done during the July to September months ever year. The trek covers an optimal altitude of 3160 meters from the sea level during the course of the journey through the famous Rohtang Pass.

Trekking through the Rohtang pass

Trekking through the Rohtang pass

On the first day of the journey trekkers are made to travel between Manali and Rahla at an altitude of 2600 meter which is a14 km trekking route through the alpine meadows and oak trees with a glimpse of the Rahla waterfall which one can see at the end of this primary trek. This route can also be covered by bus.

On the second day of this trek trekkers are made to undergo a 21 km trek on foot from Rahla to Khoksar, which is located at an altitude of 3140 meters. As Khoksar is the first village which falls within the Lahaul Valley, trekkers who come from the foreign lands are advised to report of their arrival at the Police outpost which lies near the PWD guest house at Khoksar. One can contact the local PWD or the SDO of Khoksar in their office for staying in this well furnished guest house at Khoksar.

On the third day of this journey from Manali to Keylong, travelers are made to cover the stretch in-between Khoksar and Sissu, which is a 14 km trek on foot at an altitude of 3120 meters above the sea level. This trek which is done all along the right bank of the river valley, appears strikingly green near Sissu. For staying at the PWD guest house at Sissu one can easily obtain a permit pass which is available at Khosar.

The green pastures at Sissu

The green pastures at Sissu

The fourth day of this wonderful and memorable trek from Manali, trekkers are required to cover the 12 km distance on foot from the Sissu village to the Gondhla village. During the stay at Gondhla one must never forget to see the rock carvings near the Government school at Gondola, which is often admired by all tourists who visits this land.

The Gondhla to Keylong trek on its final day is an 18 km trek on foot. One can also take a shortcut from Beeling to Keylong, which is the administrative headquarter of Lahaul and Spiti and is one of the most trekked travel places in India.

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