Trekking the Mighty Himalayas: Some Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Trekking along the glorious ranges of Himalayas is undoubtedly a matter of pride and bravery. Whether you are trekking on Kumaon, Garhwal, Sikkim, Ladakh or any other mountainous range of the great Indian Himalayas, rest assured for viewing the unspoiled beauty of nature. Though the fun, adventure and excitement element is guaranteed while trekking the Himalayan routes, but one definitely cannot overlook the risks associated with it. One small mistake can make you pay something really big! So, the need of such time is avoiding some common trekking mistakes and yes, here our list goes!

Overlooking Physical Fitness

Overlooking Physical Fitness


This is the first and foremost factor that needs to be taken into account while going for a trekking expedition. People lacking physical fitness must avoid undertaking any expedition, as it can even prove fatal to them. Either you trek India locations or abroad, the rule goes same everywhere.

Trekking at Night

 Trekking at Night


Just avoid trekking at night, as it would welcome a lot of troubles and put you in danger. It’s quite obvious that the hilly terrains, rocks and mountainous routes won’t be having electricity; therefore going for night trekking is a dangerous task to indulge in.

Extra Packing 

 Snow shoe trekk


Prior to the beginning of your Himalayan trekking expedition, make sure that you carry along the items that are essential. Avoid packing extra stuff, as each gram would not be less than a kilogram at high altitudes. Poor packing is something that you should definitely avoid.

Avoiding the Weather Report



Committing this mistake can put you in big troubles, as trekking in an unfavorable climatic condition is not at all safe. It is advisable to plan out the trek India routes expedition only after checking the appropriate weather information. You can either refer a trusted website or contact a reputed tour operating agency for this.

Finding Shortcuts

 Finding Shortcuts


Taking shortcuts not always help! Sometimes even the most experienced trekkers find it their mistake to go for a shortcut. As less people are aware of the mountainous routes, it would be difficult for the rescue team to find out the lost member. Moreover, it is always safe to be with your team member as together all of you can face the adverse situations.





Trekking the Best Glacier Routes in India

In the mighty Indian Himalayas, the amazing wealth of glaciers is something that would leave you speechless! Either adventurous or religious, these glaciers have great significance. For trekking enthusiasts, trekking the glaciers in India is not only a passion but the most awaited dream as well. Here we bring to you the best glacier trekking routes in the country to feel the adrenaline rush.

Gomukh Glacier

 Gomukh Glacier


Renowned as one of the significant circuits of Chardham in Uttarakhand, Gomukh is one of the sacred places among the Hindu devotees. The Gomukh trek area spans over the Himalayas of Garhwal with a height of 4638 ft. Trekking the Himalayas here is a lifetime experience as the route brings both, moderate and challenging kind of treks. May to June and August to November are the best time for undertaking trekking expedition in the Gomukh glacier routes.

Khatling Glacier

 Khatling Glacier


The origin of river Bhilangna, Khalitang glacier is beautifully nestled in the Tehri district of the incredible Garhwal Himalayas. Mesmerizing snow clad peaks of Sphetic Pristwar, Jogin group, Kirti Stambh, Barte Kauter and Meru bound it. Trekkers will have to cover a distance of 45 km passing through the lush green meadows, dense forests and pretty remote villages before entering the Bhilangna valley. Trekking the Khatling glacier route is best during mid June and mid Oct.

Pindari Glacier

 Pindari Glacier


Call it a soft trekking adventure; Pindari Glacier is easily accessible route for trekking the Himalayas of Kumaon region in Uttarakhand. Lying to the southeast of Nanda Devi Sanctaury, trekkers would get a great chance of exploring the fantastic wilderness along with the stunning views of Maikotli and Panwali Dwar peaks. Planning to undertake trekking expedition to Pindari Glacier? Months of May to June and September to October would be the ideal time.

Milam Glacier

 Milam Glacier


Sprawling across a distance of 28 km at an altitude of 4267 meters stands the biggest glacier of Kumaon, the Milam Glacier. It is ideally located on the Himalayan range slope facing southwards. Offering a moderate trekking experience to the trekking enthusiasts, it is one of the best glaciers trekking routes in India. Have the most thrilling and adventurous time of your life by trekking the glacier routes in Indian Himalayas.

Hiking Tips for an Ultimate Experience

India is bestowed with abundance of natural beauty that can make anyone go head over heels for it! From the mighty mountains in the northern part to the pristine beaches and rivers in the south, every nook and corner of the country offers a lot to its real admirers. For nature lovers, hiking has been one of the most popular and best ways to appreciate the unspoiled beauty of nature!

 Hiking Tips for an Ultimate


The excitement to undergo hiking is just incomparable to anything, but before you begin with your excursion make sure you have done all the preparations beforehand. Sooner or later, this would help you in your trekking hiking tour. Making it easy for all the hiking enthusiasts, we have come up with some useful suggestions, scroll down to know more!

Wear Boots that Fit Properly



For a comfortable hiking experience, it is essential to use the best quality boots specially designed for trekking hiking tours. This aspect of hiking is something that you cannot afford to overlook. The pair of shoes you choose must be high in performance, have a sticker shock and fit appropriately on your feet.

Get the Right Kind of Socks


Trekking hiking tours

A wide variety of socks are available in the market, however for hiking you should wear a pair of lightweight socks, which is snug but not too small in size. Wet socks are a strict no for hiking. And yes, do pack an extra pair of socks.

Layering Clothes will Help

 Hiking torresdelpaine Reichard


As hiking would take you to different places and so do the different temperatures. Therefore, it is advisable to layer your clothes, as it would help in you dealing with different weather conditions. Use gloves and caps for covering the body, but avoid wearing cotton made clothes as they would get wet easily and keep the body wet as well.

Don’t Overlook Dehydration

 Trekking and hiking expeditions


Dehydration is a common issue among trekking and hiking expeditions. But to overcome this situation is necessary for a successful experience. Don’t forget to carry a bottle of water with you while undergoing your excursion. So, next time when you are all set to go on hiking, do consider these simple yet effective tips.

What Scintillating Sikkim has in Store for You?

Popular as the last Shangri-La of the mighty Himalayas, Sikkim is undoubtedly a paradise for vacationers all across the globe. Surrounded by Nepal, China and Bhutan, this treasure trove of North India highly boasts of its fantastic geographical location. Along with its heart-pounding natural beauty, Sikkim is perfect for travelers seeking a soulful & inspirational holiday destination in India. Though there is a lot in store for you in the state, but here we have listed the best 4 things that you can indulge in during your awesome trip to Sikkim this vacation.

Pay a Visit to the Breathtaking Chhangu Lake

 Chhangu Lake


Nature lovers, be delighted as Chhangu Lake is there to welcome you with its awe-inspiring beauty. This 1 km long and 15 m deep elliptical lake is the one stop spot for vacationers. In addition to enjoying the panoramic vistas of the lake, tourists would also love to be a part of adventure rides on the attractive yaks.

Shutterbugs Get Ready to Capture the Beautiful Yuksom Trek

 high above the clouds - north sikkim


Trekking enthusiasts would surely love this part of Sikkim. Offering picture perfect locations, Yuksom Trek is the spot to relax during your expedition to the higher altitudes. Almost all the high altitude treks start from this trek. Admire the pristine beauty of this trek during your Sikkim tour.

Feel the Spirituality at Rumtek Monastery

 Rumtek Monastery


Sikkim without a second thought strikes a picture of a place where you can unleash all your worries. One such spiritually significant destination in the state is the renowned Rumtek Monastery, the largest monastery sprawling across a large area. For imparting the teachings of Tibetan Buddhist culture, the monastery runs a school for the local children. And its marvelous architecture is something that you would fall for!

Feel the Adrenaline Rush by Trekking in Sikkim

 Trekking in Sikkim


Known to be a paradise for trekkers, Sikkim is counted among the topmost destinations for trekking in Himalayas. The state offers some of the finest trekking routes to the adventurers, featuring stunning mountains, local culture and rugged trails. The perfect blend of natural beauty and divinity, trekking in Himalayas of Sikkim is a lifetime experience and missing it would mean missing the essential element of your vacation!

Your Mini Guide to Weekend Treks Around Mumbai

Bounded on the western coast of India is the popular city of Mumbai. Formerly known as Bombay, it is the capital to the Indian state of Maharashtra. Surrounded by Thane and Navi Mumbai, Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities in India. Widely known for the glamorous Bollywood industry, it is visited by plethora of tourists worldwide.



However, Mumbai is a paradise for nature lovers as well. The sublime natural beauty of the city and the surrounding areas is simply fabulous. All you need to do is just take out some time and hunt some interesting weekend getaway or trekking options in and around its vicinity. Here we have penned down few must-visit trekking spots near this scintillating city.

Chinchoti, Naigaon

Chinchoti, Naigaon


For trekking enthusiasts, North Mumbai is seriously a treasure trove. Chinchoti in Naigaon lying at the Mumbai and Ahemdabad highway is one of the best destinations for people seeking trekking in Mumbai. Ideal for beginners, this 3 hour long trek is a treat for nature lovers, as they would get to see the most alluring vistas of nature during their expedition.

Harishchandragad Trek

Harishchandragad Trek

Yet another spot f or trekking in Mumbai awaits you to try your hands on! Harishchandragad Trek ranks among the topmost trek spots around the city. Nestled in the Ahmednagar district, this two day trek route offers average to tougher levels of trekking. The rocky cliffs, uneven trails, rugged terrains and caves here form the ideal setting for the best weekend trekking experience.

Gambhirnath Caves

Gambhirnath Caves


Located in proximity to the Beed village close to Karjat, Gambhirnath Caves offer great trekking trails starting at the village only. Walking through the village, crossing so many cultivated fields and odd stream with the gradually changing topography would lead you to the caves.

Takmak Fort 

Takmak Fort


Located in Vasai, Takmak Fort is a picturesque spot from the past. Though it’s not a hardcore trekking route, it is quite popular among locals and tourists for undertaking a short hike. For reaching the fort, you will have to take a short walk from the Sakwar village to the hill where the fort is situated.

High Altitude Trekking: Prepare Everything Right

Covering the high altitude treks is a dream of every passionate trekker that cannot be defined in words and so do the dangers related to them. At this point of time, it is essential to prepare yourself right for facing all the hurdles and obstacles coming your way. High altitude sickness is one of the most common problems among trekkers; it usually starts at an altitude of 800 ft, but the relative effects appear at 1200 ft height. It is the speed that accounts for the problem rather than the height.



High altitude sickness, primarily known as Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is mostly found in men as they cover the routes faster as compared to women. The common symptoms of such kind of sickness include headache, sleeping difficulties, uneasy breathing, fatigue, nausea and even loss of appetite. And in the severe conditions, trekkers can even suffer from loss of memory, unconsciousness, less urination, severe headaches, delirium and confusion.



In order to avoid the symptoms of acute mountain sickness, it is recommended to undergo warm-ups for at least two to three days. This allows the body of trekker to adapt to the harsh circumstances including cold, air thinness and volatile climatic conditions. Further, always remember that short rests before climbing 6000 to 8000 ft is essential to have the best trekking expeditions. It would be better if you start climbing during sunlight and take some rest after covering a distance of around 1000 ft. As trekking on the rugged paths would let you encounter the adverse climatic situations, you should be prepared well in advance to deal with such issues.

 Trekking in the Himalayas


Proper clothing is of utmost importance prior to any trekking expedition. Do not forget to pack a pair of windproof jackets, a pullover, woolen gloves, caps, socks, swollen bottoms and caps. Boots specially designed for trek routes are a must to carry along with you. These provide the much needed support and warmth to the ankles in the high altitude regions. And it would be best if you have an old pair of trek boots as compared to the newer ones.



Height hangs differ from one trekker to another, but this can be learned gradually with your trekking experience. However, following these simple yet effective tips would also help. 

Tips to Choose the Right Treks for Team Outing

Trekking on rugged and tougher routes is the wish of all the hard-core trekking enthusiasts. Every new challenge at new route gives them the real adventure and thrill that they have been looking for! However, the scenario is somewhat different when it comes to a corporate team outing willing to go on trekking. Apart from the adrenaline rush, there are many other factors that need to taken into account when it’s about team outing. Few of the essential are listed below.

Fitness of Team Members

 Fitness of Team Members


Health of team members is one of the topmost decisive factors in choosing the trekking routes for a corporate outing. Each member participating in the adventurous trekking expedition must be in the best of his/her health. Team members suffering from fatigue, weakness or any kinds of illness are recommended not to be the part of such team outing treks.

Distance of the Trekking Route

 Distance of the Trekking Route


Once it is confirmed that all the members are medically fit to undergo on a team outing trek, it is the distance of the trekking route that needs to be given due consideration. Choosing a simple trek without rugged path will be a good idea. As many of the team members would be novice trekkers, the trekking distance must not be more than 5 km in distance.

Precautionary Measures


Precautionary Measures


It is always advisable to follow the precautionary measures when going on trekking expeditions. For team treks, it is advisable to keep a first aid kit with medicines, antiseptics and bandages. It would be great if the team outing for trekking includes any experienced trekker as they can guide others throughout the trekking routes.

Prepare Everything Right


Before embarking on your trekking route, it would be beneficial to do some basic checks. Give due preference to the clothing of trekking team members, they must be dressed in a comfortable wear like lose clothing would be ideal as you would be trekking through rough paths. In addition to this, also make sure that each member undergoing the trekking expedition has eaten well. It would be uncomfortable to go on trekking with an empty stomach. However, eating too much and less can also cause problems, so you should know how much to eat before going on trekking. And yes, carry lots of water, as it would be your best friend while passing through the trails.

Equipment that You Should Carry while Going for Trekking

The very mention of a trekking expedition brings out the passionate trekker inside every person. This challenging adventure sport gives you the adrenaline rush that you have been looking for. But before undergoing any trekking expedition, it is always necessary that you should be geared up with the right equipment. You never know what kind of situations you can face at the rugged trekking paths; it is better to be prepared beforehand. Bring along all the essential equipment that would prove to be helpful in your trekking expedition.



Trekking India offers multiple opportunities to trekking enthusiasts, from simple treks to tough routes; you would find all varieties of treks here. But pack your bags with all that stuff that you think would be useful during your trekking trip. Clothing undoubtedly is the major consideration when you are on with your packing. Woolen shirts, sweater, sleeping bags, jackets, shoes and slippers are a must to be carried with you on trekking trails. Also, don’t forget to pack a small handy towel along with a soap and water kit. An important thing worth mentioning here is that your trekking boots must be waterproof.




Besides this, carrying optional accessories such as pencils, pens, notebooks and phone directory would also be a beneficial for trekkers. Don’t forget to keep an umbrella, extra water bottle, camera with its accessories and binoculars. Further, health is of utmost importance while undertaking any trekking India expedition. Prior to going on any trekking trail, it is advisable to clear all your medical checkups. Dehydration is a common problem faced by trekkers at high altitudes, therefore drink water in abundance. Carrying shades along with you would protect from the direct sunlight. Taking rest at regular intervals is also necessary to have a smooth trekking experience. And if possible choose early morning hiking for being less exhausted and remain fresh for the whole day.


Trekking India


Next time whenever you think of going on a trekking expedition in India or abroad, carrying along these equipment would definitely help you. So, get started with packing the right equipment and have an experience for lifetime!








Skydiving Safety Tips

You always dreamt of flying high in the air and adventure sports have been your passion, then skydiving is certainly your cup of tea! This jaw-dropping adventure sport is where the process of learning never ceases. Though you had taken a professional training, skydiving would let you explore your own unique ways of soaring high in the open blue sky. Fun, excitement and thrill are guaranteed, but what is of utmost importance is the safety of skydivers. So, here we have compiled a list of some useful safety tips that would help to keep the dangers at a bay.

Know Your Limits in the Sky


The first and foremost safety tip for skydivers is that they must be aware of their limits. Every skydiver has his/her own limits that depend on the physical & mental fitness, experience and background. It is essential to be honest with your skydiving abilities and decide the limits accordingly.

Learn Flat & Flare Turns



Knowing the right technique for flat and flare turns is vital for a skydiver. You must be capable of doing a 180 in the air without using the canopy diving every time. Also, it is required that you should be able to turn at a minimum of 45 degrees during the flare.

Be Aware of Your Safety Gear

 Be Aware of Your Safety Gear


Learning more and more about your skydiving gear would help you only. You must be aware of the color of your reserve, its toggle, ways in which you would tell other skydivers ahead you. In addition to all this, you should carefully read the TSO testing of your skydiving gear as well as learn about its testing limits. Further, you should also be aware of the differences between Spectra and Dragon, correct way to pull out the rig and know about Cypres with its altitude judging abilities.

Help Others with What You Know about Skydiving


Teaching is the best way to learn while helping your peers around. For learning more on skydiving, teaching a graduate course would help. And for becoming an expert at emergency procedures, teaching few parts of first jump as well as watching other people jump would be useful.


The Best Trekking Trails in Kerala

Kerala or popularly renowned as the God’s own country is undoubtedly bestowed with the angelic natural beauty that would surely swipe your heart away. Seems like nature has taken a break in this southern state of India. Be it the majestic backwaters, pretty waterfalls or hiking along its lovely trails, the place is just a paradise for all those nature lovers out there. And for all the trek lovers, this treasure trove of South India has a lot in store. Here is our pick of the best 5 trekking trails in the scintillating Kerala.

 Chembra Peak

 Chembra Peak


Blessed with sublime natural beauty, Chembra Peak is one of the topmost choices of trekking enthusiasts seeking hiking trekking trails in Kerala. This 3 hours long trek can be viewed from any part of Wayanad. Though it is said to be a tough trek, the amazing aerial view of Wayanad once you reach the top of the peak is incomparable to any other experience.




Bounded in the lap of Kerala is the breathtakingly beautiful hill station Munnar. Perched high at an altitude of 2,695m above the sea level this is an ideal hiking trekking spot in the state. Trekkers would love to traverse through the alluring routes of Anamudi Hills, the highest peak in south India.




For wildlife lovers, trekking along the outskirts of Chimmini wildlife sanctuary is the perfect way to trek while exploring the rich biodiversity. Birdwatchers, it would be a lifetime experience to view the amazing 160 different species of birds.

Pythal Mala

 Pythal Mala


Pythal Mala, a fascinating hill station nestled in the Kannur is yet another alluring trekking spot in Kerala. Home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, this hill station also boasts of its thrilling trekking trails. Covering the 6km trekking route to this hilltop would provide you with the most scenic vistas of Kappimala, a prominent plantation center.

Agastyarkoodam Peak

 Agastyarkoodam Peak


Here comes another exciting trekking spot in the state of Kerala, Agastyarkoodam Peak. It is known to be the second highest peak in the state and is situated in the gorgeous Thiruvanthapuram. Once you would reach atop of the peak, you would be just mesmerized by the fabulous view of Arabian Sea on one side and wonderful mountains standing tall on the other end.