Trekking tips

We all love to go trekking and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. Trekking is popular sport among adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Simple Trekking can be done by anyone, if you know the do’s and don’ts of trekking. Today I am going to give you some trekking simple trekking tips that you got to follow while going for treks. Hence some useful trekking tips are:

• Make sure that you carry a first aid box with you while going on treks.
• Carry a stick if your climb is going to get steep.

Trekking in the woods

Trekking in the woods

• Wear good, durable trekking shoes so that you are comfortable while trekking.
• Always go on treks with those people who are experienced trekkers.
• Do not lag behind, but don’t rush too. Trek at your own pace but make sure that you stay with the group.
• Do not go trekking with those who drink and smoke. It is quite natural that they will bring alcohol and cigars to the trek.
• Wear comfortable clothes. Wear lose baggy pants with lots of pockets, it will cover all your essentials and lose pants will help in free movement of legs.
• Make sure that you pack some protein bars and biscuits while going for treks.
• Be alert all the time and look around for harmful insects and plants with thorns.
• Make sure that you drink a lot of water and eat well while trekking.
• Make sure that you study about the place before going for the trek.
• Always carry a route map with you and a torch.
• Carry lightweight backpacks, the heavier your backpack is the sooner you will get tired.
• Take frequent breaks while trekking.

Take breaks while trekking

Take breaks while trekking

• Wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
• Wear an anti-perspirant instead of a deodorant.
• Take a multipurpose knife with you while trekking, it will be useful to cut things as well as defend yourself.
• Make sure that you are fit for the trek before going for it. Work out daily and make sure that you can walk long distances.
• Do not wear flat-soled shoes; they are not ideal for trekking. Go for the one with good ankle support.
• Check the weather before going to the trek. Make sure that you go for treks on normal days.
• Avoid using mobile phones and cameras while trekking, as they are a major distraction.

Hence, these are some of the tips that one should follow while going for treks. Have a safe and happy trek.

Enjoy trekking through the Milam Glacier in Uttarakhand

One of the major glaciers in the Kumaon Himalayas is the Milam Glacier which is located around 15kms north east of Nanda Devi peak. The Milam Glacier falls in the Munsiyari tehsil which lies in the Pithoragarh district in the state of Uttarakhand.

Milam Trek Uttarakhand

Milam Trek Uttarakhand

At an elevation of 18,000 feet above the sea the Milam Glacier covers around 14 sq miles or 37 sq kilometers of hill space which is approximately 16 kilometers long.

This glacier which was closed to visitors since 1962, due the Indo-China bilateral political problems has just been opened for trekkers since 1994.

The journey to the Milam Glacier, which is a predominant popular destination for all domestic and international tourists who seeks adventure trekking in India commences from a place called Munsiyari in the state of Uttarakhand.

The Milam glacier with all its natural beauties is situated on the southern facing slope of the main Himalayan mountain range.

The Milam glacier is the source of the Goriganga River. For the knowledge of the avid Himalayan trekkers it can be noted over here, that the village Milam which is considered as the base camp of this arduous trek, lies at the snout of this glacier, while Munsiyari which is another location from where this trek begins lies further down inside the Goriganga river valley.



The people those who belongs to Johar, or as by the name by which Miram Valley is locally known, were people who used to trade in between India and Tibet through the high passes of Kungribhingri La and Unta Dhura inside the Himalayan range.

However when this trading activity stopped due to Indio-China war in 1962, the once popular villages in the Milam valley are now mostly found deserted. But since the trail still exists in these high mountain passes Milam Valley trek is often found as a part of adventure tourism holiday packages in India which is indeed an exquisite location for trekking through the Himalayas.

While visiting the Milam Glacier one needs to initially trek for five consecutive days where by one can reach Pachu which is considered as the base camp area for Nanda Devi East.

The best way to reach the Milam Glacier is to reach this place from New Delhi which is the Capaital of India and then travel to Munsiyari through Almora which is a famous hill stations to visit near Delhi in the northern part of the country located within the state of Uttarakhand.

Enjoy Rafting through the wilderness of the Brahmaputra River while traveling through India

The white or clear water river rafting is called White water rafting because the water of the rivers where rafting is popular as an adventure sports, flows so fast that the water looks milky white when it is perceived from a distance. River rafts are often made of inflatable synthetic materials which do not have any engine but are propelled forward by the intense flow of the turbulent river currents which sweeps the raft off the shore. Rafting in the river is enjoyed by the rafters as this adventure sport is prepped with breathtaking dips and turns which the raft encounters once it moves through the rapids in the river while the rafters try to keep the boat steady by fighting the rapids with the help of the paddles and oars as the raft bounces and rocks on the gushing stream.


High Altitude River rafting on the Himalayan River streams can be quite challenging which often attracts several travelers and rafting enthusiasts from all parts of the globe. The Himalayan river rapids which are Graded from I to VI in accordance to their risk and difficulties are sometimes truly un-navigable even for the expert paddlers. As the Himalayan rivers crashes against the narrow gorges and rocky outcrops before it falls at deep gradients not only brings extreme excitement to the rafters but it also provides a wonderful opportunity to prove upon their paddling skills.

One of the best and the longest stretch of river rafting spot that is found in the holiday destinations and adventure tourism page in India is the Brahmaputra River rafting, which is both dangerous and mystifying. As the Brahmaputra River enters, the state of Himachal Pradesh in India after cutting its way down from Tibet, it is the place where the Brahmaputra River rafting is initiated by the rafters. The Brahmaputra River rafting is a week long adventure, where the rafters are made to raft their apparently puny rafts through remote hill sides amidst thick rainforests and enjoy the hospitality of the myriad tribal settlers those who live by the Brahmaputra river banks.


The Brahmaputra River rafting originates from a place called Tuting in the sate of Arunachal Pradesh and ends after 200 kilometers run-away at Pasighat.

The Brahmaputra River rafting is graded as Grade IV and the best rafting time for paddling on the Brahmaputra River is in-between early November till end of March.

The other most famous locations where white water river rafting is done in India are Rishikesh, Zanskar, River Indus on Ladakh, Bhagirathi River, Teesta River in Darjeeling and Sikkim, Tons River in Garhwal, Kolad in  Maharashtra and  River Barapole in Coorg .

Bungee Jumping in India

Bungee Jumping has been evolving as one of the most craved adventure sports in India for the past few years and the idea of jumping from great heights with a rope as assurance that you’re not gonna die gives great thrill. Just for few seconds, one can experience the might of gravity and completely give in only to take home one of the greatest gifts of their life-the guts to go for the jump.  While the jump can be done by anybody, only those with guts can return with glory for the cord stretches and rebounds until all the force is exhausted. Those few freaky moments which make your hair on the back of neck stand and give you goosebumps are the defining moments of your life. It can be counted a near death experience when all your hope lies on the tautness of the rope holding you back.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Although it seems freakingly cool, there are many safety measures that should be taken before performing this act. A professional guide at this jump would definitely ask you to get a medical clearance from your doctor and people who fear heights or having high BP should not undertake this sport. Needless to mention pregnant women and old people.

That said, the seriousness and awesomeness of this adventure is projected duly.

Now comes the question of those adventure spots where you can take up this act. The most famous bungee jumping spot in India is in Rishikesh(Shivpuri) in Uttarakhand where its an 83 metres high bungy, and after the jump, the jumper is lowered to a drop zone in the river of depth just 2 ft.

Another location is in Bangalore at Palace Grounds set up in 2009 by skilled professionals from Australia, NewZealand with a huge crane at a height of 150 metres, and another location is at Kanteerva Stadium, Bangalore which is 80 feet high set up by an adventure sports club called Ozone.

There are also bungee jumping  in Goa which has first been setup in 1999 in Anjuna village which is just 10km away from the Calagunte beach,North Goa. This bungee is 80 feet tall and there’ s an inflated airbag in the drop zone.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping in Anjuna Village,Goa

Another such adventure spot can be found in Delhi; i.e. 40km away from Delhi at Damdama Lake which is at a height of 43 meters. Trained officials from Germany and military cords are used in there to ensure safety of the jumper.

All in all, bungee jumping is an exhilarating experience, but not for weak hearts.

Trekking in the Heart of India

The heart of the country, Madhya Pradesh is known for its culture and breathtakingly beautiful historical places of visit. Located in the central part of the country and the Satpura, Vindhya ranges running through west of the state, it makes up a perfect adventure spot for the adrenaline filled adventurers.  Although the tourism industry of this state is not well-developed, there are many facilities available to go and enjoy the trip hassle free. There are many trekking locations in this state.

Firstly, if you are looking for a short trek trip, there’s always Sanchi Bike Trek and Raisen Bike Trek, for which you would be roaming all around Bhopal and Sanchi, Raisen Fort.

There’s also another option of going to Bandhavgarh National Park. This forest is a small one, but the wildlife, flora and fauna here gives you the best wildlife experience ever. And trekking through the jungle is a fun-filled activity especially when you are in a group. Kanha  National Park Treks are also noteworthy in this context provided you can spare a good 5-7 days for the activity. You would be coming back with a lot of first-hand adventure filled experiences.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park

When there’s ample of time, you can always try the most adventurous Pachmarhi & Satpura Wildlife Trek. Pachmarhi is the one and only hill station of the state which is also called as “Satpura ki Rani”is at an altitude of 1000 m, and the highest point in the central region of India and the paradise for trekkers of Pachmarhi is Dhupgarh, which is at an altitude of 1100 m.

Panchmarhi Valley

Panchmarhi Valley

Pachmarhi is not a big happening area, but tourists can find decent accommodations in the civil area throughout the year. Due to forests of Satpuras and the rivers, this place is an abode for various kinds of rare flora and fauna.  The trekkers can start from the famed Pandava caves, which are named after the five Pandava kings, and these caves consist of ancient paintings dating back to 10,000 years. From Pandava Caves to Dhupgarh, stopping near the Big Falls waterfalls to get the panoramic view of the hills, one would never forget the trek once they reach the highest point.

Amarkantak is another place where you can test your mountaineering skills and give fodder to those adventure-filled bones. Its picturesque and scenic beauty has made many travelers fall in love. This is a pilgrim town and is soon being developed as a hill-station owing to the mountains and scenic beauty.

Amarkantak Forests

Amarkantak Forests


Awe-Inspiring Ooty Awaits You!!

Ooty is a rue charmer in itself! The natural delights of the place grab the attention of travelers from each nook and corner of India. This incredible South Indian hill station offers travelers with myriad of sightseeing attractions, which just add more charm to its popularity. The unadulterated beauty of the hill resort makes it the leading choice of nature lovers. Whether you are here with family, friends or your beloved, Ooty tourism has something for everyone!

Clouds coming down at Ooty

Endowed with bounty of sublime natural beauty and tourist attractions, Ooty is one of the best places to visit in a lifetime. Among the must-visit attractions, Ooty Botanical Gardens is a famous spot for panoramic vistas of sightseeing. It was established in the year 1847 and is well maintained by the horticulture department of Tamil Nadu. Home to around 650 species of plants and trees, it is a true delight for nature admirers. Another attraction of Ooty tourism is the Ooty Lake, which was created by John Sullivan in the year 1824. The lake, which was a fishing spot for British colonies earlier, is now a major tourist spot in Ooty. Boating here is one of the popular activities for tourists.

Fascinating view at Ooty Lake

Besides these, if time allows do pay a visit to the magnificent St. Stephen’s Church that owes its existence to the British period. Travelers seeking an old world charm in this hill station must visit this place. Tourists can offer prayers in the peaceful ambiance of the church and admire the skilled craftsmanship of ancient architects. Besides these, Ooty also offers several other sightseeing attractions like The Wax World or Wax World Museum & Art Gallery, The Tribal Museum, Thread Garden and Deer Park. Once you land in this amazing Indian destination, believe me you won’t be able to put your eyes off it! Ooty will surely cast its spell over you this vacation!!

Get Soaked in the Sublime Beauty of Scintillating Shillong

Often dubbed as the Scotland of East, Shillong is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in the north-eastern region of India. Picturesque landscapes, lush green fields, colorful flowers, clouds resting on the top of mountains, a touch of colonial hospitality and friendly locals, words just fall short when you say anything about this exotic Indian destination. If greenery gives a visual feast to the tourists, the bustling crowd of city makes it more vibrant and lively.

Sprawling land at Shillong

Shillong once used to be the capital of earlier undivided Assam; it became one of the most sought after hill stations in India along with being an administrative headquarter for the north east. The British did a lot for this small town, which earlier consisted of three villages mainly. And with Shillong becoming a significant administrative centre for the British, many monasteries started making their ways to this scenic hill station. The strong English influence can be still seen in the hill station that attracts tourists not just from India, but from many other countries of the world.

Scenic view of Shillong

Blessed with bounty of surreal natural beauty, Shillong definitely scores to be counted among the topmost hill stations in India. Fascinating waterfalls, beautiful peaks and several interesting hideouts make Shillong a stop-by destination for vacationers all across the globe. With so much to see and explore, the place has always allured visitors. Some of the must-visit attractions here include Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Lady Hydari Park, Wards’ Lake and the Police Bazaar. And yes, do pay a visit to the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures, an interesting museum worth checking out in the town. If you haven’t decided where you would head to in your next vacations, Shillong is definitely the rightmost choice to make! The best season to visit here is right after the monsoons or winters, which means between the months of March-April and September-October.

Let Your Hair Down in Lovely Ladakh this Vacation!!

Ladakh is lovely, lively and lustrous indeed! This amazing Indian destination has it all to bring out the hidden wanderer within you. Absolutely the Pride of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is the melting pot of vibrant colors, rich traditions and glorious heritage. An overwhelming warm experience in this cold atmosphere is a sheer delight for all the travelers. If you are thinking that it’s is not the time to visit Ladakh, you are definitely not right as the place welcomes all of you at its annual festival, which depicts the perfect blend of rich past and colorful present.

Folk artists in Ladakh

Blessed with stunning landscapes and picture-perfect locations, Ladakh boasts of its heart-pounding natural beauty. But what adds more to the beauty of the place is when the Ladakhis adorn themselves in vibrant colors and dance to the melodious tunes of their heart. It’s their innocence that would simply take your heart away. The inviting colors and bright decorations of the monasteries and houses are bliss to watch during a Ladakh tour. Folk dances and traditional events are performed in front of the wide-eyed gathering of tourists. Keep your cameras ready to record the magical moments as various colors of Ladakh unfold in front of you.

Monks performing at a cultural event in Ladakh

Along with joy-spreading dances and events, conventional sports such as village archery and Polo matches are also held to lure and indulge tourists. The art and craft artworks and ritual instruments of the locals are also presented in the exhibition. Moreover, thanks to the Ladakh tourism industry that has put in lot of efforts for promoting the beauty, cultures and traditions of the place. Remember your childhood when even a small festival looked so colorful? Ladakh tour will give you the same experience or perhaps better than that. So, what are you waiting for! Make way to this exotic and bright Indian destination as it awaits you!

Coorg Calling: Things you can indulge in!

With scenic coffee plantations, sprawling lush green tea plantations, fascinating waterfalls and majestic hills, Coorg has it all to be one of the best weekend destinations in India. Often dubbed as the Scotland of India, the place is not just famed for its charming sightseeing delights. The place is a stop by destination for adventure junkies as well. If you are all set to visit Coorg this vacation, make sure you try your hands on any of these:


Trekker at Coorg

Trekkers get ready to explore the surreal beauty of Coorg as you trek the rugged and challenging routes. While trekking, adventurers would be delighted to view the scenic waterfalls, lush green surroundings and hear the chirping of birds. Abbey Falls, the Nagarhole National Park and Iruppu Falls are some of the popular spots, home to some of the exciting and thrilling routes.

River Rafting

adventurers enjoying river rfating

River rafting is among the most thrilling adventure sports that one can indulge in Coorg! Rafting amidst the scenic surroundings is surely a lifetime experience. Special highlight of Coorg tourism, rafting here will let you taste what real adventure is! Barapole Falls is one such amazing spots for rafting here. In case you are beginner, it is advisable to undergo this adventure activity under the supervision of an expert trainer!

Fishing and Angling

Fishing at Coorg is widely renowned

Another attraction of Coorg tourism is fishing or angling. You would find plenty of fishing camps where you can sit back and enjoy fishing while admiring the scenic delights of nature.  The Valnur Fishing Camp is one of the popular fishing spots in Coorg, which is organized in the lap of nature.

Visit the Tea Plantations

Coorg is home to scenic vistas of tea and coffee plantations

From the maddening crowd of cosmopolitan cities, you can escape and visit the sprawling lush green tea and coffee plantations of Coorg. Moreover, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful vistas of this exotic place. Stroll through the deep trails of tea plantations and give your eyes a visual treat in Coorg this vacation!



Skydiving in India: A New Era of Adventure Sports!

Skydiving is undoubtedly one of the most visually stimulating aerial sports and it’s catching up the trend among the adventure junkies of India! It is the perfect combination of parachuting and diving along with being an interesting art of jumping from plane and performing different manoeuvres in the air for certain of time. The moment you start preparing for the aerial sport to the time when you touch the ground, the exposure you get during the dive is simply an out-of-the-world experience.

soaring in the open sky

Though the craze for skydiving is new in the Indian adventure sports and is relatively more expensive, if done in a right way, it’s totally worth! It is quite impressive to see that the number of skydiving camps throughout India is steadily increasing even though there are not many companies providing full-time packages or tours for it. However, if you keep your eyes open, you would certainly find the extreme adventure and thrill of scaling new heights over the skies in a place near you!

Relaxed after skydiving

Some of leading destinations for skydiving in India include Pinjore (Panchkula) in Haryana, Jaipur in Rajasthan, Dhana in Madhya Pradesh and Bangalore in Karnataka. You can indulge in this adventure sport at any time of the year; however avoid skydiving in rainy seasons and monsoons. What’s more important for indulging in this aero sport is the timing rather than the month. You can try your hands on this adventurous activity either from 8:00 am to 10:00 am or from 4:00 pm till 5:00 pm. This timing is considered the most suitable owing to the fact that adequate amount of light is available and sun is not directly on your head.

people enjoying the sport of skydiving

Skydiving is undoubtedly the best of adventure sports in India, but you need to take into account the safety measures before soaring in the sky. Just relax and recall the lessons taught by your instructor. Also, choose a certified and reputed organizer for skydiving. And if you are suffering from heart problems, high blood pressure and fear of height just don’t go for this adventure sport!

Stay tuned for more on skydiving, till then enjoy flying in the open sky!