Let Your Hair Down in Lovely Ladakh this Vacation!!

Ladakh is lovely, lively and lustrous indeed! This amazing Indian destination has it all to bring out the hidden wanderer within you. Absolutely the Pride of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is the melting pot of vibrant colors, rich traditions and glorious heritage. An overwhelming warm experience in this cold atmosphere is a sheer delight for all the travelers. If you are thinking that it’s is not the time to visit Ladakh, you are definitely not right as the place welcomes all of you at its annual festival, which depicts the perfect blend of rich past and colorful present.

Folk artists in Ladakh

Blessed with stunning landscapes and picture-perfect locations, Ladakh boasts of its heart-pounding natural beauty. But what adds more to the beauty of the place is when the Ladakhis adorn themselves in vibrant colors and dance to the melodious tunes of their heart. It’s their innocence that would simply take your heart away. The inviting colors and bright decorations of the monasteries and houses are bliss to watch during a Ladakh tour. Folk dances and traditional events are performed in front of the wide-eyed gathering of tourists. Keep your cameras ready to record the magical moments as various colors of Ladakh unfold in front of you.

Monks performing at a cultural event in Ladakh

Along with joy-spreading dances and events, conventional sports such as village archery and Polo matches are also held to lure and indulge tourists. The art and craft artworks and ritual instruments of the locals are also presented in the exhibition. Moreover, thanks to the Ladakh tourism industry that has put in lot of efforts for promoting the beauty, cultures and traditions of the place. Remember your childhood when even a small festival looked so colorful? Ladakh tour will give you the same experience or perhaps better than that. So, what are you waiting for! Make way to this exotic and bright Indian destination as it awaits you!

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