The best hill station to visit near Delhi – Manali

India is too vast a country to be explored in a single lifetime. But you can explore most of India, if you go about it in a systematic way. India can be divided in two parts, south India and north India. While south India being peninsular can be toured easily, touring north India would require a lot of time. The best place to make your center point for touring most of north India would be Delhi. There are many places that can be easily toured from Delhi on weekends. The most famous hill stations in India, like Shimla, Manali, Mussoorie, Nainital and many more can be reached easily from Delhi.

the best hill station near Delhi is Manali

The best hill station near Delhi is Manali

Among all the hill stations that you can visit from Delhi, the best hill station near Delhi would be Manali. Not only the beauty of this hill station is mesmerizing but there are also a number of adventure sports that you can enjoy in Manali. It is not without any reason that this hill station is not only a popular tourist destination but also a very famous honeymoon destination amongst not only Indians but people from all around the globe. The beauty of Manali has a romantic appeal to it which makes it a good choice as a honeymoon location. But there is much in store for single tourists and families as well.

There are fun activities like zorbing that families can enjoy and for adventure enthusiasts there are activities like skiing, paragliding and trekking. You should definitely visit the Rohtang pass, which is the highest point in Manali. Rohtang pass is covered in snow all through the year and the panoramic view from Rohtang pass is completely breath taking. Solang valley is another must visit place when in Manali. This valley is completely stunning and you would have to see to believe its beauty. Manali can be easily reached directly from Delhi by hired car or you can travel to Shimla by bus from Delhi and journey onwards to Manali as well.

the way to Rohtang pass from Manali

The way to Rohtang pass from Manali

For staying in Manali, there are many budget private hotels, government tourist lodges and guest houses as well as star luxury resorts. The best time to visit Manali would be during the spring or the summer time since winters are very bitterly cold and the roads are often closed due to heavy snowfall. Just make sure you book your accommodation in advance if you are visiting Manali during on season.