The picturesque Sandakfu Trek at Sikkim-Bengal border

Sandakfu or as it is hailed by the local dialect Sandak-phu (12,400 ft/ 2336m) is situated in the very edge of the Sangrila National Park, which lies along the Bengal-Sikkim boarder in the Darjeeling district in West Bengal. Sandakfu is the highest summit in the Singalila Ridge and to be more elaborate it is also the highest peak that lies within the state of West Bengal.


Just for the convenience of the trekkers, Sandakfu with its breathtaking view of Mount Kanchenjunga, which is popularly jested as ‘The Sleeping Shiva’ or ‘The Sleeping Buddha’ for its tranquility, has a small village with few makeshift hamlets along with a couple of just-comfortable trekkers huts and a few multi-bedded hostels.

One can easily see the five highest peaks in the world Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Lhotse and also the Mount Everest on a sunny day, from the hilly terrains of Sandakfu.

Of late Sandakfu can be reached by two well accepted ways either by trekking or even by car.  The Sandakfu is one of the best places for trekking in Sikkim, which never the less can also be approached from West Bengal. This picturesque trek starts from Maneybhanjang through Chitirey, which then moves towards Meghma, Tonglu and then Tumling, Garibas and KalPokhri, Bekhey till it reaches Sandakfu.


Though once can always bargain on hiring at 1960’s Land Rover, to climb up to the Sandakfu summit, but to recon with our experiences, this journey is not so very smooth or comfortable.

The Sandakfu trek is one of the most popular trekking in Sikkim as this trek along the Singalila Ridge to Phalut and Sandakfu is well admonished also by several foreigners who consider this trek as one of the most cherished destinations for spending their holidays India

The grand vista of the mighty Kanchenjunga and the Everest range, which can be perceived on the way to Sandakfu, is also multiplied in its visual perspective due to the abundance of wild flower blooms (especially Rhododendrons) and birding which make this trek a never-ending long walk through paradise.

Sandakfu Pic

View From Sandakfu

The Sandakfu trek originates from a place called Manebhanjan which is approximately 1 hour by car or 24 km away from the famous hill station in the northern part of West Bengal- Darjeeling.

The temperature in Sandakfu swings between -20°C in winter to +15°C during the summer months. For snow lovers one can visit Sandakfu in-between late December to early February for enjoying the snowfalls.

For all international trekkers who are planning to trek while enjoying their holidays India, Sandakfu trek still remains one of the best trek that one can walk along before trekking to other distant and more appealing locations which falls in the Northern and Western parts of the Sikkim’s territories.

Ladakh; Trek en-route

Trekking in Ladakh is a dream for most of the trekkers and trekking is among the most dangerous Adventure sports in India.  Ladakh is one place which is regarded as a paradise by those who look for spaces to achieve the thrill & enthusiasm of adventure & exploration. Apart from experiencing trekking in Ladakh one can also get involved in other adventure activities or actions such as mountain water rafting, mountaineering & biking, safaris, etc. Also elegantly named as the ‘Land of Passes’, the area forms the outstanding region of the state of Jammu & Kashmir.


Ladakh is located an altitude arraying between 2750 – 7672 meters, above the normal sea level. The position and place is sacred with an astonishing topography that consists of hilly landscape, lush green grasslands, rocky cliffs, & high altitude peaks. Ladakh renders a figure of trekking tours for travellers and excited trekkers & is one of chief the reasons that adventure extremes from across the sphere head to Ladakh.

There are an overabundance of trek trails & selections obtainable here for trekkers. Many sites conduct treks in the area of Ladakh all year round.

Trekking in this place is all about experiencing the true appearance of nature in the most appealing manner and way. The treks render a little for everyone. These treks are also suggested for family trekking holiday or even for commercial and corporate outings. Many sites possess the excellence & expertise in planning & organising an enticing event on these easy trek routes in Leh & Ladakh for a variety of corporates.

The start point of this trek is situated near the Lamayuru monastery & is regarded as one of the most fascinating treks placed in the Ladakh area. The trek is made with a digit of mountain ranges such as Karakoram, Zanskar, & the ranges which form element of the Great Himalayas.

Famous Frozen River Trek in Zanskar valley, LadakhTrek at Ladakh

The panoramic sight rendered by this trek is the chief cause for an amazing footfall. The Ripchar Valley Trek is spotted with the presence of a huge number of smaller pastures, villages, etc. During the period of July and August, the area becomes a valley of flowers & gives an ocular treat for the bird watchers.

The irrigated crop rising fields of the Zanskar & Karakoram Range offers an overwhelming sight as well as astonishing joy to the trekkers. This trek commences in the area of Chilling which is world well-known for the production of copper. What one experiences throughout trekking at this area is truly extraordinary & worth witnessing!!

Shimla, one of the best places to visit

There are various hill stations in Himachal Pradesh; one of them is Shimla hill station.

The British summer capital, located at an altitude of 2159 meters above the sea level. Shimla is a famous traveller’s destination in India for a marvellous summer vacation. A paradise for adventure seekers who wish to get into in adventure sports & activities like angling for trout trekking & rock, river rafting, climbing & those looking for a quieter vacation with friends & families may resolve for camping & golfing, take a leisurely walk on the Shimla Mall, hang around the edge & take nearby excursions to temples, Chail, Kufri. As well being a summer withdraws it endures a perfect spot for adventure lovers & honey moon travel. Beat the heat this summer with a marvellous holiday at Shimla.


Shimla retains a regal aura, with its impressive old buildings, among them the dignified vice regal Lodge, delightful iron lampposts & Anglo-Saxon names. The Mall, crowded with shops & eateries, is the centre of magnetism, & Scandal Point, linked with the former Maharaja of Patiala’s escapades, renders a sight of distant snow-clad peaks.

We advice you following Popular Sightseeing spots in Shimla:

Shimla city: The point & the neighbouring Mall form the centre of the city where vehicular traffic is not authorized a position to take a walk, also the major shopping region with most of the shops still housed in old time buildings. One row below this shopping region is the Middle Bazaar with smaller shops assorted with residences. A tier just below Middle Bazaar is the Lower Bazaar the popular Shimla Summer Festival in May or June every year enduring for 5-8 days, is celebrated on the edge.

Gaiety Theater on the Mall started on the 30th of May, 1887, Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Year. Now the Gaiety is first and foremost known for its communal club.

shimla-hill stationShimla

Viceregal Lodge situated on the Observatory Hills is also popular as Rashtrapati Niwas, it was previously the summer residence of the British Viceroys, situated on a very good-looking location. A big ground in front of the cottage makes the place look even improved. Tourists & local young couples are often sighted here. The cabin is affirmed as a heritage building.

Kufri, 19 km from Shimla is the highest direct in the neighbouring area. Kufri has a Himalyan Wild Life Zoo which hosts rare Birds, Antelopes & rare feline species. Monal the state chicken of Himachal Pradesh and is worth examining.


Harishchandragad trek; a super experience

A hill fort in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, Harishchandragad, is one of the most demanding in the Western ghats. It is located in the Malshej area of the ghats at a distance of roughly 90 kms from Kalyan, this hill fort can be approached from several neighbouring ways. One such road by means of Nalichi Vaat (passage via a gorge) is a path that lies to the severe right of the mountain & the most complicated route to the top. Famous among climbers & knowledgeable trekkers, Nalichi Vaat engages a near 80 degree climb linking steep rock patches testing one’s residing power & will to the boundary. The track starts on a stream bed packed with large man-sized rocks & eventually leads to the foot of the gorge.


The climb from here is steep uphill & the departing doesn’t only get tough it keeps on getting tougher. Instead of carved-out niches & chiselled slits in the rock, definite sections are very challenging & it is prudent to carry a climbing gear. Although one can make a stop in the progress of at the base village & choose to initial early at the dawn, the uphill climb is very tiring & takes away the most excellent part of the day’s light creating it fundamentally a two-day trek. The overnight camp can be created in the shape of pitched-tents on the grassy shelter or plains in the ancient caves situated all over the fort.

Scenic view of Sikkim mountains

Trek in India


The main appeal of this hill fort endures the Konkan Kada (Konkan cliff), an approximately 4500 ft concave drop. It is a vertical extension, like a cobra’s hood, giving a panoramic sight of the neighbouring & a charming sunset. An additional away on the mountain is the Taramti peak, the 3rd highest peak in Maharashtra, offering an overwhelming sight of the adjoining mountain ranges & an ideal location to bask in the golden canopy of the rising sun. The cave of Kedareshwar & the temple of Harishchandreshwar are some of the other different places of tourist attention & interest.



Not for the faint & weak or the feeble hearted, the path initiates out on a grassy plain & winds through a dried stream bed eventually taking to a narrow channel named Nali(gorge). The climb through the Nali is sheer & terrifically tiring with loose rock face & getting hold of altitude continually totalling to one’s concern.

The wonderful valley of flowers

A slight beyond Joshimath at a piligrim village named Govind Ghat, the walk to valley of flowers (VOF) & Hemkund initiates. Leave Rishikesh or Haridwar in the early hours in the morning & travel along the Alakananda the river on the Badrinath highway. The roads are insecurely cut on the mountains boundaries & at times you only observe the river smoothing in the canyon deep below.

The trip from Rishikesh to Joshimath takes around 10 hours. You should plan to live at Joshimath for the night as the stay options are additional. There is a GMVN & a couple of private lodges to decide from. Take a mutual taxi to Govind Ghat (20 kms & 45 minutes away) which is the initial point of our trek to Valley of flowers & Hemkund. Govind Ghat is the preparatory point for the treks to Valley of flowers & Hemkund.

The two treks have a familiar track till Ghangria from where the trails branch. Put down any additional luggage not necessary for the trek at the Gurudwara at Govind ghat. Do not bear food with you as there are ample of eateries on the way giving to the multitude on pilgrims who trend this trail. There is no special need to employ porters or mules on this trail but if you require one to carry your backpack, as a trekker, Govind ghat is also the place to appoint a porter or mule.

valley of flowers

Scenic beauty to be covered during trek

The Valley of Flowers trek has a lot of tales and stories around it. Stories are frequently about travellers falling cataleptic from the heavy fragrance of flowers on the valley floor. Whatever be the stories/tales there is a speck of truth in them. It is uncommon to find a valley so filled of flowers.

The flowers are everywhere in innumerable of colours: purple, yellow & white. They cover the valley floor like a carpet so much that readily available times when you can’t see the valley at all. Yet, to see the flowers you require take time to take the trek right. In July & August when the monsoon is in season is the best/ideal time to do the trek. There might be a day or two of rains on the trek but the view of the flowers make up for any uneasiness. Trekking is a wonderful experience which gives your mind a new string of freshness.

Trekking On Sahyadri

Trekking is a fun in the mountains of Sahyadri. The sahyadri with their jagged topography, Rocky Mountains, hills, huge attractive lakes and substantial forest regions are considered to be the perfect place for trekking. It is heaven for trekkers who love to take adventure to all lovers of outdoor life. Monsoon season is the best time to go for a trek.  The climate of Sahyadri is most favorable for trekking.  Some of the most popular trekking routes in Sahyadri are Kalsubai; it is the highest peak and has beautiful lakes, caves and nature to explore. As it is the highest peak, it gives breath taking view of the mountain range. Harishchandragad is another point in Western Ghats.

It has caves, ancient temples, and natural habitat to explore. The Shiva temple on this point is worth visiting.  Many trekkers choose to visit these places as they provide you with ancient knowledge. It is considered to be the most frightening point of western Ghats. Kulang is a dense forest with series of water cisterns.  It is a point situated on the top of the hill from where you can view all the neighboring peaks. Chawand jivdan is a very famous peak where trekkers visit. It has many ancient caves; people with great interest in ancient architecture should definitely visit this place. It also provides you rock carvings and a fantastic view of Konkan.

Sinhgad has a well constructed hill forts, dense forest and best architecture in rock. Animal lovers can enjoy the lush green forest with different species of animal. Trekking is fun when you yourself go out on an unknown adventure to experience the thrill and excitement. Trekking is done by many people in India but it has not got reorganization as in foreign countries. Now a day’s young students are have started taking interest in trekking. Many schools take their students on trekking which can further develop their interest for adventure sports. There are special institutions who take you a trek.

Trekkers using satellite phonesTrekking in India

They provide you with all the rules and regulations of professional hiking. There are special trainers as well who train you for some long treks which are difficult to carry out easily. Trekking can be fun in Himalayas as well but if you are a learner you should always start with small mountains and once you get enough experience you can go on a big one. Trekking is something loved by all!

Paragliding: an adventurous sport

Paragliding is an adventurous sport. It is a recreational activity of flying paraglide.  A Paraglide has no primary firm structure, it is a light weight, free-flying Aircraft which is foot- launched. The pilot sits in a seat near its wing which is connected to multiple baffled cells. The wing has lines on it to maintain its shape; the pressure of air helps it to fly in required direction. Though engines are not used in Para gliders, you can cover few hundreds of kilometer in 1-2 hours. It depends on the pressure of air. The skills of the pilot are important factor in covering n\umber of kilometers. The Para gliders are different than other air sports because it a portable equipment which can be folded into a Ruskbag, you can easily carry the bag in bus or trains with yourself.  It simplifies the travelling as you can carry it to your suitable spot and after landing can again travel by any modes of transport.

Paragliding is related to other activities like Hand Gliding, Powered Gliding and speed flying. Hand gliding is similar to Paragliding just they are found in more proximity. Powered gliding is a form of paragliding where there is a small engine attached to it and you can fly with greater speed. Speed gliding have different kinds of wings which give you speed.

The most interesting part is that there are people who do not take it just as a sport, for them there are competitions held all over the world. You are given a spot where the participant is supposed to reach, whoever reaches first is the winner. There are international competitions held which are quite interesting. If you love thrill you can also learn professional paragliding in schools teaching Air sports. There are different camps as well on which you can participate and learn to fly paraglide. If you are just a tourist you can enjoy the ride once and experience the thrilling experience. There are special groups which take tourist on such rides. They provide you with all the equipments and pilot as well, you can just sit back and enjoy the view from the sky.



 These activities are carried out generally in all the important parts of the country and mainly tourist spots. Hill stations like Mahableshwar, Manali, and Shimla ha such activities and cities like Mumbai also gives you an opportunity to experience the thrill of air sports.

The start of trekking from Manali

The means of transport from Manali after crossing the Prini village takes you up from beginning to end around forty hairpin bends & you drop off at Jobra. When you visit Manali you have already achieved quite an altitude from it & you initiate trek at 9800ft. Cross the way & take the small path into the forest. The forest is chiefly Pine with an infrequent Maple tree with its new verdant green leaves -an amusing & pleasurable change in the plant life. It’s not a difficult inclination & later 20 minutes after you enter the forest, you approach to a bend with a gigantic rock which overshadows a meadow spread with tiny rocks. Do click a photo of the water break at the rock and head into the field.

The pasture has the Rani River flowing smoothly in between and on either side which contains the hills with rock faces. Some herd graze in the field which is filled with Maple & Pine trees. One may mind some old snow by the side of the river early in the season. You can cross on the field or climb up the left hill. The climb creates the path somewhat shorter. Chika the camping ground for the day is at the end of this field. The river flows right in the middle & water is no issue. Pitch your tent for the day & choose a nice ground.

Snow trekking-Himalya

The Shoe-start to Trek

The temperature at night would be approximately 8-10 degrees. After breakfast start from Chika. The purpose for the day Balu-Ka-Gera is not seen but is in the direction of the right of your camp site. Embark your head right but you are all along on the left bank of the river. The first climb is mostly through stones & boulders. The departure is never too complex. The right bank of the river is corded with dwarf Rhododendrons in the lower & middle portion of the mountain & Birch trees grow at the higher end.

You see the Dhauladhar range with its snow clad peaks when you look back. It creates an attractive scene. You would come across a water fall on to your left. Fill up your water bottles & take a break if you wish to. After the waterfall, you can go towards your right heading towards the river. Lots of boulders around & you need to go across the river. You can continue with the way & enjoy the experience of trekking.

Trekking in Kashmir:the paradise of India

This trek needs no special introduction. Amongst all the treks written about our blog, the Kashmir Great Lakes is overpoweringly the most striking one. It is just a tragedy that it is unidentified to most people.

The trek initiates at Sonamarg, a 3 hour drive from Srinagar. If you decide to stay at Srinagar, begin early to arrive at Sonamarg by noon. The trek can be speeded out more consistently if you make Sonamarg as your foundation. This offers you more trekking time on day 1.

Day 1: Sonamarg (7,800ft) to Nichnai (11,500ft) by means of Shekdur

3 hour climb followed by 1 hour descent & at last a gentle ascent to Nichnai (6 hours, 9kms)

The trek initiates 3 kms out of Sonamarg, on the Srinagar road. Precisely at the 3 km mark, mark a lone Dhaba on the right. The area also sells packaged water, biscuits etc & is your last position to pick up short eats. The next outline of dwelling culture is only at Naranag at the end of the trek.

Splendid view of Uttarakhand mountains


Kashmir great lakes trek start:

A jeep path drifts to the right off the major road at the shop. The path goes down to the level of the Sindh River flowing in between the mud path and the main road. The trekking begins all along the track but rapidly diverts elevated up. The trail bends left and enters a green meadow 10 minutes into the trek. The meadow openly overlooks the Sonamarg town.

In half an hour you are at the pinnacle of the meadow where Maple & Pine trees begin.  At the tree line, the trail quickly descends to a minute brook and then climbs again. What follows after that is a beautiful dark forest of Maple trees. On foot on the green bed of grass amid the Maples is a unique experience to Kashmir in India.

For the next hour & a half, the trail winds up via the Maple trees. Attach to the follow heading uphill as the ones departing down head to some of the close by villages. The trees give technique to clearings in between. Revolve around and observe the view of the Sonamarg valley which gets better & fuller as you increase height. The Maple forest split ends at the top of the edge & the other side a meadow quietly slopes down.

Trekking at Prashar Lake

Bordered amid the soaring Dhaladhar ranges of Kulu valley is a tiny blue watered lake called Prashar. The lake recognized to locals is a fine kept secret in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. The trek to Prashar Lake keeps its charm by following a stunning trail that goes through a sequence of reserved forest cover, small rivulets and picturesque pasture-lands. Mean while one can relish the local “pahadi” village culture or tradition as the trail goes through the muddy tarred pathway of the local villages here. The track is quiet pleasant and gives an overwhelming 180 degree view of Pir Pinjal, Dhauladhar, & Kinnaur mountain ranges.

The local temple of Prashar Rishi subsequent to the lake with its fascinating Himachali architecture mixes completely with the lakes landscape. The lake is situated at a comfortable attitude of just over 9000 feet and creates for an ideal weekend trek with its closeness and good road connectivity with cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Dehradun etc.

The true loveliness of Prashar Lake Trek can be felt when the whole area receives its migratory winter snowfall. Bounded with everlasting snow and fully snow clad peak while glancing the Beas River graceful below the valley, makes you feel grateful and blessed to have visited such an undulated area. As you climb further upwards from Prashar Lake, the sights keep getting better & better. Trekking in snow absolutely has its perks and when commenced in a weekend it is nothing like it.

Prashar Lake


If you are taking the public transport facility, go in a bus to Mandi town in Himachal. Usually any bus playing to Kullu & Manali will go through Mandi. Volvo buses of Himachal Roadways & Himachal Tourism from Himachal Bhawan in Delhi have every day buses plying to Manali in the late afternoon time. It takes approximately 10 to 12 hours (430 kilometers) to arrive at Mandi from Delhi. From Chandigarh the bus trip is 6 to 7 hours. The roads are in good state till Mandi, except a few areas between Chandigarh & Bilaspur. From Mandi take a jeep to Baggi village which is 26 km going through Katula village.

The roads are in bad form & in winter season no local buses ply on this rough road. You may discover snow on the direction (depending on previous snowfall in the region) and hence can be very hard to drive in your own vehicle. Pick up any provisions you may need from Mandi. Prashar Lake is around 49 km from Mandi.