Top 4 Treks in the Himalayas

Asia is the abode of the highest, largest and most inhabited mountain ranges, Himalayas. This entire mountain system is home to the highest mountain ranges all across the world. The craggy beauty along with the unique spiritual culture of people living in the silhouette of the gigantic Himalayas is simply incredible. And for trekking enthusiasts, this mighty mountain system has a lot in store. Here is our exclusive pick of top 4 treks in the Himalayas.

Everest Base Camp Trek 

Everest Base Camp Trek


For trekking in the Himalayas, Everest Base Camp Trek surely strikes into the mind of trek passionate people. Renowned as one of the most challenging treks, it is situated in Khumbu, Nepal. The lofty mountain peaks and beautiful glaciers while trekking to Everest are just the ideal setting for heading on to the peak.




Nestled in the mid-western region of Nepal, Dolpo is one of the most popular trek destinations in the world. Passing through the parched high plateaus, the lush green valleys, raw beauty of land and picturesque landscapes is a true delight for trekkers. The best season for heading on to Dolpo trek is between March to May and September to October.

Manaslu Circuit 

Manaslu Circuit-trekking in the Himalayas


Renowned for offering the most classic and challenging mountain trekking in the Himalayas, the Manaslu Circuit is the eighth tallest mountain worldwide. It stands high at an altitude of 8163m above the sea level passing the Larkya La pass. For an audacious trek, Manaslu Circuit is just one of the ““Clandestine Land” that adventurers look for!

Tsum Valley of Nepal 

Tsum Valley of Nepal


The serene and solely sacred Tsum valley is beautifully located in the Northern Gorkha district of Nepal. Perched high at 1905 m from the sea level, this breathtaking valley in Nepal is the dream destination of many trekkers out there. Carrying along the history of Himalayan cultures, styles, arts, traditions and civilizations, this famous trek elates you to some other world – a world that you have never imagined existed on the Earth! Offering the most alluring natural vistas, the Tsum Valley of Nepal truly deserves to be one of the best Himalayas trekking destinations. And the most appropriate season for trekking here is between March to May & October to December.



Best 5 Skydiving Destinations in India

You thought hovering in a hot air balloon was one of the most thrilling activities you could ever do, you definitely have not discovered the hidden adventurous side of you till now! Just close your eyes and imagine how it would feel jumping out of an aircraft flying at an altitude of around 15,000 feet or probably more. Yes, skydiving is what we are talking about. Without a second thought it is by far one of the most promising ways of injecting some adrenaline rush into your holidays.



You must have surely heard a lot about skydiving zones in almost every nook  & corner of India. But to make it easier for you, we have come up with the list of best 5 drop zone destinations in India. Here it goes:

Mysore, Karnataka


Topping the list, skydiving in Mysore, Karnataka is very popular. Nestled at a distance of few hours from Bengaluru, at the foot of Chamundi Hills, Mysore has organized various skydiving camps in the past. Static jumps, accelerated freefalls or tandem jumps, skydiving here would let you fly free like a bird high in the sky.

 Dhana, Madhya Pradesh 

Dhana, Madhya Pradesh


Dhana, a small town located towards east of Bhopal is yet another fascinating destination for skydiving. A home strip here organizes skydiving camps for adventure enthusiasts on regular intervals of time. Though the 4000 ft freefall jump might not give a lot of time, but the experience of gazing the scenic landscapes is an out of the world experience.

 Deesa, Gujarat


Deesa, Gujarat 

This lakeside city in Gujarat is one of the leading destinations for skydiving in India. The Indian Parachuting Federation organizes many camps and skydiving tours here. Catch the thrill of soaring in the sky at Deesa this time.




Pondicherry is another favorite destination for skydiving enthusiasts. Jumping from 10,000 ft for tandem jumps and 4,000 ft for static jump is without any doubt a lifetime experience. The pristine view of Pondicherry from above is an incredible experience for adventure freaks.

Aamby Valley, Maharashtra 



Aerial dive in Aamby Valley is something that you definitely should not miss. It is conveniently located at a short driving distance of 2 hours from Mumbai. The growing popularity of skydiving jumps here is worth appreciation. Presently, only 10,000 ft tandem jumps are offered here. So, get ready to experience the extreme thrill while floating high in the air!







Know about Skydiving

Skydiving is an aero sport that involves a preplanned jump and free fall at a certain altitude from an aircraft. After coming out to a certain height, the skydiver is required to pull out his parachute to land safely on the ground. Once it gets opened up, sky diver can easily control the direction and speed with his hand grip called Toggles and cords name called Steering Lines. With the help of steering, sky diver can land on the selected site and come down safely on the zone called the D zone. It truly provides a life time experience along with exhilarating exposure from the till you are flying high in the sky. When it comes to parachuting, different kinds of diving are involved. These include:


Static Line Jump


Static Line Jump-Skidiving


In this jump, a static line is basically the cord, whose one end is located at the top of pilot inside the backpack of the jumper and another to the aircraft. The fall from the aircraft makes static line taut, hence, it pulls the pilot chute free of the backpack. The inflation of small pilot chute makes the main canopy to be pulled out of the backpack. The main parachute lines become taut with the continued fall of jumper. At this point, the binding joins static line to pilot chute comes out due to jumper’s weight, releasing parachute. The jumper can continue to descent freely as he is no longer attached to aircraft. Parachute gets opened up automatically in static line jump.


Tandem Jump


Tandem Jump-Skydiving


It is the first and the most famous method of sky diving. It is basically a type of parachuting, where a student skydiver is well-connected to a tandem instructor through harness. The former guides the latter throughout the whole jump from freefall to piloting the canopy and landing.


 Accelerated Free Fall


Accelerated Free Fall-Skydiving


AFF is another method of skydiving training. Jumpers are required to be trained properly before trying out this skydiving method. Trainers educate the adventure enthusiasts in certain set of actions from jumping to landing well. This method is called accelerated as the progression is the fastest way to experience solo freefall, usually from 10,000 to 15,000 ft above from ground level.

Best Paragliding Places in India

Paragliding is considered as the most enthralling and exciting escapades in India. As every one of us wish to fly with the wings in an open air, hence, truly live up to the life long dream of the people. Basically, Paragliding is all about conquering the sky and fear of height, which always have enchanted the mankind. It is the amalgamation of skydiving and hang gliding. We are here with the list of best places in India, where you can have a pleasing experience while skydiving.




Billing is one of the best sites for Paragliding. Located in KangraValley in Himachal Pradesh, Billing serves as the landing field and is widely acknowledged for hayfield from where you set off. Bir, based at an elevation of 2600 m, is also famous for regular thermals and ridge lifts techniques. It is located 70 km away from Mandi. A majority of people visit the place from March to early June to enjoy paragliding.



Manali-Paragliding Places

For exalting experience of sighting the milieu with the pilot while paragliding, come to Manali. The slopes at SolangValley have been perfectly made for this adventure sport in the city. Moreover, adventure enthusiasts can also soar high in the Kullu valley, located close to Manali.

Bedni Bugyal


Paragliding in Manali

If you want to fly high and feel the sky, pay a visit to Bedni Budyal. It is a renowned paragliding site in Uttranchal, the beautiful Indian state. Skilled gliders are present at the sides, providing tips and guidelines to paragliders.

Nandi Hills 



paragliding-Nandi Hills


Nandi Hills is visited by a majority of paragliders throughout the year. It is located in the Kolar District, 68 km away from Bangalore. This place is widely acknowledged for a wide variety of aero sports along with paragliding.




It is situated on the highway at Kamshet near Pavana dam. This site overlooks the township of Kamshet and beautiful Indrayani. It is considered as the coolest site for paragliding.




Located on the peaks of Himalayan Shivalik range is yet another great location; Kunjapuri. This picturesque destination provides striking & majestic sights of sunset and sunrise to the visitors. While paragliding, you can glance at the sky touching peaks of Sawrga Rohini, Gangotri, Banderpunch and Chaukhamba.

Ladakh Trekking: A Guide on Clothing & Equipment

Ladakh is the fascination for tourists, nature lovers, trek enthusiasts and spiritually inclined people. Blessed with the heart-pounding natural beauty and much of solitude & tranquility, this exotic northernmost region of India is a dream destination of many. Located in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, it is one of the best trekking destinations in the country.



Trekking in Ladakh is a lifetime experience, but before you head on to your expedition, make sure all the arrangements are in place. Ensure that the clothing you bring along allows the warmth of daylight and chill of nights. During your trek Ladakh at lower altitudes, it is advisable to wear lightweight trousers. Wearing trekking trousers along with simple T-shirts would do the job.

Ladakh at lower altitudes

Undoubtedly trekking needs a lot of passion. But it is not all that you would need when weather conditions are unfavorable. For this make yourself well-equipped with all the gears that are required for fighting with the adverse weather conditions. Don’t forget to carry a sleeping bag for high altitudes as well as the nights for avoiding the cold. You can also carry the tharmentst or an inflatable sleeping pad. Plus, use a good quality and large enough waistband for keeping all your essentials and jacket.


trek Ladakh tour

As trek Ladakh tour takes lot of energy of the trekkers, it is essential to have a good pair of boots. Specialized boots are available for trekking; these should be light in weight for providing you maximum comfort while climbing the tough routes. And yes, don’t forget to carry along the trekking socks with you. At least four pairs should be carried while going on a trek tour. During the late nights, slip your feet into the camp shoes for keeping them warm in cold. For a cool evening, a down jacket would serve the purpose. As you never know about the weather changes, it is advisable to carry a rain jacket as well.


atmosphere during your Ladakh trek


With these simple yet vital clothing and equipment tips, you can beat the weather and challenging atmosphere during your Ladakh trek. Follow them and thoroughly enjoy your trekking expedition.

Mountain Biking: An Exciting Way to Explore the Unbeaten Tracks of India

The sheer excitement of mountain biking thrills the people who have ever tried it in their lives. As soon as you sit down on the saddle and begin pedaling, it would turn into an obsession to master the exciting art of mountain biking. And India with its great wealth of majestic mountains offers multiple opportunities to the cycling enthusiasts.


Mountain Biking


The mighty Himalayas in the country encompass some of the best cycling routes that a passionate cyclist seeks for in the adventure trip. Mountain biking at the great Himalayas is a lifetime experience for all those adventure crazy people who love to explore the not so frequently visited routes and unbeaten tracks of India. Some of the best Indian places to go on a mountain bike tour are penned down here:




Offering glorious surroundings, mountain biking in Garhwal Himalayas is a dream of many cycling enthusiasts out there. Bringing out that hidden explorer from you, cycling on Garhwal routes would be the perfect blend of great fun, adventure and thrill.

Himachal Pradesh

mountain biking in morocco-Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh is certainly among the favorite cycling destinations in India. This exotically beautiful state offers plethora of easy introductory cycling trails to try your hands on. Parts of Kangra, Jammu, Bilaspur and Hamirpur in the state offer some of the best mountain bike riding tracks to the adventurers.




With its little-off track areas at high altitude, Ladakh is the most popular and leading mountain biking destination in India. The 475 km journey starting from Manali to Leh is a big challenge for cycling enthusiasts. Passing through four high passes during the route is a real adventure for riders.



Sikkim with its surreal natural beauty offers stunning backdrops to the cycling enthusiasts while they enjoy riding through the rugged and dramatic terrain. Adventure lovers will experience the beauty of countryside, diverse flora & fauna, the alluring Sikkimese lifestyle as they meander through the gorgeous green hills and valleys.



So, if you are all set to indulge in this adventure sport, October to December would be the best time to hit the Indian mountain biking tracks. Rest assured for all the fun and adventure as it comes your way on the Indian mountain routes.

Top 5 Outdoor Adventure Activities in India

With the great Himalayan setting, India has come up as the one stop destination for people interested in the jaw-dropping adventure travel activities. From the northern part of India to its south, the country highly boasts of offering a wide variety of options for adventure travel. Give yourself the adrenaline rush and try your hands on some really exhilarating activities in India. Here is our pick of the top 5 adventure activities that you can enjoy in India.




One of the best outdoor adventure activities in India is trekking that draws the attention of adventure sports enthusiasts worldwide. It is a delight for trekkers to traverse the snow-clad peaks, rugged terrains and paths of Indian mountains. Whether you go for an easy trek, difficult trek, shirt trek or long trek, there are endless options to pick from.




Want to fly like a free bird in the sky? Paragliding is the way to realize your dream. Either you learn it on your own or enjoy a tandem joyride with a skilled professional; both ways would let you feel the refreshing air within you. Kullu valley, Kamshet between Pune and Mumbai and Maharashtra are some of the best places for paragliding in

Kayaking and White Water Rafting


Water Rafting


White water rafting and kayaking expedition in India is an excellent combination of beautiful sceneries, thrill and adventure. Hugely popular among adventure freaks, it offers extra adrenaline rush to them. Ladakh, Uttarakhand (Rishikesh), Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka and Sikkim are among the most sought after destinations for rafting.

Water Sports

 Water Sports


Water sports in India have been one of the most renowned adventure activities. Conventional water sports like jet skiing, para sailing, water skiing, banana boat rides and windsurfing have been fascinating people from a long time; along with these try out the new kite surfing this time. Goa beaches are the stop by destination for water sports in India.

 Mountain Biking


 Mountain Biking


Yet another unique and interesting outdoor adventure activity in India is mountain biking. Explore the serene beauty of countryside while riding through the mountainous trails. Himalayan regions including Ladakh and Uttarakhand are well known for indulging in mountain bike riding.

Best Hiking Places in India

Whether you like to enjoy the peaceful scenic location or love to try adventure sports, trail hiking is something that can let every nature lover view the beautiful sights of India in a unique way. With so many hiking options available, India is truly a hiker’s paradise. We are here with a list of the best hiking trails in India that would help you plan out a great vacation in India.


Tiger Hill, Darjeeling

Darjeeling is one of the most famous hill stations in India, providing the splendid views of MountKanchenjunga and HimalayanMountains. A tiger hill is considered the ideal place for viewing the beautiful sunrises while hiking in Darjeeling. More than 1000 people visit pre-dawn every day to watch sun painting various mountain peaks purple and pink.


Tiger Hill, Darjeeling

Singhalia Ridge Trail, Darjeeling

During April and May or in the fall, you must visit the Singhalia Ridge, another great trail in Darjeeling. Hikers come for 3, 4, 5 or even 6 day hike tour along with the guides at this Ridge. This trail ventures briefly into Nepal, winds along the ridges of HimalayanMountains and then back into India, where rhododendrons are at peak in the spring season.


Singhalia Ridge Trail, Darjeeling

Seven Sisters, Himachal Pradesh

The sky touching peaks of mountains of Seven Sisters are just the best hiking trail for hikers especially beginners. It is named after the surrounding seven states. Hikers can view both Pir Panjal range and KulluValley with a summit of 4500 m in Seven Sisters.



DoonValley, Garhwal

Hikers can also enjoy gentle hiking via Har Ki Doon Valley forests, winding trails passing through magnificent flower meadows. Here, the hiking tour begins from Mussoorie with the option to raft down the river Ganga. This is surely a delight for adventure lovers.


Clouds End, Mussoorie

Clouds End, Mussoorie

Hikers can trek 8 km from Library Bazar to Clouds End in Mussoorie. Owing to lush forests and picturesque views of River Yamuna against Himalayan backdrop, this area has become the preferred hiking place for international hikers and travelers.


Hiking Places in India

Manali, Himachal Pradesh

A short 3 km trek to HidambaDeviTemple is the ideal for hiking in Manali. Being one of the most sought after hill stations in India, travelers from all around the world visit the city every year. Hikers can also go for 5 km trek from the main town to Arjun Gufa, which is named after a mythological character.

Best Rock Climbing Places in India

People who love mountain adventure can go for exhilarating mountain climbing or mountaineering in India. The majestic mountains especially the Himalayas have moved many adventure enthusiasts worldwide to try their hard in rock climbing. There are plenty of regions in India, where you can have the best mountaineering experience ever. Here is a list of the top 5 rock climbing destinations in India:

 Rock Climbing


ParvatiValley – Himachal Pradesh

It is a very rock valley of Himachal Pradesh, often characterized by rocky outcrops and many alpine flower plantations. This valley has mica in abundant and provides sample opportunity for rock climbing to the people. It’s a back packer’s haven, therefore, is great for trekking location too. Adventure lovers flock to participate in the climbing expeditions held in this valley.


Rockclimbing-ParvatiValley–Himachal Pradesh

MiyarValley – Himachal Pradesh

It is located right in the heart of great mountains, hence, is the obvious choice for adventure lovers from all over the world. Widely acknowledged as Valley of Flowers, MiyarValley has beautiful snow covered peaks, lush forests, picturesque views of small villages and feisty rivers that reflects from the peaks of mountains. MiyarValley shares its boarder with Ladakh and Zanskar, the two great regions for camping and trekking.



SAR pass – Himachal Pradesh

It is immensely popular for rappelling and mountaineering among adventure lovers. The trails here are extremely beautiful along with breathtaking views. Though a major part of this pass is covered with snow, but many rock climbers come for the best mountaineering experience every year. However, summers are considered the best time for rock climbing here. Also, trekking expeditions are also carried out well at SARPass.


Himachal Pradesh-Rock Climbing

Shey Rock – Jammu and Kashmir

It is the shey rock region of the beautiful Leh, perfect for rock climbing in summers. As there is only one peak to be climbed here, many adventure lovers flock in this region. At Shey Rock, the rock formations are amazing and unique that allows amateurs to go for rock climbing.



Madhugiri – Karnataka

Also called Maddagiri, Madhugiri us located in the Tumkur town of Indian state of Karnataka. It is widely acknowledged for giant rocks that overlook the town, hence, is every mountaineer’s delight. The giant rock located in the town is the second largest monoliths in Asia. Therefore, many rock climbers love to be in this town to have one of a kind climbing experience.

Best Skydiving Places in India

Want to see the world from the bird’s view? Skydiving is the sport for you. One of the most visually stimulating aero sports, Skydiving is gaining popularity with every day passes by. It is basically a diversion from simple parachuting, as you have to jump from an aircraft flying at a higher altitude. After that? You just have to fly free and enjoy the stunning views of this world from above. Once you come down to specific altitude, pull your parachute to land safely on the ground. Sounds thrilling! Isn’t it? If you want, you can perform certain aerial manoeuvres while flying high above the world. For this, you need to get trained in certain set of steps and learn safety measures to fully enjoy your ride. As compared to other aero sports, Skydiving is quite costly in India but is totally worth it. Here is a list of the best skydiving places in India, where you can have the best flying experience.

 Skydiving Places in India


Mysore, Karnataka

It is located a few hours away from Bengaluru near the base of Chamundi Hills. Mysore has witnessed some of the great skydives in the recent past. The city host many skydiving camps for adventure lovers. These camps are organized by The Drop Xone, Kakini Enterprises and also provide you the options of accelerated freefalls, tandem jumps and static jumps to choose from.



Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

This place lies around 200 km east of Bhopal in the heart of India. This town in Sagar district is a home to an air strip, which hosts many skydiving camps. Also, the first skydiving camp of India, conduced by Thrillsextreme, was hosted in Dhana only. Here, you can also find ChimesAviationAcademy offering static jumps and tandem jumps this year.

 Dhana-Madhya Pradesh


Deesa, Gujarat

The first Indian sporting body that looked skydiving as adventure sport was The Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG). Hence, Gujarat became the first Indian station to have a certified drop-zone. Deesa had hosted many skydiving tours and camps that are run by Indian Parachuting Federation in 2012. They have now come up with great plans for this year.




You can have the best skydiving experience in Pondicherry. In the month of July, 2012, the good folk at Kakini Enterprises offered many static jumps and tandem jumps in 2 weeks camps.



AambyValley, Maharashtra

A couple of hours away from Mumbai, AamyValley offers skydiving packages throughout the year. Currently, they offer 10,000 ft tandem jumps to the adventure lovers.