Freezing Temperatures Recorded at the Tribal Areas of Himachal

The tribal areas of Himachal Pradesh are experiencing near to freezing temperatures with mercury dipping to almost zero degree Celsius. Though the bright sunshine at day time is warm, the bone chilling and dry nights have compelled the tribals to remain in the premises of their homes. The minimum temperature of 0.7 degree Celsius was recorded at Keylong, one of the popular tourist places located in Lahaul-Spiti district. On the other hand, Kalpa town in Kinnaur district experienced a temperature low of 1.4 degree Celsius.

Tribal Areas of Himachal

On Monday, Kalpa town had the maximum temperature of 16.2 degree Celsius while Keylong town witnessed 1.3 as its maximum temperature. Shimla, one of the leading tourist places of the state is also experiencing cold nights and warmer days. With the increasing chill in the air, the historic Ridge is receiving a large number of tourists. 9.9 degrees Celsius was the minimum temperature in the hill station whereas maximum temperature was 18.3 degree Celsius.

Dalhousie in the Chamba District of Himachal witnessed a low temperature of 10.7 degree Celsius and maximum temperature was recorded to be 13.4 degree Celsius, which is 6.8 degrees below the normal temperature.

The Upper Regions of Himachal Reaches the Grip of Cold

The upper regions of Himachal Pradesh experienced cold wave conditions with the fresh snowfall.  The icy winds brought down the mercury in the regions of Shimla and many other hill stations. The high altitude regions of the state recorded biting cold conditions with the mercury levels almost dipping to zero level, stated the MeT department.

shimla-hill station

Apart from Shimla, Kalpa in the Kinnaur also reeled a temperature of 0.6 degree, on the other hand, Keylong in Lahaul and Spiti district experienced a low of 0.3 degree Celsius, further stated the MeT department. Also, the popular tourist destination of Manali recorded the temperature of 3.6 degrees that was followed by Bhuntar, which recorded a temperature of 7 degree Celsius.

Kodaikanal Coffee Area Reduced by Half

Kodaikanal, also reckoned as the Princess of Hill station in India has been reported with a decrease the production of coffee beans owing to the drastic dwindling on the cultivation areas. Planters’ representatives from Kodaikanal informed that the coffee planters cultivate on small scale here, unlike to Coorg district where coffee plantations is done on a large scale.

sea clouds at kodaikanal

According to  the planters, the cultivation process is affected by the absence of coffee manufacturing manpower and factories, lack of promotion by the government and real estate. Palani Hills that forms the major part of Kodaikanal is divided into three segments; upper, middle and lower. Since 1970, coffee has been cultivated all across the hill leaving the upper part of Palani Hills.

scenic view of Kodaikanal

8 years old Minoo Avari, also the president of Mya Palanimalai Farmers Association said that the coffee plantation in the area started when the banana variety produced throughout the hill was attacked by a disease. Another coffee planter, Shekar Nagarajan belonging to lower Palani Hills stated, “In a survey conducted by the government in the 1970s it was found that coffee was being grown on 14,000 acres of land. After that, no survey has been conducted.” He further said that around 7, 000 acres of land is being utilized for coffee plantation and even the total plantation of this hill station in India has also come down to half. As per Nagarajan, “Initially we produced around 7,000 tons a year, but this has now come down to 3,500 tonnes.”

Chennai Trail Marathon Conducted Successfully in the City

On Sunday, the popular Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) conducted the second edition of its Chennai Trail Marathon (CTM) at the city’s northern outskirts. All total of 1,057 runners from all corners of South India and rest of the country participated in the marathon out of which 64 took part in the full marathon, 468 in the 10K run, 410 in the half marathon and 115 children in the kids run. However, the heavy rains occurred in the early morning made the off road trail slippery thereby making it more challenging for the runners. Contrary to this, the chill and drizzly weather proved an answer to the prayers of runners.

Chennai marathon

The oldest runner of the marathon was of 67 years old whereas the youngest participant in the competition was aged 3. Along with other children, more than forty under privileged children from the Child Home and Anbu Illam orphanages also participated. The marathon was organized at the GOJAN School of Business and Technology and over 100 volunteers put in all their efforts to organize this marathon successfully.


This trail marathon organized by Chennai Trekking Club was aimed to take the enthusiasts out of their daily city ambiance to more scenic locations and run an off the road dirt filled track for making it more challenging.  Cholavaram Tank near Red Hills was the location of the event. The marathon was a part of CTC’s new drive of creating awareness about living a healthy and active lifestyle through sports.

Dudhsagar Begins the Tourist Season with More than 350 Foreigners

Dudhsagar valley has started with its tourist season of this year. On Sunday, more than 350 international tourists, majority of which included Russians experienced the thrills and adventures of trekking across the famous valley. However, this is the delayed start of tourism season at the popular waterfall.

Way to Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa

According to jeep operators, the tourism season has delayed almost a week, it was scheduled to begin on October 14 that delayed because of the post-monsoon showers, which left the valley in an un-navigable state. Even through the mud roads inside the Collem woods were slippery and the streams continued to have strong currents. October 20 witnessed 35 out of the 98 jeeps booked with the wildlife division of forest department thereby making it approximately 70 trips taking tourists to the falls.

The jeep operator further elaborated that owing to the water flow during the monsoons; the pebbles get loose and get set with the movement of jeeps. However, inside the jungle area, the tour operators build a temporary bridge for their tourists to cross the stream. However, the bridge was not there on Sunday and tourists had to pass over the wooden logs tied with ropes throughout the stream for trekking.  The local Collem Panchayat even distributed life jackets who took a dip in the lake beneath the waterfall.


Dharamsala All Set for Film Fest

Dharamsala, one of the popular hill stations of India is gearing up for the three-day Free Spirit Film Festival, which will be held here, stated the organizers of the event. Lobsang Wangyal, 42, the organizer of the fest said that, the three-day fest, ninth in series, will showcase 19 films from Bangladesh, Egypt, France, India, Ireland, Iran, Israel, Britain and the US.”

Dharamsala film Fest

The Film festival will see directors from all parts of the world including Pema Dhondup from California with his movie “Arise”, Prashant Vanjani from Delhi with “Villari”, Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar from Kolkata with “Neti Neti” and Ninad Kulkarni from Pune with “Connection Failed”.

Wangyal told that Kulkarni, 16 is the youngest among all the directors participating in this film festival. He directed his first film revolving around the mass suicide of farmers in Maharashtra at the age of 12. And Dhondup`s “Arise” is based on the ongoing self-immolations in Tibet.


Wangyal who is also the director and producer of the renowned Miss Tibet pageant and Tibetan Music Awards informed that, “The festival is aimed at sharing beautiful stories, concerns, interests, and creativity.” He hopes that such kind of events will help the exiled community in grabbing the attention of the rest parts of the world to the cause of Tibet.

McLeodganj, the serene hill station in India has already got the attention of various Buddhist scholars, backpackers, Tibet enthusiasts as well as Hollywood stars like Richard Gere. Also renowned as Little Lhasa, McLeodganj is situated at a distance of just eight kilometers from Dharamsala, a popular hill station in India.

Mid and Higher Hills of HP Experience Intense Cold Wave Conditions

With winters around the corner, the mid and higher hill ranges of Himachal Pradesh are witnessing intense cold wave conditions. The tribal areas of the hill station are experiencing dropped cold wave conditions as the mercury dipped to some levels all across the state.

Shimla City

The tribal areas of the state recorded cold wave conditions with mercury dipping at 2 to 5 degrees below the freezing point. On the other hand, Kalpa and Keylong nestled in the twin tribal regions of Lahaul and Spiti Kinnaur recorded a fall of minimum temperatures at 2.9 and 4.2 degrees respectively. Manali, the popular hill station of HP was also very cold with mercury fall of 6.2 degrees while Chamba and Solan recorded temperatures at 9.7deg and 7.9deg respectively. Temperature drops of 10.5 at Shimla, 10.8 at Sundernagar, 13.6 at Nahan, 14.0 at Una were recorded since yesterday.



The maximum temperature during day time remained close to the normal with Una having the highest at 32 degrees that was followed by Sundernagar 28.3 deg, Bhuntar 28 deg, Dharamsala 26.8 deg, Nahan 26.5 deg, Solan 25.5 deg, Shimla 20.1 deg and Kalpa 17.4 deg C.

Paragliding Pre-World Cup to Start from October 24

Paragliding Pre-World Cup 2013 would be witnessing over 100 paragliders from all corners of the globe. The championship will be held in Himachal’s Bir-Biliing from October 24 to October 30. The Paragliding World Cup Association has granted the Indian nationals the status of Pre World Cup after a long gap of 5 years. The famous Kangra Valley will be playing the host for this much-awaited event.

paragliding in India

As per Debu Chaudhary, Meet director of the event as well as secretary of Billing Paragliding Association, “More than 100 para-gliders are expected to take part in the event which will see them undertaking various routes and challenges from October 24 to October 30. Ten of the top 100 para-gliders of the world have confirmed their entries for the event and Bir-Billing will host the tournament. The spot is second largest para-gliding site in the world after Dras in South Africa and we are excited about the event.”

The prize money of the paragliding tournament is Rs. 2.5 Lakh, whereas the first and second runner-ups will be awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 1.5 Lakh each. Also, the prizes will be distributed in other categories such as Sport Class, Women Class, Indian Class and newcomer of the event. Among the topmost male paragliders taking part in the event are Michael Gierlach of Poland (Rank 47), Jammi Messenger from United Kingdom (Rank 27) and Raul Penso of Venuzuela (Rank 49).On the other hand, the women’s category will see Daria Krasnova of Russia (Rank 6), Issbella Messenger of Germany (Rank 4) and Khibi Jab Minar of South Africa (Rank 18).


Vijay Soni, the national champion of previous year will be representing India in the paragliding event. According to Sudhir Sharma, the Urban Development Minister and president of BPA, “We are excited to host the event in Himachal Pradesh. Apart from the cash prizes, the association will also give a 23 Carat gold medal to the winners and the medal will be given in the honour of late Raja Padam Singh of Rampur Bushair.”


Yoga Tourism in the Peaceful Surroundings of Manali

Restoring its rich legacy of meditation in the mountainous ranges and coupling it with health activities, Manali offers a new way to have relaxing vacations. For travelers seeking retreats along with panoramic views and peaceful ambiance, this popular tourist destination is now offering “Yoga Tourism”.

Tourist doing yoga in India

Chandertal lake, Bhrigu Lake, Dashaur lake and Ranisui lake, nestled at an elevation of around 13,000 feet, have come up as the hotspots for yoga lovers. As per Mehar Chand, organizer of Yoga programs for tourists, “We have clients from Russia, UK, rance, Germany, USA and Israel, who want to find peace of mind. A bit of hiking, camping by the lakes side and meditation in the lap of nature with abundance of natural herbs is all they are looking for.”

Yoga Tourism is gaining huge popularity among tourists; it not only brings revenue to Manali’s tourism, but also popularizes the rich culture and glorious history of the Manali. Along with learning the different techniques of mediation, yoga and herbal treatments, many youths are even teaching them to the foreign tourists. According to Hemant Bhardwaj, a yoga trainer in Manali, “Tourists often ask about the sites where ascetics of Hindu mythology meditated. Most seekers come alone and stay for a minimum of one week.”

man doing yoga on a scenic beach location

On the other hand, Diwan Chand, who organizes yoga programs for foreigners at Jalori pass, “Walking barefooted on wild grass, sitting in yoga postures without using a carpet and rubbing dew drops on eyelids are starters for yoga. We give Sanskrit mantras written in English to our clients. Many tourists who learn yoga from us are reportedly teaching the same techniques in their countries, which is a matter of pride for us.”

Sikkim to Get Connected by Air by Next Year

Gorgeous Sikkim will have air connectivity when the construction work of a green-field airport at an elevation of 4,700 feet would be completed by next year. The state tourism minister, Bhim Prasad Dhungel while talking to the Union Tourism Minister K Chiranjeevi said that this Rs. 300 Crore construction project, implemented by Airport Authority of India is going with full pace and it will be successfully completed by December 2014.

View of airplane landing

According to an official release the airport is going to be among the five high altitude airports of India. It is constructed on 200 acres land, which is around 30 km south of Sikkim’s capital, Gangtok. A boost in Sikkim tourism, this 180 meters long airstrip airport will facilitate the flights of ATR-72 planes and even include hangars for two small ATR aircraft. At present, the nearest airport to Sikkim is situated at a distance of 124 kilometers far from Bagdogra in the state of West Bengal.

Airplane landing in India

Dhungel stated that it will launch an alternative connectivity to the Northeastern state owing to the fact that at this time the state is completely dependent on National Highway 31 for connectivity with the other parts of the country. Further, Dhungel even requested for rendering a central support worth Rs. 20 Crore for upgrading the helipads in Sikkim under the conformity norms laid with the DGCA. The opening of airport by next year will definitely contribute in growing Sikkim tourism.