The top five trek destinations in India

India is a country with a great many number of options for tourist places. There are deserts, forests, hill stations as well as beaches that you can choose from. Each different place has its own special beauty that is mesmerizing and captivating. Apart form this awe striking beauty, these places also offer options of excellent adventure sport activities. Depending on what attracts you and what kind of a vacation you would like to spend, choose a tourist destination. For instance if you would like to enjoy trekking tours India given below are a list of 5 tourist places in India that have great trekking trails.

1)      The very first tourist destination that is great for trekking tours is Ladakh. Located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh as a tourist destination is gaining popularity rapidly. The raw beauty combined with the challenging trekking trails leading from this desert valley, makes Ladakh the chosen trek destination for tourist from all over the globe as well as from India.

although difficult, thousands take up trekking to Amarnath every year

although difficult, thousands take up trekking to Amarnath every year

2)      The second most popular trek location in India is the trekking trail to Amarnath. This is a very challenging trek which is taken up every year by many people for religious purposes. It is believed that Amarnath is a holy shrine of Lord Shiva. The trail is extremely dangerous but nevertheless there is no dearth of tourists taking on the challenge every year.

3)      The third most visited trekking trail in India is the trek to Kangcendzonga from Sikkim. This too is a very challenging trekking route that is taken up by professionals only. Sikkim allows only group treks due to the delicate condition of the environment and hence you would do well to travel with a tour operator.

trekking in Manali is a great experience

trekking in Manali is a great experience

4)      The fourth trekking tour that you can take in India is in Manali. This beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh state of India is a great place for trekking if you are not a professional yet would like to try trekking. The cold weather along with the crisp fresh air would make for a great experience.

5)      The fifth great trekking destination is in a different part of India than the other four. All the above four are trekking routes in and around the Himalayan mountain range. The fifth one is in Pune, Maharashtra. There are quite a few trekking routes like Lohgarh in and around the Western Ghats as well.


Have a rejuvenating trekking trip to Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the most serene and beautiful states of India. Located in the north eastern part, the view of the Himalayan range from Sikkim is absolutely breath taking, which explains the reason for this state being a paradise for trekking in India. The weather and natural beauty of Sikkim is such that you would be mesmerized and enjoy trekking without feeling any kinds of tiredness. And the best thing about this beautiful north eastern state of India, located at the foot of the eastern Himalayas is that you can visit anytime of the year. It is equally beautiful during the spring as it is in the winters.

the view of sunset on Kangcendzonga in Sikkim

the view of sunset on Kangcendzonga in Sikkim

There are many trails for trekking in Sikkim but the most popular and the most challenging one is the trek to Kangcendzonga, the third highest peak in the Himalayan mountain range. People from all over the world and India too prefer Sikkim trekking for the challenges provided by the trails, especially Kancendzonga, in the crisp, pleasant weather and the stunning beauty of the surrounding regions. You would just need to get a view of the Kancendzonga once to fall in love with its exotic beauty. But trekking to Kancendzonga requires professional training since this is one extremely difficult trek. If you are new to trekking, take the less challenging but equally beautiful trekking trails of Sikkim.

Trekking in Sikkim is carried out in a well organized way since the ecosystem of most of the mountain terrains of this state is quite fragile. You would not only need a special permit for trekking in this beautiful state but it is not permitted to trek alone here. Namchi is Sikkim’s district head quarters and offers not only a beautiful view of the majestic exquisite Kancendzonga but is also the best base for starting your trek. There are ample numbers of hotels, private resorts and government tourist lodges in Namchi as well as other places in Sikkim and hence you would not have any trouble finding a proper accommodation.

the challenging trek to Kangcendzonga in Sikkim

the challenging trek to Kangcendzonga in Sikkim

There are many tour packages in India that offers special trekking tours to various destinations of India, including Sikkim. All the permits, accommodation and transport too would be arranged by the tour company, if you find a reputed and good tour operating company. You would not have to worry about a thing but just enjoy your trekking tour to this paradise of trekkers called Sikkim.

Enjoy trekking through the Milam Glacier in Uttarakhand

One of the major glaciers in the Kumaon Himalayas is the Milam Glacier which is located around 15kms north east of Nanda Devi peak. The Milam Glacier falls in the Munsiyari tehsil which lies in the Pithoragarh district in the state of Uttarakhand.

Milam Trek Uttarakhand

Milam Trek Uttarakhand

At an elevation of 18,000 feet above the sea the Milam Glacier covers around 14 sq miles or 37 sq kilometers of hill space which is approximately 16 kilometers long.

This glacier which was closed to visitors since 1962, due the Indo-China bilateral political problems has just been opened for trekkers since 1994.

The journey to the Milam Glacier, which is a predominant popular destination for all domestic and international tourists who seeks adventure trekking in India commences from a place called Munsiyari in the state of Uttarakhand.

The Milam glacier with all its natural beauties is situated on the southern facing slope of the main Himalayan mountain range.

The Milam glacier is the source of the Goriganga River. For the knowledge of the avid Himalayan trekkers it can be noted over here, that the village Milam which is considered as the base camp of this arduous trek, lies at the snout of this glacier, while Munsiyari which is another location from where this trek begins lies further down inside the Goriganga river valley.



The people those who belongs to Johar, or as by the name by which Miram Valley is locally known, were people who used to trade in between India and Tibet through the high passes of Kungribhingri La and Unta Dhura inside the Himalayan range.

However when this trading activity stopped due to Indio-China war in 1962, the once popular villages in the Milam valley are now mostly found deserted. But since the trail still exists in these high mountain passes Milam Valley trek is often found as a part of adventure tourism holiday packages in India which is indeed an exquisite location for trekking through the Himalayas.

While visiting the Milam Glacier one needs to initially trek for five consecutive days where by one can reach Pachu which is considered as the base camp area for Nanda Devi East.

The best way to reach the Milam Glacier is to reach this place from New Delhi which is the Capaital of India and then travel to Munsiyari through Almora which is a famous hill stations to visit near Delhi in the northern part of the country located within the state of Uttarakhand.

The picturesque Sandakfu Trek at Sikkim-Bengal border

Sandakfu or as it is hailed by the local dialect Sandak-phu (12,400 ft/ 2336m) is situated in the very edge of the Sangrila National Park, which lies along the Bengal-Sikkim boarder in the Darjeeling district in West Bengal. Sandakfu is the highest summit in the Singalila Ridge and to be more elaborate it is also the highest peak that lies within the state of West Bengal.


Just for the convenience of the trekkers, Sandakfu with its breathtaking view of Mount Kanchenjunga, which is popularly jested as ‘The Sleeping Shiva’ or ‘The Sleeping Buddha’ for its tranquility, has a small village with few makeshift hamlets along with a couple of just-comfortable trekkers huts and a few multi-bedded hostels.

One can easily see the five highest peaks in the world Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Lhotse and also the Mount Everest on a sunny day, from the hilly terrains of Sandakfu.

Of late Sandakfu can be reached by two well accepted ways either by trekking or even by car.  The Sandakfu is one of the best places for trekking in Sikkim, which never the less can also be approached from West Bengal. This picturesque trek starts from Maneybhanjang through Chitirey, which then moves towards Meghma, Tonglu and then Tumling, Garibas and KalPokhri, Bekhey till it reaches Sandakfu.


Though once can always bargain on hiring at 1960’s Land Rover, to climb up to the Sandakfu summit, but to recon with our experiences, this journey is not so very smooth or comfortable.

The Sandakfu trek is one of the most popular trekking in Sikkim as this trek along the Singalila Ridge to Phalut and Sandakfu is well admonished also by several foreigners who consider this trek as one of the most cherished destinations for spending their holidays India

The grand vista of the mighty Kanchenjunga and the Everest range, which can be perceived on the way to Sandakfu, is also multiplied in its visual perspective due to the abundance of wild flower blooms (especially Rhododendrons) and birding which make this trek a never-ending long walk through paradise.

Sandakfu Pic

View From Sandakfu

The Sandakfu trek originates from a place called Manebhanjan which is approximately 1 hour by car or 24 km away from the famous hill station in the northern part of West Bengal- Darjeeling.

The temperature in Sandakfu swings between -20°C in winter to +15°C during the summer months. For snow lovers one can visit Sandakfu in-between late December to early February for enjoying the snowfalls.

For all international trekkers who are planning to trek while enjoying their holidays India, Sandakfu trek still remains one of the best trek that one can walk along before trekking to other distant and more appealing locations which falls in the Northern and Western parts of the Sikkim’s territories.

Ladakh; Trek en-route

Trekking in Ladakh is a dream for most of the trekkers and trekking is among the most dangerous Adventure sports in India.  Ladakh is one place which is regarded as a paradise by those who look for spaces to achieve the thrill & enthusiasm of adventure & exploration. Apart from experiencing trekking in Ladakh one can also get involved in other adventure activities or actions such as mountain water rafting, mountaineering & biking, safaris, etc. Also elegantly named as the ‘Land of Passes’, the area forms the outstanding region of the state of Jammu & Kashmir.


Ladakh is located an altitude arraying between 2750 – 7672 meters, above the normal sea level. The position and place is sacred with an astonishing topography that consists of hilly landscape, lush green grasslands, rocky cliffs, & high altitude peaks. Ladakh renders a figure of trekking tours for travellers and excited trekkers & is one of chief the reasons that adventure extremes from across the sphere head to Ladakh.

There are an overabundance of trek trails & selections obtainable here for trekkers. Many sites conduct treks in the area of Ladakh all year round.

Trekking in this place is all about experiencing the true appearance of nature in the most appealing manner and way. The treks render a little for everyone. These treks are also suggested for family trekking holiday or even for commercial and corporate outings. Many sites possess the excellence & expertise in planning & organising an enticing event on these easy trek routes in Leh & Ladakh for a variety of corporates.

The start point of this trek is situated near the Lamayuru monastery & is regarded as one of the most fascinating treks placed in the Ladakh area. The trek is made with a digit of mountain ranges such as Karakoram, Zanskar, & the ranges which form element of the Great Himalayas.

Famous Frozen River Trek in Zanskar valley, LadakhTrek at Ladakh

The panoramic sight rendered by this trek is the chief cause for an amazing footfall. The Ripchar Valley Trek is spotted with the presence of a huge number of smaller pastures, villages, etc. During the period of July and August, the area becomes a valley of flowers & gives an ocular treat for the bird watchers.

The irrigated crop rising fields of the Zanskar & Karakoram Range offers an overwhelming sight as well as astonishing joy to the trekkers. This trek commences in the area of Chilling which is world well-known for the production of copper. What one experiences throughout trekking at this area is truly extraordinary & worth witnessing!!

Harishchandragad trek; a super experience

A hill fort in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, Harishchandragad, is one of the most demanding in the Western ghats. It is located in the Malshej area of the ghats at a distance of roughly 90 kms from Kalyan, this hill fort can be approached from several neighbouring ways. One such road by means of Nalichi Vaat (passage via a gorge) is a path that lies to the severe right of the mountain & the most complicated route to the top. Famous among climbers & knowledgeable trekkers, Nalichi Vaat engages a near 80 degree climb linking steep rock patches testing one’s residing power & will to the boundary. The track starts on a stream bed packed with large man-sized rocks & eventually leads to the foot of the gorge.


The climb from here is steep uphill & the departing doesn’t only get tough it keeps on getting tougher. Instead of carved-out niches & chiselled slits in the rock, definite sections are very challenging & it is prudent to carry a climbing gear. Although one can make a stop in the progress of at the base village & choose to initial early at the dawn, the uphill climb is very tiring & takes away the most excellent part of the day’s light creating it fundamentally a two-day trek. The overnight camp can be created in the shape of pitched-tents on the grassy shelter or plains in the ancient caves situated all over the fort.

Scenic view of Sikkim mountains

Trek in India


The main appeal of this hill fort endures the Konkan Kada (Konkan cliff), an approximately 4500 ft concave drop. It is a vertical extension, like a cobra’s hood, giving a panoramic sight of the neighbouring & a charming sunset. An additional away on the mountain is the Taramti peak, the 3rd highest peak in Maharashtra, offering an overwhelming sight of the adjoining mountain ranges & an ideal location to bask in the golden canopy of the rising sun. The cave of Kedareshwar & the temple of Harishchandreshwar are some of the other different places of tourist attention & interest.



Not for the faint & weak or the feeble hearted, the path initiates out on a grassy plain & winds through a dried stream bed eventually taking to a narrow channel named Nali(gorge). The climb through the Nali is sheer & terrifically tiring with loose rock face & getting hold of altitude continually totalling to one’s concern.

Trekking in Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the most excellent kept secrets in the Himalayas. The trekking tours in Sikkim can be a wonderful knowledge and cure of city stress & daily life. Knowledge of trekking in Sikkim can be unforgettable and exquisite for a lifetime.
Sikkim with a person is barely 7096 sq. km, located in the eastern Himalaya, takes pride of rich biodiversity and lofty mountain ranges. Mt. Khangchendzonga, 8586 meters the 3rd highest peak in the globe, and the custodian divinity of Sikkimese locals, gets along in western fortifications.
Deviation in altitude ranging from 200 to 8586 meters (altitude of Khangchendzonga), offers an chance to the guests to experience passing over from sub-tropical to moderate zones, followed by alpine and lofty areas in a short span of time.
Sikkim Trekking has its own fascination. Trails run through prosperous biodiversity and rich cultural existence of Sikkimese people.
Sikkim Trekking has numerous routes for trekking, which are at their best during autumn & spring. Springs gives clear Mountain sight with varieties of blooming plants in blossom. On the other side, autumn gives dry & clear mountain views.


Trekking in Sikkim

A mountain where trekkers trek in Sikkim

Most of the mountain places in Sikkim have a weak ecosystem. This demands any trekkers to acquire special authorization to trek. Sikkim trekking is carried in a structured manner; Folks cannot trek on their own they need guidance.
Sikkim is the second smallest state of India regardless of its tiny size, with an area of 7,110 Sqkm. Sikkim is organically diverse, owing to its situation on the Himalaya. The kind of weather ranges from subtropical to high alpine, the world’s third uppermost peak Kanchenjunga, is placed in the north-western section of the state on the border with Nepal, and can be viewed from most parts of the state. Sikkim is a famous tourist destination for its civilization, picturesque beauty and biodiversity other then trekking tours. There are various tour packages in India which give you an amazing trekking experience.

It is usually accepted that the Lepchas are the autochthonous ethnic group of Sikkim. After them came from Tibet the Bhutias, followed by the Nepalese and at last the Indian commerce community from the plains. However, before one goes into the cultural work of art of Sikkim, it desires to be said that the Sikkimese, despite of the ethnic group, community or class they fit in to, are fundamentally simple folk.

Trekking in the Heart of India

The heart of the country, Madhya Pradesh is known for its culture and breathtakingly beautiful historical places of visit. Located in the central part of the country and the Satpura, Vindhya ranges running through west of the state, it makes up a perfect adventure spot for the adrenaline filled adventurers.  Although the tourism industry of this state is not well-developed, there are many facilities available to go and enjoy the trip hassle free. There are many trekking locations in this state.

Firstly, if you are looking for a short trek trip, there’s always Sanchi Bike Trek and Raisen Bike Trek, for which you would be roaming all around Bhopal and Sanchi, Raisen Fort.

There’s also another option of going to Bandhavgarh National Park. This forest is a small one, but the wildlife, flora and fauna here gives you the best wildlife experience ever. And trekking through the jungle is a fun-filled activity especially when you are in a group. Kanha  National Park Treks are also noteworthy in this context provided you can spare a good 5-7 days for the activity. You would be coming back with a lot of first-hand adventure filled experiences.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park

When there’s ample of time, you can always try the most adventurous Pachmarhi & Satpura Wildlife Trek. Pachmarhi is the one and only hill station of the state which is also called as “Satpura ki Rani”is at an altitude of 1000 m, and the highest point in the central region of India and the paradise for trekkers of Pachmarhi is Dhupgarh, which is at an altitude of 1100 m.

Panchmarhi Valley

Panchmarhi Valley

Pachmarhi is not a big happening area, but tourists can find decent accommodations in the civil area throughout the year. Due to forests of Satpuras and the rivers, this place is an abode for various kinds of rare flora and fauna.  The trekkers can start from the famed Pandava caves, which are named after the five Pandava kings, and these caves consist of ancient paintings dating back to 10,000 years. From Pandava Caves to Dhupgarh, stopping near the Big Falls waterfalls to get the panoramic view of the hills, one would never forget the trek once they reach the highest point.

Amarkantak is another place where you can test your mountaineering skills and give fodder to those adventure-filled bones. Its picturesque and scenic beauty has made many travelers fall in love. This is a pilgrim town and is soon being developed as a hill-station owing to the mountains and scenic beauty.

Amarkantak Forests

Amarkantak Forests


Sikkim: A True Paradise for Trekking Enthusiasts!

In the northern region of India lies an undisclosed land nestled in the lap of Himalayas-Sikkim! Bestowed with sublime natural beauty and rejuvenating climate, Sikkim is among the most-sought after destinations among travelers from all corners of the world. Besides being a hot-spot for nature lovers, the state is one of the favorite spots for trekkers, India. As you pass through the gorges and valleys, the magnetic beauty of the marvelous mountains unfolds before your eyes. The sense of crisp and fresh air lingering in the surroundings of Sikkim while trekking is just fabulous.

alluring view of Sikkim Himalayas

The place is endowed with many trekking routes and trek to Kangcendzonga is known to be the most challenging of all, but provides an excellent opportunity to explore the amazing vistas of nature in its best form. Namchi, also the district headquarters of the state offers brilliant views of majestic Kangchendzonga Mountain and is the perfect base for short treks. Another easy yet short trek in Sikkim is the Barsai Rhododendron Sanctuary, which is also home to hemlock, silver fir, rhododendron and magnolia. The trekking trail from Dzongri to Goecha La will offer you with the most spectacular vistas of nature along with the reflection of Kanchendzonga in the stunning glacial lakes.

trekker taking rest at Sikkim's trails

Each trekking route in Sikkim will unveil different natural wonders bestowed upon this magical land. Trekking enthusiasts can plan their trip in the months of March to May and September to December. Trekking amidst the splendid mountains, gorgeous orchids and colorful birds and butterflies will surely make you go head over heels for this beautiful jewel of north east India. These trekking routes pass through the captivating gompas, interesting alpine forests and colorful hamlets, giving numerous opportunities to explore the sights and sounds of the region. So, next time when you ponder over spots for trekking, India, do give a though to the spectacular Sikkim!

Kullu Police Demands Satellite Phones, GPS for the Safety of Trekkers

In the wake of safety of trekkers, the Kullu police department has asked the state government to provide them with satellite phones and global positioning system (GPS). This would help the police during search operations for the missing trekkers in the hills of Kullu.

RS Jamwal, the additional superintendent of police stated, “We have sent a proposal of seven satellite phones and 24 global positioning systems (GPS) to the state government for the safety of trekkers in the district.” He further added by saying that, “Due to tough geographical conditions in the interiors, landline as well as mobile phones often does not work due to poor network. In the situation, satellite phone would prove an advantage to locate the location of trekkers.”

Trekkers using satellite phones

Jamwal further commented, “Lack of communication network and no other way to find the exact position of the missing trekkers has proved a biggest hindrance in carrying out effective search and rescue operations. Keeping this in mind, we have submitted a proposal to the state government to procure satellite phones and satellite-linked GPS.”

He was of the view that with the help of satellite phones and GPS, they can find the clues of missing trekkers who come to explore travel and tourism in India. As per Jamwal, the use of satellite phones was not allowed in Himachal Pradesh, but keeping in view the safety issues of trekkers it has been decided to fix a certain range of frequency of the satellite phones. He stated, “It will be used during emergency by the trekkers and no international call would be allowed. These phones would be allotted to the group on rent and only after depositing security.”

Trekkers making way to the final destinations

However, the use of satellite phones of commercial as well as personal use restricted in the country. Legally, only the defense forces and security agencies can use it in India. According to the data collected by Hindustan Times, since 1991, 20 international visitors have been missing during trekking expeditions at Naggar, Manikaran and Parvati areas. The serene Kullu valley contributes a lot to the tourism in India.