A Walk to Remember in the Best Wildlife Sanctuaries of India

Boasting high of its fascinating flora and fauna, India is the country where nature seems to have taken a break. Bestowed with enchanting wildlife sanctuaries, the country shelters a wide variety of animal species thereby preserving the interesting wildlife of the nation. For animal lovers, India is a haven to encounter the untamed wildlife in their natural habitat. Leave aside the gorgeous hill stations, inviting blue sun-kissed beaches and magnificent mountains and gear up for an adventure trip in the popular wildlife sanctuaries of India.

Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand



You must have seen Corbett National Park of Uttarakhand in many Indian films and documentaries. Known to be one of the ancient national parks all across Asia, it is a must-visit wildlife spot in India. Home to soon going to extinct tigers and other endangered species; Jim Corbett is popular among people throughout the country and abroad.

Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh



Build in the year 1955; Kanha National Park is one of the most talked about national parks located in the incredibly diverse Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Owing to its efforts in saving the almost extinct and rare species of the Swamp Deer, it has grabbed the attention of animal lovers. The Bamni Dadar, which is the Sunset Point here, is a special spot for viewing the animals grazing and other fascinating vistas of the park from the top.

Kaziranga National Park in Assam




Playing an eminent role in conserving the one of its kind One Horned Indian Rhinoceros, Kaziranga National Park in Assam is one of the best national parks in the country. Encounter the colorful wildlife of North East India during your adventure trip to this fantastic wildlife spot. Nestled amidst Assam’s two districts, Nagaon and Gola Ghat, Kaziranga shelters a large number of tigers as well.

Bandipur National Park in Karnataka

 Bandipur National Park in Karnataka


Situated in the Indian state of Karnataka, Bandipur National Park houses the beautiful Asian Elephants. Bestowed with lush greenery and spectacular backdrops, it is one of the most beautiful national parks of India. Perfectly located between the Deccan Plateau and Western Ghats, Bandipur National Park is a must-visit adventure spot for witnessing the diverse flora and fauna of the nation.

Uncovering the Best Adventure Destinations in India

India undoubtedly is a land of living cultures & traditions, rich & diverse heritage, different spices and yes Bollywood of course! But the country has a lot in store for the adventure-seeking people as well. From river rafting, trekking, hiking to paragliding, the county offers a myriad of adrenaline pumping activities that you can indulge in. Catching my fancy, here are the top 4 adventure spots that perfectly score for the must-visit places in India.




Renowned for its snow-clad mountains, spectacular landscapes and attractive monasteries, Zanskar truly deserves to be counted among the best adventure travel destinations in India. Nestled in the interior of Leh, the place is a haven for adventure enthusiasts giving them opportunities to indulge in skiing, tobogganing, trekking, sledding and other interesting winter sports. Chandor Lake created by the freezing of the beautiful Zanskar River is an exciting route for trekking and camping.



Gulmarg beauty


Reckoned as the heart of winter sports, the grandeur of Gulmarg would just astonish you. Located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Gulmarg is just the one-stop destination for skiing. Skiing in the slopes ranging from 8,700 to 10,500 feet is a lifetime experience. Also, the place is renowned for providing the best golf courses in the country. Trekkers can enjoy covering the splendid mountains and admiring the aura of Mt. Nanga Parbat in gorgeous Gulmarg.

Kaziranga National Park


Kaziranga National Park


Visited enough of those snow-capped mountains and pristine hill stations? If yes, get indulged in the wildlife adventure in India. Kaziranga National Park in Assam is a visual feat for all the nature lovers especially wildlife enthusiasts. Housing more than 1,500 one-horned rhinoceros along with many other endangered species, the national park is one of the best adventure travel spots in India.

Lakshwadweep Islands



You would fall in love with the surreal beauty of Lakshwadweep Islands. The inviting waters of the deep big blue sea would surely cast a spell on you. Go for fishing or enjoy the night boat ride under the sparkling starry night. Watching the turtles, indulging in reef snorkeling or admiring the beauty of Lakshwadweep islands, there are endless ways to enjoy in this adventurous destination.

Camping in India: An Extravaganza of the Gorgeous Destinations

India surely is place with unity in diversity! The country encases some of the finest tourist destinations spreading from the north to the south. And if your are passionate enough to explore the hidden regions or the famous destinations of the country, camping is definitely your cup of tea. India boasts of some of the finest camping destinations in the world. Here is our pick of the most popular spots to camp in the country.

Charming Chandertal Lake in Himachal Pradesh



Beautifully nestled at an altitude of about 4300 m above the sea level, the attractive Chandertal Lake in Lahaul and Spiti Valley is an ideal spot for camping. The enchanting beauty of the lake perfectly suits the local name of “lake of moon”. Campers can explore the hidden nature escapades in the nearby areas of the Chandertal Lake.

Pristine Kaudiyala in Uttarakhand




Nestled at an altitude of 480 mts, Kaudiyala is one of the hidden gems of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. En-route to Kedarnath trek, it is a camping spot for pilgrims as well as adventure enthusiasts. Providing an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, camping at Kaudiyala is the best way to spend some good time with friends and families. Explore the treasure trove of nature by camping at this alluring destination of Uttarakhand.

Rejuvenating Rishikesh in Uttarakhand



Camping in Rishikesh is one of the most awaited dreams of any adventure lover in India as well as abroad. Enjoying the delightful views in the lap of Himalayas is an incredible experience in itself. Though it is one of the most prominent pilgrimage destinations in India, camping in Rishikesh has a charm of its own. You can go for trekking, river rafting, adventure sports or hiking in this resplendent beauty of Uttarakhand.

Joyful Jaisalmer in Rajasthan



Popularly known as the golden city of the Indian state of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is a paradise for trekking enthusiasts. Sam sand dunes are among the best camping spots in the city. Wake up with sun creating a stunning silhouette against the sand dunes as you camp in the city of Jaisalmer.

Resplendent Rishikesh

Are you yet to decide your next vacation destination in India? If yes, then make your way to Rishikesh this time. Renowned as one of the major pilgrimage centers of India, it is a sacred town nestled at the confluence of the holy river Ganges and Chandrabhaga. Situated at the foothills of the lower Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Rishikesh is known as the prominent gateway to the other religiously significant pilgrimage destinations in India including Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri.



Cleanse your inner soul, refresh your spirits with the cool breeze of mountains and learn some yoga Asanas; to sum it all, come to Rishikesh this vacation. The awe-inspiring natural beauty of the place is simply irresistible and tourists coming to its fold once would never say a no to their next trip to this beautiful destination of Uttarakhand. Besides a pilgrimage center, river rafting in Rishikesh is another prime attraction that pulls hordes of tourists to this place. It is considered that the melting snow from the lower Himalayas flows down to the city thereby proving the required current for rafting.




Offering great adventure opportunities to the visitors, Rishikesh is a haven for adventure enthusiasts from India as well as abroad. Along with river rafting in Rishikesh, rock climbing, camping, wild forest trekking and mountain biking are some other popular adventure activities to get indulged in. Bungee jumping is another exciting adventure activity recently introduced in the list of adventure activities of Rishikesh.



Apart from being a paradise for adventure junkies, this exotic town in Uttarakhand is home to many significant tourist spots including Nilkanth Mahadev, Swarga Ashram, Gita Bhavan and Triveni Ghat. Your tour to Rishikesh would sound incomplete if you didn’t pay a visit to the famous Lakshman Jhula. This 450 long ft iron bridge was built in the year 1939. Suspending over the great river Ganges, the bridge is a must-visit attraction in this sacred destination of India.



Being a must-visit destination for pilgrims and adventure enthusiasts, Rishikesh truly deserves to be counted among the leading tourist destinations in India. Go religious, feel the adrenaline rush and get soaked in the unspoiled beauty of nature as Rishikesh awaits you.

Exploring the Best Getaway Options from Charming Chennai

Bored of the city life? Just can’t wait to take a break from this all? This time head on to Chennai as it has a lot in store for you. So get started with your planning before the pleasant weather runs out. Blessed with some of the finest travel hubs and fantastic adventure spots, Chennai and its vicinity offers vacationers a lot of good getaway options for having the best time of their life. Here is our pick of some of the exotic yet interesting travel spots around Chennai.




Renowned for its lush green tea estates, Yelagiri is beautifully set amidst the four picturesque mountains covering it. This gorgeous hill station is widely known for its salubrious climate across the year, thus making it an ideal escape for holidaymakers. The alluring Punganoor Lake in the heart of the town is a must-visit spot here. And yes, the hill station offers some of the finest trekking routes via the reserved forests. Chennai Trekking Club organizes trekking expeditions time to time.

Feel the adrenaline rush by trekking to the Nagala Hills


Though Chennai enjoys being called as happy, peace loving and quaint city, but the wild side will surely impress the adventure junkies out there. The city based Chennai Trekking Club keeps on organizing trekking trips to the Nagala hills situated in the Andhra Pradesh. Tada hills and the serene drives provided up to the famous Tirupathi from the city is just fabulous.



The awe-inspiring Tranquebar was once a prosperous Danish trading center. In Tamil, the name Tranquebar is referred to the land of singing waves. Endowed with inviting blue waters of a beautiful sea, significant historic spots along with comfortable and panoramic resorts, the place is just the ideal getaway option from Chennai.




For a lifetime coastal retreat, come to Pondicherry that is home to famous meditation centers and pristine natural beauty. The place is nestled on the Coramandel coast at a distance of around 300 km from the city of Bangalore. Dotted with picture perfect sights such as like the heritage town hall, an old lighthouse and a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Pondicherry is just the stop by destination to enjoy your vacations.

The Famous Mount Everest Climbers in the World

Towering at an altitude of 8850 meters above the sea level, the magnificent Mount Everest is the highest point standing above the sea level. This highest mountain of the world is a part of the great Himalayan range and is situated at the borders of Nepal and Tibet. Since ancient times, it has been the dream of many trekkers and adventure enthusiasts to climb this mountain and history reveals there have been many great climbers who have succeeded in reaching the top of Mount Everest while many others who failed in realizing their dreams. Here are some of the famous Mount Everest climbers till now.

George Mallory



George Leigh Mallory from Britain is known to be one of the premier names among the famous climbers of Mount Everest. He was an ex-school teacher and a seasoned Himalayan veteran associated with the British Reconnaissance Expedition to Mount Everest in the year 1921. He made a serious attempt of climbing the mountain in 1922 and covered up to 26,600 feet without using any supplemental oxygen.

Reinhold Messner



In the history of Mount Everest climbers, Reinhold Messner has made a special mark for himself. He was born in the year 1944 in the South Tyrol’s Italian province. He is known to be one of the best rock climbers in Europe. Messner climbed the Mount Everest without using oxygen support through a new route up to the North Face in the year 1980. He was renowned as the one and only climber on the mountain who had spend three nights above his base camp below the North Col.

Sir Edmund Hillary

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It was the glorious year of 1953 when Sir Edmund Hillary along with one of his Sherpa teammates Tenzing Norgay reached atop the Mount Everest for the first time in history. Hillary, who was a beekeeper in New Zealand had undergone climbing expedition to the great Himalayas in the year 1951 led by Eric Shipton for exploring the spectacular Khumbu icefall. He was paired with Tenzing in the ninth British expedition to the Mount Everest and rest the history knows it well.




Must-Visit Tourist Places in Glorious Himachal Pradesh

India is blessed with myriad of beautiful destinations. Every state has a charm of its own that makes its stand apart from others in the country. One such fantastic destination in India is Himachal Pradesh, counted among the most scenic north Indian states. Sprawling across a large area of 21,495 sq meters, it is bestowed with abundant of natural beauty. Nestled at the foothills of mighty Himalayas, this panoramic state is home to many popular hill stations of India. Given below are some of the must-visit tourist spots in this admiring hill station.

Scintillating Shimla



Capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is one of the leading hill stations in the state. Spanning across a mountain ridge, this cool and composed town is widely known for its colonial styled buildings, fabulous nature vistas and historically significant railway. Shimla is also renowned for its spectacular churches. Do pay a visit to them.

Blissful Dharamsala and MacLeod Ganj




The breathtakingly beautiful towns of Dharamsala and MacLeod Ganj are situated close to each other in the pristine Kangra Valley. For people seeking spiritual solace, these are just the ideal places to visit. Buddhist meditation and different philosophical course are run in these towns.

Spectacular Spiti



Perfectly described as a world within a world by Rudyard Kipling, Spiti is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. This high altitude and remote area of the state is ideal for tramping, hiking, trekking and other such adventure activities. Bounded with borders of Tibet and Ladakh, visiting this unexplored area is a lifetime experience.


Majestic Manali



Counted among the leading hill stations of India, Manali welcomes thousands of tourists all round the year. Ideally located in the alluring Kullu Valley, this one-stop tourist destination is best known for trekking, tramping and hiking. Surrounded by lush pine forests and beautiful River Beas, the hill station offers some of the finest natural vistas to the people coming to its fold.

Himachal Pradesh without any doubt is a haven for both, nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. All you need to do is just take time to explore this blessed north Indian state of India.

Bewitching Nainital: The City of Lakes

Endowed with surreal natural beauty, Nainital is one of the best hill stations in India. Located at a distance of 310 kilometers towards the north east of Delhi, it is in the Kumaon region of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The city boasts of its heart-pounding natural beauty, scenic mountain views, picturesque Naini Lake and a setback atmosphere that one looks for! Naini Lake, the prime attraction of this hill station has two areas at each of its end, Tallital and Mallital. Surrounded by mountains, the famous Naini Lake is a visual delight for tourists coming to the town.



Nainital is an ideal place for nature lovers as well as adventure junkies. In addition to viewing the unspoiled beauty of nature, the place offers myriad of opportunities to the adventure lovers. From nature walks, horse riding, rock climbing to trekking, this spectacular town offers excellent chance to get indulged in different adventure activities.



During my vacations to this Nainital, we went for trekking and believe me it was just as thrilling and exciting as it sounds. I trekking with my friends on the rugged mountain trails was just an out of the world experience. Forests walks are also very popular among the travelers, however I missed it and yes I regret it! Hope you won’t miss out any chance of going for an adventure activity in the beautiful Nainital.


Close to Nainital, there are many other similar hill stations, which catch the fancy of many tourists. Ranikhet, Mukteshwar, Almora, Kausani are some of the popular nearby spots worth paying a visit to. Also, you can visit the panoramic local lakes including Bhimtal , Sat Tal and Naukuchiatal. If possible, it would be more exciting if you would visit the famous Corbett Tiger Reserve on your way to Nainital.




I trekking with my buddies was an unforgettable experience for me, but if you are not that passionate enough to go for this, hiking or exploring Naintal would surely be a great option! This alluring town is blessed with so much that you won’t be able to check out every place in just one trip! And once you visit this paradise of Uttarakhand, you definitely would not resist yourself from planning another one soon!





Skydiving: Growing Craze in the Indian Adventure

It’s just one life and living it to the fullest is the right way to get the most out of it! Trekking, mountain biking or hiking, the list of adventure sports would go on! It’s up to you what you go for! If you are passionate enough to scale new heights in the sky, then skydiving can be your newfound interests or rather call it love! The ultimate pleasure of flying over a city or town is just an out of the world experience



The exhilarating sport of skydiving in India is at its beginning stage. However, many young adventure enthusiasts in the country are being fascinated by this aerial adventure sport. The prestigious Agni Aviation in the city of Bangalore introduced skydiving as an aero-sport in the year 1994. Since then the craze for this adventure sport has been touching new heights. These days, you can find various skydiving camps in different cities of Indian including Delhi, Mumbai, Indore and Gujarat. These camps provide tandem jumping, where the skydivers make the freefall with the instructor. In addition to this, skydivers can also go for static line jumping that requires skydivers to undergo a training of at least 2 to 3 days before making their first fall.



The growing popularity of skydiving can be seen in the Indian film industry as well. Films like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara featuring skydiving as the much-awaited dream of an actor would have inspired millions of fans out there to try their hands in this wonderful adventure sport. And India has some of the finest skydiving locations including Dhana, Deesa, Pondicherry, Aamby Valley and Mysore.



No matter whether you skydive in India or abroad, make sure you are well-prepared for this aero sport, physically as well as mentally. Follow your instincts when it comes to training and skydiving equipment. Make sure that you review the skydiving company entirely before joining it. After all, it is one of the most fearful adventure sports and one wrong free fall can take you the hospital. Just carry out a proper research on skydiving and the training club you are planning to join. However, no matter how much scary it may sound, but it cannot surpass the sheer adventure and thrill of flying high in the air.




Top Skydiving Spots in the World

Just imagine yourself flying high like a free bird in the sky! Isn’t it exciting? Skydiving is the way to realize your dreams of soaring high in the sky. In fact, there can be nothing more adventurous yet fearful than this adrenaline rushing aerial sport. The craze for skydiving is growing day by day and if you haven’t tried it till now, there is never too late for anything! Just fasten your belts and get ready to experience the real thrill and excitement of skydiving.



Throughout the world, skydiving is seen as one of the most extreme adventure sports. Even if you are unaware of the basics of skydiving, don’t worry at all as there are numerous training centers that can help you in learning how to skydive. Here is our pick of the best skydiving spots all across the world. Just check these out here!




This is a real good spot for feeling the ultimate pleasure of flying high above the marvelous Niagara Falls. While soaring in the African sky, the skydiver would get to see wonderful sights and amazing locations and if lucky enough, meet the breathtaking rainbow in the sky!

New Zealand



Being one of the beautiful places in the world, New Zealand is widely known for offering the best of skydiving experience to the adventure junkies out there. The fabulous terrains of the region provide a stunning aerial view to the skydivers. Taupoa, a town in New Zealand is renowned for organizing skydiving camps.



Hawaii is astonishingly bewitching! With islands surrounding it, the place is just the perfect destination to go for skydiving. The aerial view of gorgeous spots of Hawaii is simply incomparable to anything else. Nature lovers would just love to fly over this amazing spot. Moreover, the skydiving here is performed on energy efficient planes keeping in view the environment saving factor!




Australia leads the list of best skydiving places throughout the world. Scintillating aerial view of beautiful landscapes is a lifetime experience. Feel the fresh air reaching you as you skydive in this astounding destination.

Thrill, adventure, fun and lots of cherishing moments would come your way, as skydiving has a lot in store for you. And if you are wondering how to skydive, there are many skydiving clubs that you can join.